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More than a few decades ago, yours truly was taught that an enduring historical weakness of ‘democracy’ is its occasional lack of accountability. Endeavors devoid of accountability become corrupt with virtually no exceptions. Both an elected or unelected government plus an attendant Media in general, have no meaningful accountability standards applied to them whatsoever; the overused phrase ‘too big to fail’ always coming to mind.

Lies and lying are common to both without any redeeming consequences whatsoever.

Thank God, however, that every so often within the full spectrum of life, an individual comes along suited to the times. Such personages are rare in history, while their impact is historic.

Two of mine, for instance, would be George Washington and Winston Churchill, and were I to sit and ponder for a while, I could no doubt come up with quite a few more.

Which is all by point of surmising who, if not President Trump, would’ve had the ability to hold a mirror to the corruption that has taken place over the past – shall we say – 30 years at the highest levels of our intelligence agencies. Who if not President Trump, would’ve possessed the fortitude to see that process through and return credibility to these agencies.

All valid points wouldn’t you say?

Arguably, the most pressing task of President Trump coming into office, would be to clean up the government employee ranks of the #44 hires. During the last year of his cabal, after all, Mullah B. Hussein Obama hired 22,000 new federal government employees carefully selected for their Marxist racist resumes.

Which has now got to the point where these corrupt insiders, including members of the MSM, need to be prosecuted, charged, and imprisoned.

Jeffrey Lord has a compelling piece on said topics in today’s American Spectator, ‘Corruption of the Insiders’…

What both the Smollett case and the “get Trump” silent coup attempt have surfaced is a bold case of the corruption of insiders in Chicago and Washington. Revealing an elitist mentality that has those with power and influence deliberately and willfully ignoring the law in an obsessive drive to satisfy their own personal political whims — freeing Jussie Smollett in Chicago or blocking Donald Trump from the White House and then plotting to remove him once duly elected. And in both cases the elite media aided and abetted in the pushing of the false Smollett narrative and, in Washington, the phony Trump-Russia collusion fairy tale.

It should not go unnoticed that in both cases there were ties to former President Obama. In Chicago, at the center of the corruption in the Smollett case was Michelle Obama’s insider ex-chief of staff. In Washington the plotters began their anti-Trump activities as players of various influence in the Obama administration. From Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch to the Obama appointed FBI Director Comey and CIA Director Brennan and on down through the ranks, each and every one were tied to the Obama administration.

Whatever else this says it is crystal clear that in both the Smollett and Trump-Russia collusion cases insiders were seeking to achieve their objectives outside the law — the law they took an oath to uphold. They sought to pull strings, to leak to the press, to manipulate, to lie — anything and everything went.

The question now is what to do here.

In Washington it would be a serious mistake for President Trump to follow Karl Rove’s advice in the Wall Street Journal. Said Karl:

Team Trump should use the Mueller report to pivot to issues, like the economy and the opioid crisis, that matter to swing voters who will decide the 2020 presidential election.

Certainly it is always right to stay focused on policy issues — health care, infrastructure, and so on. But “pivot” away from what has been done here to the Trump presidency — and ultimately the American people? Decidedly not.

Read to compelling conclusion in link provided down below…

President Trump – always putting America first – MAGA!

If the subversive criminality of the DemoRINO/MSM/Deep-State Axis of Evil goes unpunished then what will happen when the Political Mafia get control of the White House again? What crimes and what lies will they be afraid to perpetrate, after having gotten away with a criminally-subversive attempt to rig an election, and when that failed, a criminally-subversive attempt to take down a duly elected president and thereby undo an election?

Purely with an eye to the Smollett case, we can be grateful to the Obamas for the outrage of the month, or week. This has an upside for Mr. Smollett in that his legal problems may perhaps fade away, but for the Democrat party as a whole, there is no upside.

It is an expression of raw power. It is petty. It is disgusting. With a few more power plays like this to witness every month or so, do we doubt that the electoral tides will benefit the President in 2020?

Yes, they failed at these criminal endeavors, but they succeeded in that their crimes have not resulted in any of their crew going to prison, and their criminally subversive, Nazi-like big lie about Trump-Russia collusion gave them the house in the midterms.

If people don’t go to prison over all this subversive criminality, then America’s criminal establishment can rest assured that their crimes don’t get punished, they get results! Then the United States of America is over. And the Divided Banana Republic of America has officially begun.

President Trump, use a horse whip if you have to, but get AG Barr to do his job.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator: Corruption of the Insiders

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