Trump admin approaches 100 days

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“Trump voters can see that the president has had both successes and failures in the first months in office. That’s normal. The successes have been ignored by the Democrat press, but we inform ourselves by going to our own, more truthful, news sources. There is much to celebrate. When we focus on our side’s accomplishments, this is a happy time for our country.”

“We know full well President Trump is not perfect, nor is his team, and his first 100 days have brought disappointments, too. Support for Trump is not like the creepy hero-worship that Democrats gave Obama. Conservatives have God to worship. We do not confuse politicians with the Messiah. We do not need to think our president is the most brilliant man in every room, or that all his failures are the fault of others.”

“The reason we are so happy is that the big picture is astoundingly positive.” [end]

That opener above is from Karin McQuillan in today’s American Thinker which goes on to highlight the president’s accomplishments during the first 100 days of his administration. But first a comment or two from yours truly.

After eight years of Obama, I believe most of us wanted everything changed now, yet upon reflection, I doubt any of us really expected instant change within this first 100 days. Take the outrageous actions of the District Circuit Court judges and their thumbing noses pointed directly at the president over the illegal immigration fiasco; the uphill ongoing battle the president is having to fight to build the wall; Obamacare, which having had 8 years to infect our society, will take at least that long, probably longer, to be “reformed”.

The truth of the matter is that this election was so important to the survival of our Constitution, that if Trump did nothing else his entire term, the appointment of Justice Gorsuch during the first 100 days has saved the Constitution.

After 8 years of Democrat lies and media malpractice, we know our enemy. We know what to focus on, what to ignore and how to find other sources to confirm or deny the truth of a story. Big picture says it all. We also know that the Democrats, as usual, are being more obstructive than normal, but it didn’t stop the SCOTUS appointment during these 100 days, and now the road is clear for the appointment of Ginsberg’s eventual replacement.

That should also take place during Trump’s Presidency, making a solid 5-4 majority and thereby neutering Kennedy’s power as a swing vote. The 5-4 conservative majority will likely make Kennedy side with the majority more often and render more 6-3 decisions.

More from Ms. McQuillan…

There are so many things to celebrate, in a few short months, it is hard to remember them all.  Jobless claims are at a seventeen-year low.  Illegal border crossings are at a 20-year low.  The stock market had the longest winning streak since 1987. Our trade deficit is down and exports are up. Companies are hiring.  We are beginning a sane energy policy. Job-crushing government regulations and  waste are being rolled back. Four thousand illegal Somalis have been deported, and embassies told to slow down and do their job in vetting. The speed of change to rational, pro-America policies is dazzling.

Foreign policy successes are impressive. There are clearly brilliant strategic thinkers at work, as we were promised with the Mattis and McMaster nominations. Trump is following American interest on the world stage without asking permission from the UN. Our swift, unilateral bombing of Syria’s chemical weapons stores showed President Trump and America can once again be trusted. At the same time, the president signaled to China that their dangerous Korean games are over.  By coupling threats on trade with a clear demand we expect cooperation on Korea, Trump has accomplished more in getting China to act responsibly than every president before him. We have Israel’s back at the U.N., which has been put on notice that antisemitism is no longer accepted as normal, thanks to Trump’s wonderful pick for ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley.

Trump has been in Office for almost 100 days (ie come Sunday April 30th)  and his only setbacks have come from the GOPe Congress and the DNC packed Federal Courts. Fiscal Conservatives and Libertarians are not “ideological” as in Islamists, Nazis or today’s American Progressives. Ideology is a body of doctrines or beliefs that seem to be associated with Utopianism and similar to a religion.

Trump’s biggest obstacle during the 100 days has been Congress, and Executive actions are about all he can do until Congress and especially Paul Ryan get on board. Many of the things Trump has done by executive action need to be passed via legislation so the next guy or gal doesn’t undo it all by further executive action.

Some of Trump’s missteps are due to the fact that he underestimates the viciousness and virulence of those who oppose him (and We the People) on ideological grounds. But it is without question that President Trump is light years and parsecs better than where we would be with a deranged Hillary Clinton.

Consider. A sane Supreme Court. Some sane judges in the rest of the federal judiciary. The Keystone pipeline being built. The end of pretending that climate change is due to humans burning fossil fuels and repealing all of the regulations that flow from such a hoax. Now we can start drilling and fracking to the max, and maybe even consider refining gasoline and diesel fuel out of coal and natural gas, so as to eliminate ANY need to import liquid petroleum.

Trump is not perfect. But he is not bad either considering what actually has been accomplished within the first 100 days.

And yet more from Ms. McQuillan…

On several big campaign promises there have been setbacks, but not defeats, and, so far, no broken promises.  We don’t like the way Trump and Bannon were outmaneuvered by activist judges on their first two attempts to control Muslim immigration.  We expected Obamacare to be repealed by now.  We expected more focus on jobs and trade.  We were told the Iran Deal would be dead the moment Trump arrived in office.  It’s still in force.

Welcome to the real world. Trump hasn’t given up on a single one of these challenges. We were given exaggerated expectations by campaign rhetoric about how fast things happen. We can wait. We understand that setbacks are often a necessary step on the road to success.

That doesn’t mean we won’t have strong criticisms of our President. Trump supporters are the opposite of see-no-evil Clinton supporters. Clinton opened our national security secrets to the whole world on her secret email server, to hide her corrupt dealings selling favors (including strategic uranium reserves) as Secretary of State. Democrats pretended she was neither a felon nor a traitor.

That will never happen on our watch. Conservatives are not loyalists the way Democrats are. We don’t march in lockstep, hedged in by vicious thought police. Our enthusiasm about Trump is tempered by general cynicism about the corruption of power, the DC swamp, and a belief in checks and balances.

Liberals swallowed Obamacare whole and blamed the mess on Republicans. We fought Trump on his backing of Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Lite. We understand that Trump is to the left of his conservative base on healthcare. He has a paternalistic streak of wanting government to take care of people, that has been obvious all along. We intend to remain vigilant.

The kind of hysterical hate campaign which is currently engaged against Trump (which some refer to as the “US Ziomedia”) is something which many of us have never seen before and which, to many observers, proves that the Neocon-run propaganda outlets saw Trump as a major danger to their interests, especially during the first 100 days and thus had to be taken down.

The den of thieves and corruption .. The tri-headed monster of deceit..

Whether Trump had any chance or not against such powerful “deep state” actors is immaterial; his was the chance, a possibility and the only option to try to kick the Neocons in the teeth. Even if Trump had just a 1% chance of prevailing, voting for him was an opportunity to achieve regime change in the USA and the American people grabbed it by doing the ethically and pragmatically correct thing. Trump after all, was really the only choice with a deranged and sickly Hillary Clinton as the unworthy opponent.

Many Americans are unhappy with RyanCare and Trump’s support for the Bill, and if it passes in its current form, we will be disappointed and unhappy. Yet we hear rumors that further changes are imminent, and if so we agree with Ronald Reagan that if you can get 80% of your Agenda, take it and come back later for the other 20%.

Stay tuned for Trump’s negotiation on the Budget. He is threatening to shut down DC, and if he does, he secures near dictatorial powers to fund his government. “Lyin” Ryan and Mitch McCorporatist may find they obstructed too much during these 100 days, only to find themselves at the point where they became totally irrelevant.

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