Top priorities before they go ‘poof’!

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The problem America is presently facing is a shortage of time, spiraling downward while China is managing to grab control of all continents and hemispheres. Tossing in the war with Ukraine – which should never have been allowed to occur – cannot be underestimated with its advance into an international nuclear conflict which will then morph into a civilization-altering event that may take centuries from which to recover.

As task explains it on the comments thread: “Comparing Donald Trump, to Joe Biden, is like comparing the Mona Lisa to Hunter Biden’s finger painting. Trump understands that, within a Constitutional America, there could be many Leonardo da Vinci personalities that could achieve what even Elon Musk only dreams about. I noticed this about him decades ago. He is not the only one but he is the only one that has the presidential qualifications for 2024”. THAT!

Forward-thinking somewhat, the 2024 election will be as similar in nature to 2020 as was the 2022 election, unless efforts are made to true the vote, yet one doubts American election integrity can be properly initiated until an introspective examination of itself trues the fact that honest elections cannot be associated with easy ways to allow fraud to masquerade as democracy, any more than woman’s sporting events can set new real records for achievements while allowing biological males to compete with biological women under the guise of familiarity; that fairness requires people be permitted to sexually-identify with whomever they want to be and not with what nature created them to be. THAT!

Top priorities before they go ‘poof’! Ten miles of cars line up for President Trump…

President Trump and most conservatives have consistently believed in the individual who, given freedom and the necessary support, can accomplish many great things – as presented for instance, in President Trump’s first go-round – while the demoMarxocrat vote-stealers believe in the collective where nothing but bad continually gets screw-balled because everyone looks to others to do the work. Or not. THAT!

Yours truly has felt for some time that our fearless president resembles that gigantic figure from New York City’s golden age, Fiorello LaGuardia, the mayor bigger than life, visionary and loved by the common people. These are all characteristics that Trump shares. What a contrast with the self important little gas bags and blowhards in DC.

In order to accomplish what our fearless president proposes, the alphabet agencies of the federal government need to be eliminated. Too many busy bodies in these agencies slowing / stopping an agenda such as this, governments within the government without nearly the Constitutional safeguards applied to them as was originally intended to all of the Federal government. The Fed is too big and the leash they are on is too long. THAT!

Edward Ring, American Greatness: ‘Trump Again Defines National Priorities’ ….

The former president has again defined the territory over which an upcoming national election will be fought. And in so doing, he’s done the nation a great service.

Political observers and partisan activists debate whether Donald Trump or some other Republican candidate has the best chance of beating a Democratic rival in the 2024 presidential election. But earlier this month, Trump demonstrated that just as he did in 2016, he is raising campaign issues central to America’s future, issues that no other candidate is talking about. The latest flare-ups of what have been nearly eight years of relentless, orchestrated prosecution of Trump are a massive distraction but don’t change this reality.

Candidate Trump in 2016 raised issues Michael Anton adroitly summarized in “The Flight 93 Election” as “open borders, lower wages, outsourcing, de-industrialization, trade giveaways, and endless, pointless, winless war.” Making these neglected issues the themes of his campaign, Trump beat the odds and won the election. These are now among the most public and polarizing issues in America. They may be unresolved, but they are now central instead of peripheral.

This time, Trump’s 2024 campaign website includes under his agenda a list of the issues that have defined him since his political debut. They include deregulation, opportunity zones, fair trade, reshoring of industry, energy dominance, secure borders, reclaiming national sovereignty, war on drug cartels, law and order, military readiness, parents’ rights, ending censorship, election integrity, and more. Anyone questioning the coherence of Trump’s policy agenda is invited to read this list, which is long on specifics. But in a video released on his campaign website on March 4, Trump looked into the future. [-]

[+] … The Future According to Trump Calling it Agenda 47—presumably based on his aspiration to become America’s 47th president—Trump challenges Americans to once again “pursue big dreams and daring projects.” He points to previous national accomplishments, such as the settlement of the frontier, the interstate highway system, and the deployment of communications satellites. In what he characterized as America’s next “quantum leap” in progress, Trump calls for a national contest for urban developers to submit designs for new “Freedom Cities,” with 10 winning designs to be allocated federal land for their construction. [-]

[+] … Bringing Americans Together Trump’s final priority, echoing themes he’s explored before, adds an intangible incentive for people to form families. As he put it, we will “bring our country together through excitement, opportunity, and success.”

There is a shared excitement created by beautifying America’s urban spaces, by making cities and towns more livable, and by building monuments to American heroes. It makes people feel like they’re part of something big and worthwhile. It is a unifying force with a natural attractive power completely missing from the leftist obsession to make “inclusion” a mandate.

Vivek Ramaswamy, who has announced his intention to compete with Trump for the GOP presidential nomination, seems pretty solid on many issues. He has repeatedly stated that one of the biggest challenges facing Americans today is to define “what does it mean to be an American?” Trump, with the new issues he’s bringing before the American people, is answering that question. To be optimistic, successful, and excited by what promises to be a dazzling future. [end]

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Top priorities before they go ‘poof’! Trump Dallas rally….

Currently in closing, the entire American public health system is engaged in a covert operation which is injecting deadly poison – with zero benefit – into as many Americans as possible. The fake vaccine is deadly and nothing but an ongoing poison with deadly boosters recommended every few months. Pharmacies and every single hospital in America are promoting this poison with a pack of lies about “safe and effective” which is the exact opposite of the truth.

As Edward Ring expresses it: “is it a national priority to end the government program to kill its own people and use massive bribery programs to enlist the participation of all the doctors and all the nurses in this illegal genocide scheme?” Top priorities before they go ‘poof’!

It would seem to anybody with more than half a brain that ending a government program that is killing hundreds of thousands of Americans immediately, should be part of the national debate for the Presidency. Seemingly not important enough to be addressed by those who would lead the country what, pray tell, will cause the poisoning program to end? Anybody? Mmmmmm…… THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!