Treachery, treason and malfeasance

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Consider if you will dear patriots, why Iran and Soleimani chose to progressively escalate attacks on We the (63 million) People of the USA during a presidential election year. And yes, the cynic in yours truly assumes that the traitors in the demoMarxocrat mix have, no doubt, been maintaining communications with Tehran since ama#44’s treasonous marathon back when he was shelling out billions in used ‘In God We Trust’ $100 dollar bills. The combined stench of stupidity, treachery and treason smells a lot like longtime fellow-traitor John (Heinz Baked Beans) Kerry, he who reportedly flung his so-called ‘Nam medal of bravery over the White House fence in anger; yet it is most likely a collective stench. Those baked beans after all, can be brutal when let loose.

Nom de plume #truebearing reveals all from his/her bunker in the far reaches of ‘somewhere’.

Treachery from John (Heinz baked beans) Kerry…

Suspicions abound that the demoMarxocrats and the Iranians have been and still are, allies in the above-mentioned treachery, treason and malfeasance for years, so it’s more than fair to suggest that Iran’s behavior was coordinated with the same American leftists who gave Iran those billions just a few years ago; therefore why shouldn’t We the (63 million) People assume the worst about the left? The History laid out in full view invariably exposes demoMarxocrat leftist ruthlessness for power, especially including treason. We don’t even need a trial to convict them. It’s universal knowledge after all; simply monitoring the cataclysmic events emanating from the demoMarxocrats for the past three years nails it!

Perhaps the specious assumption of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, the four horse-women of the apocalypse and the rest of the dealers in treachery labeled demoMarxocrats, was that Trump would fail to act against Iranian aggression. He didn’t retaliate for the drone Iran shot down, or the attack on Saudi oil fields, so the demoMarxocrats likely advised Iran to keep it up so they could label Trump as weak on defense. Both, after all (especially ‘Pelosi’s Peasants’) would like Trump to lose this year’s election, so they’ve been desperately planning for Trump to have a ‘Benghazi’ of his own. Short memory recalls it was the first thing they gloated about immediately after the embassy was attacked by Soleimani’s people.

Whatever; treachery, treason and malfeasance always shows its ugly face with the demoMarxocrats. Nasty piece of work that they are.

Joseph Klein, FrontPageMag: Pelosi and ‘Borderline Treason’ …

Democrats and their progressive allies, including in the establishment media, are continuing their “Great Betrayal” of the United States. They tried to sabotage efforts by President George W. Bush’s administration to support the U.S. forces fighting in Iraq against Saddam Hussein and Islamic terrorists. Now, we are witnessing Democrats, both in Congress and vying to run against President Trump in this year’s presidential election, treacherously helping the Iranian regime advance its 40-year war against Americans. The leftist media is right by their side.                                                       

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is readying her Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to vote this week on legislation to tie President Trump’s hands in dealing with the blood-thirsty Iranian regime. Speaker Pelosi is peeved that she and her Democrat congressional colleagues were not consulted first before President Trump ordered the killing of Iranian terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani late last week. Too bad. She should run for president if she wants to become the commander-in-chief. In any case, she is a hypocrite.

As Daniel Greenfield noted,

The same Democrats who are suddenly rereading the War Powers Act had no objection when Obama illegally decided to launch a regime change invasion of Libya under false pretenses while repeatedly lying about it being a war, lying about UN authorization, and lying about intervening to stop a genocide.

Full content available in link below…

Pelosi … Treachery, treason and malfeasance…

FACT: The America-hating demoMarxocrat party is arguably the largest criminal enterprise in the United States. Consider their actions on a daily basis: The Left are traitors to the Constitutional republic; fanatically push for The Great Replacement with ultra mass-immigration; support the most heinous regimes worldwide; consistently encourage the dissembling of our society, culture, values, family, identity and belief system; are our ‘enemy within’ and at war with us on multiple fronts.

There is certainly enough evidence to state unequivocally that the demoMarxocrat left conspired with Iran to attack America to bring down Trump. Dare We the (63 million) People opine that it’s definitely more evidence than they presented as grounds for impeachment. Who knows, it wouldn’t be out of bounds to suspect they conspired with Putin as well. HillaryRob’Em and her dopey ‘reset’ button fiasco would definitely stand as a virtual certainty. Especially in getting to the bottom of what and who the REAL co-conspirators were in the Russian Collusion Delusion!

The devil after all, tends to be very much in the details. And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill!

Thank God for warrior-president Donald J. Trump and his efforts on righting the ship of state – MAGA! KAG!


Joseph Klein, FrontPageMag: Pelosi close to borderline treason

Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker: Democrat party a dysfunctional family

Also ‘sundance’, Conservative Treeehouse: Sen James Lankford Mike Lee a Fibber

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