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Go ahead, make my..

Late last evening as yours truly was about to shut down operations and turn in for the night, what came over the transom but an announcement from our fearless president Trump that he was invoking an executive order for the purpose of shutting down immigration for a while. ‘Temporarily’ as he put it.

Yours truly couldn’t resist the opportunity of letting y’all know what was coming by: ‘O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light..’ Needless to say, the outcome was as totally expected. 

‘Ribbons and Horse Feathers’ as the late, great Marx Brothers might’ve expressed it!

True to their behavioral habit and temperament, the demoMarxocrats and their swamp-dwelling cohorts in the deep state lamestream media went totally over the edge – lemmings-wise, that is at the Trump announcement! Concomitant with that of course is the fact that when the states decide to open up (now that the governors have apparently discovered the 10th Amendment again) it becomes entirely up to them.

Blue state governors for instance, who continue to reveal their ‘little Hitler demeanor’ to their constituents, could well face the problem that their voters have had enough and do something about it for themselves. The red states on the other hand, no doubt will thrive with their judicious opening of businesses as the citizens get back to work and normal life; some even pulling businesses away from blue states.

Keep an eye for some of them to turn into complete 3rd-world embarrassments, some of whom have already achieved that status pre-virus. Should they keep shuttered-up for too long a time, it wouldn’t be too far of a probability that those ‘Guvna’s’ find themselves out of the limelight in short order. Just sayin’.

Carol Brown, American Thinker: ‘We Made a Terrible Mistake’…

We’re told that social distancing is working because we’re flattening the curve. How do we know that those two things are related? There isn’t that all-important-for-good-science control group. For all we know, the result would have been similar if we hadn’t put such draconian measures in place.

In addition, for all our medical experts’ talk of their high standards, they ignored those standards when they embraced the Imperial College model that, according to world-renowned epidemiologist Johan Giesecke, was an internal document that was unpublished and had not been peer-reviewed. Giesecke had never seen a document of this type garner so much attention as to shape major public policy decisions.

He also described the strict lockdown measures embraced by many countries as non-evidence-based. (What?!  You mean our experts who uphold the highest of double-blind standards have been shooting in the dark?!)

And speaking of lockdowns, according to some reports, the U.K. hit its peak before it put strict social distancing measures in place (hereherehere at the 6:40 mark).

On top of that, Gabi Barbash, a top Israeli scientist, has a statistical analysis that shows that the virus peaks after about 40 days and fizzles to a low level after about 70 days, irrespective of the nature of the public policy to control it.

Sweden, meanwhile, continues to recommend moderate social distancing measures, and the country appears none the worse for wear compared to other Western nations.  In fact, Sweden is doing better because it’s implemented social distancing without law enforcement arresting people, without drones (made in China) hunting people down, without snitch lines set up for people to report on others breaking the rules, and without taking a sledgehammer to its economy.

In all, Giesecke, Barbash, and decision-makers in Sweden support social distancing measures, but not to the level imposed here in the United States and elsewhere, and not with enforcement that flies in the face of a free society.

So here we are as our experts (with their high standards) attribute current trends with the virus to the shutdown despite no way to prove it, after using a terrible model that informed public policy, and in the face of the very real possibility that no matter what you do with respect to trying to control the virus, the end result may be the same.

Let’s practice good infection control and get back to work! [end]

Bear in mind folks (I guarantee) that the above Trump Executive Order will have the effect of putting the leftists in the position of arguing that the situation is so dire as to necessitate continued shutdown, but not serious enough to merit closing off legal immigration. It’s a hypocritical argument at best, but one they’re sure to make. That will help clarify what demoMarxocrat leftists will do to America should they (God forbid!) get back in power, illuminating for some moderates who need to see more clearly, the evil that is the left.

As yours truly has mentioned ofttimes, imagine if We the (63 million) People had to shut down for the annual flu every year, or breakout years for mumps, or chickenpox, or measles, or whooping cough, etc., etc., year after year. The end result would be the GDP of Luxembourg and a military like Tahiti. This insanity is caused by bureaucrat-mongols (I know, I’m doing a disservice to the Mongolians) who pay no price for their errors.

It wouldn’t demean any government bureaucrats to upgrade them all to ‘at will’ employees, and fire them on the spot for such egregious errors of behavior. Barring Trump derangement syndrome, they are after all, supposed to ‘lead’, not moan and complain!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – thank God for the leadership of president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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