Trump continues wins despite traps

En Garde in the bunker…

Starting on the uptick, every recent election in this country has been an attack on freedom with the elections since 2016 having been the demoMarxocrat way of inflicting destruction on those who want it destroyed. Stealing every election at all cost, with not one of them since 2016 having been legitimate, there’s no way on God’s green earth with what we’ve endured over the last 2+ yrs, that any communist demoMarxocrat should have won. None!

Plus, it must be said, has anybody ever seen any other Republican work as hard as President Donald John Trump to get people voted-in and thereby help our party to win? NO! So why would anyone want to settle for second best when we have the master who has taken our sling arrows and is attempting to save this country. Always!

Fact of the matter is that our fearless president has a solid starting base of some 50 million-plus wanna-be MAGA folks without even giving one more speech, solid as a rock. Chances remain that he’ll win over at least half, if not more, of the 30 million remaining that voted for him. He could and should start a new party because there are at least 50 million that are with him through thick and thin. Including yours truly!

Trump continues wins despite traps. Ronald Wilson Reagan began it all. Gubmint and deep state criminality had to go…

Kudo’s and thanks to Sundance who’s been calling out DeSantis for months with scores of us having been passing it on to our MAGA followers. President Trump pulled the shroud off the RINOS and thus exposed them for the Uniparty frauds that they are. We also know that MAGA opponents are not only demoMarxocrat-communists, but the Cheneys, Romneys, Bushies, Ryans, Cocaine Mitch, super-putz Frank Luntz’ “room-mate” Kevin McCarthy etal, etal, etal and all of their posh buddies at the Chamber of Commerce are nothing but one-and-the-same. True!

Kudo’s on kudo’s that President Trump came out swinging, just gotta love him and his family, to the degree that nobody else has sacrificed more for the good of our country than he has. Yours truly methinks he learned a lot when he first met President Ronald Wilson Reagan, and the rest, you might say, is history. Wait until he announces his candidacy this coming Tuesday, and watch his enemies go solid “bats*** crazy”. Lead, follow, or get the h**l out of the way. Now!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Prez Trump Fires back at DeSantis, Con Inc Mid Term Effort’ …

President Trump can see and hear the same things everyone else can see and hear, including the coordinated media and GOPe effort to diminish him and the MAGA movement within the Republican club.

The Democrats and professional Republican class both want to see the populist [style] movement destroyed for the same reason Mitch McConnell wanted the Tea Party destroyed in 2010.  The assembly of the united middle-class and blue-collar base inside the Republican Party, essentially the broad MAGA movement, represents a Main Street threat to Wall Street control of the GOPe. There are trillions at stake.

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ megadonor and Citadel hedge fund billionaire, Ken Griffin, openly admitted recently the Wall Street goals are (1) stop the populist movement and (2) get the Republican Party back in alignment with the multinational “corporate world.”  These are the same goals of the Republican leadership in Washington DC and the same goals as the corporate media who serve as the public relations firms for Wall Street.

The collaborative group, which includes the entirety of the funding mechanism and management behind Ron DeSantis, viewed the 2022 midterm election as an opportunity to reset the Republican Party away from the populist MAGA influence.  The strategy was to roll out of the August DOJ Mar-a-Lago targeting, directly into a nationally rebranded DeSantis operation and then lead up to the 2022 midterm election. [-]

[+] … At the 30,000-foot level the attacks against President Trump are, quite frankly, attacks against the MAGA populist movement represented by President Trump. The professional political class, both DNC and RNC club members, politicians and donors, want to get back to normal political business operations in Washington DC.  The key element at the core of their concern is financial and economic control.  Again, there are trillions at stake.

Just like we can see this coordinated effort, so too can President Trump see the construct of the narrative as it is being engineered and delivered.  We can see the Paul Ryan wing, the Mitch McConnell wing and the corporate media division all working in concert.  The entities described genuinely do not think the larger Republican base can see it, but they underestimate us at their own peril.

Things are never going to return to normal for them, but they refuse to accept that. [-]

In addition to their common vertical challenges, the DeSantis 2024 influence group are almost identical to the Cruz 2016 group.  The difference this time around is the pretending game; where they pretend DeSantis is not the intended beneficiary of their relentless anti-Trumpism in both print and broadcast appearances. [-]

Much, much, more below, with other…

Trump continues wins despite traps. When ballots go missing people lie…

As for yours truly, I long-ago and faraway learned to give President Donald John Trump the benefit of the doubt. Guaranteed, he’s not in this fight for himself, he’s in it for us. Fact is he cannot win it for himself. A win is to get the government designed in its foundation by the wisdom of the founders, and all in line with the will of We the (90 million+) People and back serving the people instead of the Elite Uniparty apparatchik.

As we grow stronger, he can be more bold about calling out imposters. The demoMarxocrats are losing badly. Now we have to start calling out the RINOs. He believes after all, that the MAGA base is strong enough to fight the enemedia, tech giants, opinion shaping. We cannot fail.

We are at war, folks. War is not pretty. War is not warm and fuzzy. War is not polite. The enemy has absolutely no regard for our life, much less our well-being or our feelings. But they have no problem manipulating our feelings or morals against us. The MAGA base must grow in wisdom, diligence, and effectiveness in calling out lies, manipulation, treason, and betrayal of the Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. Calling out betrayal and deception.

Trump continues wins despite traps. Keep the faith. Grow each day. Spread the message. Be a light in the darkness, and a City on the Hill. Outstanding!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!