Matt Gaetz learns from the master

Go ahead, make my..

I do not agree with Matt Gaetz in this matter, but I respect and uphold his obligation to vote his conscience. He immediately went on camera to give his reasons [and having spoken with the president]. These are the prerogatives of a Member of Congress . . . and I don’t think he voted as he did ’cause Nancy made him do it.’ [end]

Thus ran one of the 322 responses on the Conservative Treehouse comments thread, from which one might well have inferred that all hell had broken loose because Matt Gaetz had seemingly gone against the president and embraced the enemy. Shows how the old Rowan & Martin’s ‘Laugh-in Flying Fickle Finger of Fate’ award from the 1970s shows up once in a while and every now and then!

As ‘sundance’ put it: “Earlier today Republican representative Matt Gaetz espoused his support for a meaningless and non-binding war powers resolution; ridiculously constructed to give the appearance of preventing President Trump from starting a war the President has no plans to initiate. It was optical theater, manufactured to deliver political damage…. and Gaetz supported it.  To justify his position, Gaetz appears with ‘Tulsi Carlson’ to explain…” [end]

To which the link is available down below.

Matt Gaetz learns from the master…

On a related topic and as viewed through the lens of yours truly, there seem to be currently, three groups politically active in America: 1. A third wants what we had for 200+ years and would be OK with correcting what isn’t as good as it could and should be. 2. Another third is so busy living their lives that they don’t take much notice of what they don’t see daily. And then there’s 3. – a final third desiring something completely different from both, though they don’t all agree on what that ‘difference’ should be. Hopeful enough however, that whatever exists now will have the ability to allow them to fight for change.

If We the (63 million) People didn’t know any better, we might dutifully assume that we’re a somewhat bifurcated people, with the current iteration of the demoMarxocrat party leaving our founding mores, principles, and values locked away somewhere distant, having fashioned the ideology to one that mostly resembles the NSDAP (ie National Socialism) of 1930s fame. If you compare their current campaign to wipe white people from positions of power with their odious White Privilege Movement, it isn’t any different from the Nazis hatred for the Jewish people from long ago, being based as it is on the same reason to expropriate power and property from the people, as did the Nazis in the same way.

Take, for instance, this pithy, short, sharp essay from Alison Tempestilli, American Thinker: ‘Who We Are’…

The latest reactions by the left to the warranted assassination of Qassem Soleimani widens the already deep divide our country faces between the two main political parties. Clearly, there are two sides of America diametrically opposed to one another and on opposite ends of just about every facet of life. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, immigration, abortion, climate change, criminal justice, religious liberty, freedom of speech, capitalism, and even biology.

Barack Obama enjoyed lecturing the American public concerning his notion of “who we are.” Disparate ideas of who we are could not be more evident.

The mainstream media, Hollywood, and leftist politicians have ramped up demonstrations of their loathing for American laws, traditional beliefs, and institutions by siding with Iran, a known terrorist regime that is an enemy to their own country. It does not appear that they will come to their senses anytime soon. In fact, their conduct will probably only get worse. They are working overtime to destroy any semblance of civil discourse. Say what you will about Trump’s Twitter feed and his propensity for name-calling, but his punch back is always in response to attacks instigated by the left.

It’s a shame our country is broken into two factions with two very different ideas of who we are. The irony is that both sides have done pretty well under our system and at one time were generally on the same page of what was considered upright and true. Our shared principles used to include pride of nation, love of God, and respect for self and others. We celebrated the independent spirit that drove our country to great heights and made it the best place to live on Earth. Now Democrats have forsaken those values and have replaced them with new concepts that drastically diverge from those we on the right still hold dear. They’ve officially sided with the enemy.

We prefer to follow and advance the roadmap we inherited, embracing respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s who we are. They want an entirely new and opposing diagram for America, replete with disregard for life, suppression of our freedoms, and appeasement of our enemies. That’s who they are.[end]

Hart-Celler immigration act 1965 produced this! …

And then Congress passed the Hart-Celler immigration reform act in 1965 flooding the country with tens of millions of foreign born melanin enhanced welfare predators. Added to that example of self destructive legislative idiocy (blame LBJ and the Democrats for that) is the fact that there has been upwards of 40 million illegal immigrants allowed into the country who currently enjoy special protected status in demoMarxocrat controlled areas throughout the nation. Now we have reached the demographic tipping point and the only solution is to conduct a nationwide purge.

So the question now becomes not ‘Who We Are’, but simply ‘Who Are We?’ Simply put, We the (63 million) People are what’s left of America, as Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty Schiff and the rest of the rapscallion Leftist demoMarxocrats purge true American citizens for the riff-raff of terrorist invaders who are literally hell-bent on taking over the entire nation for their own benefit and extravagance.

What yours truly takes away from the action of Matt Gaetz yesterday, especially following his conversation with the president, points toward what this nation was founded upon, and more importantly, how to get We the (63 million) People back on track to restore the constitutional republic of the United States back into what made it God’s nation in the first place.

An action of which Matt Gaetz would be rightfully proud and supportive.

“One can see in the American founding the workings of a God who wishes to be worshiped in spirit and truth, in the honesty of conscience within, and in uncoerced exercise in the public square of daily life, among men and women who are free, independent, self-reliant, cooperative with one another in civil society, and responsible for their own destiny. This is, as the world goes, a unique God, and these men and women are, in their way of relating to him, a unique people.” ~ The Founders on God and Government

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Tucker Carlson: Congressman Matt Gaetz Explains

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