Trump denominator par excellence

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Hidden within all what we might describe as “the mish-mash” of fraudulent behavior from the attempted Leftist-demoMarxocrat vote-steal, the underlying malfeasance is something most of we patriots to a certain degree have a problem with, as to why the Communist-demoMarxocrats went to all the trouble to steal the 2020 election, cheat warrior-Trump out of a 2nd term, and then decided to put PedoPhilliac JoeBiteMe and his Cackling Hyena into the White House they worked so hard to steal? Just how nonsensical was that?

I mean, let’s face it – F.J.Brandon’s campaign rallies during the 2020 run up to November could barely attract flies – while Trump’s rallies were drawing thousands upon thousands of supporters. As for Cackling Hyena, she was so disliked and despised even by the multitude of low information voters on the left, that she couldn’t draw more than a lousy one-percent of the vote in any of the primaries she participated in. Classic FAIL!

Trump denominator par excellence to clean up the anti-American cabal…

It almost seems as if the ‘Deep State’ deliberately chose these two losers for the express purpose of using them to cause the massive destruction of the United States that we’ve witnessed since they fraudulently took control of the White House. As the long-ago and far-away TV policeman Sgt. Joe Friday would express it – “The facts ma’am, just the facts.” Stick around, kid, you have much to learn.

SloJoe is an avatar, a LARP. He has no power, he’s a Fake president propped up by Fake News. So, who’s running this clown show? Look at the familiar names in position’s of influence in Joe’s administration. Start with Susan Rice. Janet Yellin, anyone? Fully 60% of the new president’s appointees were retreads from OBO#44’s eight miserable years.

Now, take a look at the policies: 1) Cripple Big Oil, check. 2) Rejoin the Paris Accords, check. 3) Support Green New Deal-like “transition”, check. 4) Negotiate a disarmament “deal” with Iran, check. 5) Isolate Israel and bring Hamas back, check. and 6) “An economically-weak USA, is a mediocre member of the global community”, double-check and underline.

Sound familiar? Think it’s just coincidence? Every day, we see why it was imperative to get our fearless president Trump out of office. Consider in the interim for instance, that he has definitely learned a LOT about who he can trust, and who he can’t. Sadly, during his first foray into politics, he was basically forced to surround himself with those who were (ahem!) ‘recommended’ to him by the political machine. As for yours truly, I doubt he’ll make the same mistake again. What say YOU?!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘MAGA King Donald John Trump Dominates TPUSA Poll’ …

Joe Biden officially declared that Donald J Trump is “the Great MAGA King,” during a speech last month.

Well, according to the latest polling results from the Turning Point USA, Student Action Summit, a new generation would agree with Biden.  Donald Trump wins the 2024 straw poll with 79% support. The next closest candidate was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 19%, and all other candidates are asterisks.

(Via Fox News) – Tampa, Fla.– Former President Donald Trump dominated the 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit Sunday, Fox News has learned.

TPUSA polled conference attendees—youth activists from around the country—who they would vote for in 2024 if Trump decided to launch another White House run. The straw poll was sponsored by Turning Point Action, the affiliated 501(c)(4) of TPUSA. 78.7% attendees said they would vote for Trump.

19% said they would vote for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, 1% said they’d vote for South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, 0.5% said they’d vote for former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; 0.3% said they would vote for Sen. Ted Cruz, 0.3% said they’d vote for former Amb. Nikki Haley; and 0.3% said they’d vote for former Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump spoke at the conference Saturday night, hinting at a 2024 run. His speech was the keynote on the second day of the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. Trump’s speech followed one Friday night by DeSantis, who’s considered along with Trump one of the foremost potential GOP 2024 contenders. (read more)

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Trump denominator par excellence

If only we still had fair elections by having had the demoMarxocrat Leftists put away for life a while ago. But somehow, those whom we trusted for the past 20+ years were literally hellbent on taking away what the glorious Founding Fathers left for us to govern by. We the (90 million+) People definitely lost election integrity many moons ago, where millions of Americans either didn’t really give a hoot or couldn’t care less; unfortunately, either way the conclusion is the same.

To wax somewhat lyrically, “The Donald” aka Trump is an immortal lion associated with American mythology that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. The Natural Born Leader of the Forces of Light, the Trump obtains new life by arising from the ashes of his predecessor to once again battle the Forces of Darkness.

President Donald John Trump is our real President in exile as the only one capable of righting the wrong of 2020, no matter WHAT the troublesome demoMarxocrat leftists proclaim! We have to vote him back in to turn this country around. By 2024 we will be in dire shape if the 2020 election is not reversed (I know, I know, like millions of us, we still have hope). God bless President Trump and everyone around him who are up to, and willing to fight for victory!.

The MAGA King indeed! And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!