Secrecy inside D.C. kangaroo court

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Contrary to popular opinion, there’s nothing wrong with the US Constitution, being that it requires its people to demand that those who fail to perform according to the oaths they took must also be prosecuted and incarcerated like everyone else. Those who violate their oaths – whether it be police, prosecutors or justices – need to face a trial, preferably well outside of Washington DC, where their crimes, attendant punishment, and anything else dished out, become subject to a court composed of citizens ruled over by 3 justices – selected as part of a lottery process – whose terms are for no more than 2 years.

America wasn’t designed to be run by prosecutors and judges. People must be respected, their lives taken seriously and the law justly and equally applied. America’s government after all was designed to be run by the people, of the people and for the people, particularly aggravating these days that it isn’t the way it is. The Congress however, can and should make it work that way once again.

This travesty at hand needs to be called based on what it is forcefully being allowed to do – a police state run by prosecutors and judges who remain immune. Police states do not do very well when people are willing to take them down. Should the whole thing need to be removed with a free people having to start over – so be it.

Secrecy inside D.C. kangaroo court

As Tony_Petroski mentions to task on the comments thread: “There is nothing wrong with the US Constitution. It’s just that it requires a people to demand that those who fail to perform according to the oaths they took also be prosecuted and incarcerated like everyone else.” Hear, hear task. It’s not too late, and I trust justice will prevail. But what we are seeing now is the attempt to replace justice with “social” justice. That’s what National Socialists do. The experience of the twentieth century is mixed.”

The National Socialist who ran amok in Germany shot himself in the head after twelve years of his “Thousand Year Reich.” The National Socialist who ran Russia died in his sleep, but his socialist creation came crashing down. The National Socialist who ran China also died in his sleep, and his progeny continue to oppress the Chinese people. Heck, the second “Great Helmsman,” Chairman Xi, has succeeded in bribing our commander-in-chief and many of our top officials, while that story is still playing out. Go figure!

Government secrecy is corruption on full view, and one definitely has the right to confront one’s accuser, being as there is, no longer a political path to correct all the lawlessness of current and past governments. The only way to return America to its founding principles is through a Declaration of Independence, followed by 1776 Redux as well as an 1861 Redux. Other than that, it’s to remain strong, forceful, and fearless!

July Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Time to End the Veil of Secrecy Inside D.C. Kangaroo Court’ …

The new chief judge needs to shine much-needed light inside the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse.

Judge Beryl Howell did not get the gushing send off from her colleagues she undoubtedly expected.

Howell, appointed to the D.C. District Court by Barack Obama in 2010 and elevated to the court’s highest post in 2016—just in time to oversee numerous criminal investigations into Donald Trump—finished up her seven-year stint as chief judge earlier this month. Colleagues and staff assembled in her courtroom as the proverbial torch was passed to Judge James Boasberg, another Obama appointee.

But according to Politico, the retirement celebration turned into a “roast” of sorts as one judge after another chided Howell for her closed-doors dealings.

“Howell seemed to freeze in her seat as the most senior jurist on the court, Judge Paul Friedman, publicly described her still-secret rulings in grand jury-related matters,” reporters Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney wrote on March 17. “[Her] fellow judges made clear they were as tantalized as the rest of the political world by Howell’s secret work presiding over grand juries that could lead to charges against former President Donald Trump.”

Howell sat “stone-faced” when Friedman teased how, “we’d all love to read her opinions, but we can’t.” Friedman also noted that Howell issued “100 secret grand jury opinions” as chief judge.

Tanya Chutkan, another Obama appointee, also chimed in. “There’s so much work Chief Judge Howell has done that we may never know about,” she joked.

Although she will remain on the bench as an associate judge, her farewell as chief ended on a sour note. Nevertheless, Howell got the last laugh, once again, at Trump’s expense. [-]

[+] … Kelly’s heavy-handedness against transparency earned a rare rebuke from a coalition of major news organizations, which noted in a new motion that Kelly has held “previously sealed hearings and excluded the press and public from attending proceedings in this high-profile case”

It is time for the new chief judge to shine a much-needed light inside the Prettyman courthouse. Open the records, remove the protective order on thousands of hours of surveillance video, and, most importantly, give the American people access to trials and hearings.

The January 6 prosecution is dominating our political discourse, irrevocably altering the way the government handles political dissent, destroying lives, and closing in on Donald Trump. None of the goings-on should take place before an exclusive audience composed of only those who live and work in the nation’s capital. Judge Boasberg should stop allowing judges and prosecutors to hide from Americans. The moment of truth is long gone, but he can, and should, remedy it without delay. [end]

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Secrecy inside D.C. kangaroo court

Lydia, comments thread: “Judge “Jeb” Boasberg was first was appointed Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in 2002 by George W. Bush. George was probably just helping out a fellow Skull and Bones member. I wouldn’t expect much in the way of transparency from a secret society member. “Jeb” is yet another hire from that leftist groupthink factory called Yale University. Our judiciary, especially our Supreme Court, is badly in need of intellectual diversity. How about a moratorium on new hires from Yale and Harvard, say, for fifty years or so? Secrecy inside D.C. kangaroo court. THAT?”

The elite scions have been “educated” precisely in the way their progenitors intended. Who will enact a moratorium or even use common sense to prevent the mentally diseased nobility from taking their entitled positions? We’re a day late and a dollar short. Never had a chance to affect it anyway.

The continued intimidation, judicial malfeasance and ultimate denial of any civil remedy by those effectively “sworn in for life” to uphold transparent justice, and cheered on by all the emotional useful idiots will meet its end, but probably not by the actions of “our” glaringly apathetic (or is it tacitly approving?) uniparty careerists of the DC thiefdom. The black robes even joked about the ‘secret courts and rulings!! It’s apparently time to demand a system wide review and accounting of the records of all who are granted these absolute authorities. Keep on it Ms. Kelly!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!