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In an outrageous display of what George Orwell describes as ‘Newspeak’ and ‘Doublethink’ in his prophetic novel 1984, the proverbial eye-of-the-storm drew Cook County State’s Attorney, one Kim Foxx, into attempting the unfathomable in wiping the slate totally clean in pretending that Jussie Smollett was as innocent as windblown snow.


But as Momma always said ‘stupid is as stupid does’; mix in political corruption and you have Chicago.

It helps somewhat to keep thinking about those two imaginary hateful, misogynistic white guys in MAGA hats, stupid enough to be walking around at 2 am in a Chicago polar vortex looking for a Subway sandwich shop. Had they been real and not a figment of Smollett the actor’s imagination, he would be sitting smug right now, allowing his fantasy to take shape.

After all, that’s what actors do – fantasize.

Now that’s a hate crime right there, to say nothing of the resulting riots, buildings burning to the ground, cars wrecked, people getting hurt or even killed, millions of dollars worth of property damage, attempted assassinations upon ‘white folk’, and especially political white folks.

On a serious note, who has the political muscle to call up the States Attorney and have this very public case nixed? Who would benefit from having Jussie keep his mouth shut? This took a considerable amount of political clout, not just to influence the case, but to eradicate it.

Who, who, who?

As Thomas Lifson describes it in today’s American Thinker, ‘Facing Serious investigation, Foxx panicking, changing story’..

As Judge Andrew Napolitano noted on Fox, expunging the records means that Smollett can truthfully testify under oath that he was never arrested, despite the fact that the entire world knows that he was. The obvious stupidity is not lost on anyone. Least of all the producers of Empire, who now have no legal grounds for terminating his contract.

Kim Foxx probably would not be the state’s attorney for Cook County without the financial support of George Soros. The $330,000 he personally contributed to her super PAC for her primary election was followed by another $75,000 after she defeated the incumbent, in the wake of public outrage over suppression of police video of the shooting of Laclan McDonald.  Mr. Soros may have wanted a dummy in the office to assure that instructions would be obeyed, but Foxx now has dug herself a hole and doesn’t understand the need to stop digging.  She is changing her story – always a mistake because it proves she was lying, an absolute no-no for a prosecutor.

Now Foxx is claiming that sealing the court files was an accident. Foxx also had claimed that she had recused herself, but evidently did not bother with the paperwork necessary for such a recusal. Now that an FBI and DoJ investigation is in prospect she and her underlings are scrambling to explain away the lie…

… So Kim Foxx, with many enemies, a changing story, and an FBI investigation pending with the local cops anxious to help pin misdeeds – preferably with criminal penalties attached – on her, now faces some serious problems. We still don’t know why her office pulled the sudden switcheroo on Smollett, but there is plenty of reason to suspect that Tina Tchen, a former “assistant to the president” and chief of staff for Michelle Obama, had something to do with it.

To read entire detailed conclusion, simply click on link below…

Obviously, Black lies don’t matter. Foxx is not only the poster child for Chicago corruption, but for what one gets when one has an affirmative action law degree. Yet the sheeple keep voting for the same people who not only condone this corruption but are also up to their eyeballs in the whole mess.

And let us never forget, that from the very first day he was planted in office (with his demeaning ‘the Cambridge police acted stupidly’), the very top echelon of the BHO regime has been arguably the most racist in American history, a truly disgraceful, dark period that will stain the nation for as long as the current DemoMarxist party and the rest of the big fake news media swamp dwellers continue to make slavery stain us.

As for yours truly, literally millions of us have never embraced slavery, and nor for that matter, did any of our ancestors; if anything, they did everything they could to abolish it. Yet we have been constantly and negatively affected by the black racism that BHO, Holder, the Congressional Black Caucus, the ‘reverend Wrights and Sharptons’ of the world, together with current racists infused into the culture.

When will We the People get our reparations – Mmmm?

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – And thank God that we have a warrior-president focused solely on what’s best for every American citizen, not just an elite few – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: Facing serious investigation Foxx changing story


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