The organized takedown of O’Reilly

Go ahead, make my…

So yet another conservative commentator has been dethroned. Score another hit for the liberal-progressive movement otherwise known as the DemoMarxist Party. The Left is cheering in the streets and tweeting their hatred for the conservative government we now have, and if we don’t wake up and pay attention, we will lose control of the House and/or the Senate in the next election because we don’t have the endurance to fight for what we want.

Think I’m over-exaggerating?

When the salacious Bill Clinton was faced with actual proven cases of sexual harassment and even rape, the DemoMarxists rallied around and stood by him no matter what, and the end result was that though Clinton was indeed impeached, he stayed to the end of his second term. And to this day, the DemoMarxists see Bill Clinton as an upstanding example of a great progressive. Heck, anyone paying attention at the Trump inauguration caught him leering at Ivanka Trump, not 20 paces away from him across the aisle! So ask yourself, what is the point of impeachment if it doesn’t have real consequences?

The progressive movement learned 50+ years ago that in order to be successful and push their agenda to a successful conclusion, they must present a united front no matter what the cost or who was involved from the progressive side. You don’t see them eating their own when they get caught doing something illegal or immoral. Heck no, they just undermine and degrade the moral values of America until they don’t exist anymore; problem solved!

Case in point, Hillary Clinton. Sold the Secy of State position for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver and not a single progressive called on her to resign or asked her not to run for President. It isn’t that there are countless progressives who are corrupt and immoral, it is that they have re-directed the media away from the real stories, the sad part being that we let them.

The conservative community still has not learned the lessons of presenting a united front in order to fight for our principles and values. One has to wonder just what it will take before the conservatives start fighting back and holding the line. I have very little hope that this grand transformation will ever take place because it appears to me that our side is nothing but a bunch of quitters who would rather cave than take a stand. Just look at the mess that these rogue judges in the District Circuit Court system are causing, simply because the liberal leftists are gunning for President Trump. Why aren’t they being fired?

Bill Clinton and Vernon Jordan talking pussy…

On one of my threads a female lawyer commented: “Many high profile men throughout the media, entertainment and corporate worlds have had to make such settlements as Bill O’Reilly with women they allegedly “sexually harassed.” It is now a routine form of extortion. I write that as a female, and as a lawyer. Bloom, like her mother, Allred, is a Dem. operative, specializing in taking out Republicans. Just ask Meg Whitman about how the two got her long time, well paid nanny to suddenly remember during her run for Senate that the Whitmans had discriminated against her and abused her.”[end]

Think about the Roger Ailes’ “horrible” crime according to Megyn Kelly, disclosed by her for the first time just as the Murdoch sons found their tool to oust Ailes last July. And Gretchen Carlson’s laughable allegations that were disprove-able on their face. As per Kelly, Ailes allegedly a decade ago made a few suggestive remarks to Kelly, once gave her a hug (not alleged to be of a sexual nature, but which she allegedly did not like) and then went on to make her a national, multi-millon dollar-a-year star. That’s bad behavior? Really? Including me, how many of you out there would like to have some of that?

Ted Kennedy – Chappaquiddick
RIP Mary Jo Kopechne

Part of America is becoming a really creepy place, and a scary one. It is reported for instance, that O’Reilly lost his advertisers as the settlements came to light. Who exactly organized that and how? How so fast? O’Reilly viewers were on his side and he was not losing audience. The sponsors immediately dropped their ads on the highest rated news show in its time slot even though the viewership did not go down. Extremely fishy. But someone, somewhere however, was able to get to those companies and threaten them with what? Who could organize that so fast, and how?

Now that they’ve had success, expect the Left to redouble their efforts to remove Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and others from the airwaves any way possible. The last attack was drug-based but as we’ve just seen again, sexual innuendo is their favorite M.O. For the side that actively supported Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s depravity, it is amazing hypocrisy, a trait that the Left has always been very comfortable with.

This is not about O’Reilly, nor is it about his “cross” to carry alone. Whatever anyone thinks of O’Reilly, the real tragedy belongs to America.


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