Biden seriously ill is fact of matter…

Go ahead, make my..

Surely thinking minds can’t believe the demoMarxocrats can pull off another cheating scam but they’re so darned corrupt and anti-American that nothing should be put past them. The mafia has nothing on the feral demoMarxocrats.

As for turncoat Biden and his hidden handlers, here’s an anti-America-hater who’s doing virtually everything he can to undermine and destroy a nation that fully We the (80-million+) People love dearly and have bled for and served all our lives and it’s obvious that he has absolutely no empathy for such as we. Absolutely none at all.

In fact he considers people like us to be the enemy and thus acts accordingly, and while a general lack of sympathy for Biden isn’t “Chrisitan like”, to state that somehow we must feel sorry for him would be a lie – also un-Christian as well.

What in the last two years would indicate Americans would do anything other than roll over for more demoMarxocrat cheating? They burned our cities, trashed our monuments, rewrote our history, stripped away our rights, locked us up, masked us, closed our businesses, took away our right to protest, murdered us, made us political prisoners, and we did nothing.

Biden seriously ill is fact of matter. Hey Jackass! true, don’t blame me!

The better question would be whether there’s any line that can be crossed that will ever prompt action by citizens? Mmmmm?

Overlooking the fact that the “Woke” cannot govern, they therefore can only destroy. Sleepy-time-Joe is a perfect example of that. We’re rapidly heading for civilization collapse which will force at least some fashion of a reaction. The populous ask what it would take to get people to react. Consider therefore, massive social breakdown caused by economic collapse, the endless flood of illegals and the vigorous demonization of “Whiteness” along with the vigorous promotion of tribalism, and you have it all. And not very pretty!

Consider the latest announcement that “Biden has Covid” is essentially the hook the demopedoMarxocrat party needs to yank a stumbling / shambling Biden off the stage. But then what?

Consider that Biden was already seriously ill when he was campaigning. Everyone who has cared for a loved one suffering from dementia easily recognized the tell-tale symptoms which he was exhibiting more than 2 years ago. Fact is Dementia is a degenerative disease. People suffering from dementia don’t get better over time, there is no cure and the drugs used to slow down the disease only work for so long.

It will be interesting for sure to see when the puppet masters decide to cut BiteMe’s strings….

Dan Gelernter, American Greatness: ‘Biden Is Seriously Ill’ …

The Democrats can’t hope to win in 2024. They can only hope that getting rid of Joe Biden will make a win seem plausible.

It was a godsend moment for Democrats: Joe Biden on Wednesday announced he has cancer. He’s not at risk of dying from cancer, because you generally can’t die from a disease you don’t have. But Biden’s shambling mind has reached the state where he can’t even keep track of which disease he’s pretending to have.

Usually, when he tells the story about growing up in Pennsylvania, and he’s lying about how polluted the state is and describing driving around with “oil slicks” on the windshield of his car, he claims he and everyone he knows has asthma. But this time when Biden told the story, he accidentally gave himself cancer instead of asthma, which certainly drives home the point more effectively. It drives home a lot of points more effectively.

The Democrats are in the same trouble they get into every time they’re running the country: People hate their policies so much that the only recourse is to pretend they’re not actually in charge.

Look at Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), attending a protest so she can pretend to get arrested—as though she were a child in high school (a ritzy high school where the kids don’t have to worry about finding jobs). From some angles, it’s pathetically funny: See the Democrats protesting against themselves, against the injustice of the government they control, against the misery brought about by their own legislation, against the cruel fate that threatens to hold them responsible for what they’ve done.

There’s a reason that all leftist policy is about transferring responsibility from individuals to groups. [-]

[+] … When America wakes up again, after going to sleep election night with Republicans in the lead across the nation, and they’re presented with another “red mirage”—with the result of millions and millions of votes magically appearing at 4 o’clock in the morning in all the most crucial districts—will they accept it? Will they be willing to suspend disbelief, as voters in New York City and Chicago and San Francisco already do, when they are told that despite the disastrous tenure of the Democrats in office, the voters have decided to extend that tenure?

The Democrats can’t hope to win. They can only hope that getting rid of Biden will make a win seem plausible. They can only hope that, when they cheat, Americans will let them get away with it rather than coming after them with pitchforks. [end]

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Biden seriously ill is fact of matter. So don’t ask for whom the bell tolls When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

What’s scary is that the demoMarxocrats show no sign of grasping that if you take away all peaceful routes for the country to change course peacefully, when the majority wants that, you will likely get a course change by some none-peaceful means.

They’re already looking at things not as finding popular policies and good candidates but rather at controlling We the People so that we comply with the policies chosen by a small minority. And they’re moving forward with plans that will pretty well definitely take us there: The end of meaningful national elections, gun confiscation, a digital currency – any one of which might do it – they’re moving on all three fronts, and that’s not all that’s percolating.

Thankfully there are more firearms in private hands than people in the USA. Just as it was designed. Heads UP People!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!