Too many traitors elbowing our guy

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President Trump’s continuing presence on the scene dramatically impacted small donor contributions to the two parties. In June just past for instance, the demoMarxocrats netted $65 million in online small donor contributions, with the Repubs checking in with (what well might be) a paltry $27 million (WashPost). Additionally, one could well surmise that MAGA has already divorced the RNC, which will find itself bypassed in this and future elections. Club candidates therefore will find themselves having to depend on wealthy and corporate donors, while small donations continue to flow to MAGA candidates. To all intents and purposes, this deep divide could be said to have already given birth to a third party for which so many yearn. Or do they?

Yours truly totally agrees, and that is why the RNC will do absolutely whatever it takes to crush the movement, as they did the TEA party movement when the anti-American Lois Lerner rattled the chains of yours truly and millions of others by laying in bed with OBO#44 and her anti-American cohorts.

Too many traitors elbowing our guy

The Republican Party as it stands, simply cannot lose control to its voting base but the RNC has to have the money from them. On the other hand President Donald John Trump resonates with We the (90 million+) People more than anyone they have ever seen and THAT is an existential threat to them. This is so dead-on correct and while the Senate is ground zero for this thinking and approach, it also explains the inaction of Paul Ryan when the Republicans had it all 2016-2018.

Christine O’Donnell of all people, in her 2010 Senate race is where this all started.

The media et al like to blame Trump for the losses in Georgia during Jan 2021 but it was really McConnell. At the time, Sundance and CTH talked about McConnell favoring being in the minority in 2020 but his recent reference to “UN-electable” candidates for the Senate is the direct admission. McConnell is currently doing absolutely nothing to energize and turnout the Republican base because it means potential gains towards the loss of his club control of the Senate.

Perhaps even worse is because of Advice & Consent, McConnell ensures that even the executive branch is teeming with those who undermine a Republican president not of his choosing. The 17th Amendment is the nadir of American history.

Sundance has this so nailed down it is nothing short of amazing.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Potential Republican Club Midterm Strategy Nationalize 2021 Georgia Outcome’ …

Acceptance is the first step.

  • If we [were to] accept or acknowledge the RNC and DNC are [both] private corporations, existing like all other corporations to the fulfilment of their for-profit charter, to make money; and
  • If we accept or acknowledge their business model is structured around people and businesses giving them money; and
  • If we accept or acknowledge that in the process of raising money their interests may or may not align with the goal of those contributing to the business; and
  • If we accept the history that Mitch McConnell and the RNC worked purposefully to remove the influence of the Tea Party; then
  • This factually accurate statement from Steve Deace takes on a new meaning:
  • (LINK)

[…] “the GOP (club) would rather lose to Democrats than lose control of the [club] to it’s base.”  Electability boils down to the right kind of approved candidate.

That is an accurate context for this midterm election cycle. Factually, the income stream for the RNC improves if they have the ability to campaign against the opposition club.  The larger the outrage, the more substantial the fundraising.  The corporation makes more money in defeat, or in the minority, than it does when it wins or holds majorities.

As a result, there is a disconnect between the financial incentive of the corporation and the expressed intent of the corporation. When the RNC club wins, they have a more difficult time raising money, because people who previously contributed are now looking for results.

Combine that business model reality, with the accurate statement from Steve Deace about the club perspective of MAGA, and you begin to see the weird dynamic that surfaced in Georgia in the first week of January 2021.  Did the club want to win the two senate races?  Or was the club content to let deflated Trump voters see a lackluster club response to the 2020 election issues in Georgia, a frustration which led to wins by the opposition?

The same dynamic is established now.  Senator Mitch McConnell and the GOP club corporate donors are not happy with the [totally] unapproved candidates winning many of the 2022 primary contests.  They are not hiding their disdain, nor are they hiding their shift in midterm expectations as a result of their desire to see the unapproved republican candidates defeated. However, there is a more looming scenario that we have been discussing.

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Too many traitors elbowing our guy

In clarifying, Mitch and Ronna would rather lose seats and Congressional majority to Dems than to MAGA, which has been obvious for some time, it also needs to be recognized the same thing applies to the WH, and the Steal is the proof. McConnell and Ronna fully cooperated, through their surrogates/underlings in stealing the election from our fearless president.

This is a continuation in a sense of the aforementioned Tea Party Movement which had to be destroyed by the RNC, with President Trump’s “MAGA” and “KAG” an outcome of a similar movement that formed the original Tea Party. As a starting point however, it didn’t quite have the leadership required to continue with its growth to overcome the RNC corporation.

MAGA therefore, has that leadership in President Trump, although most aren’t so sure that the GOPe sees this as the continuation of the Tea Party, caused by the dissatisfaction of the base to their uniparty aspects. MAGA is however, growing in influence within the new candidates that are coming along, the big question being can these new people hold on to principles and not just turn into what so many Tea Party pretenders did. “Fooled-ya” !

Hence, they were fully onboard with the Covid plandemic, because they needed those mail-out ballots as the only way to counter PDJT’s “swamp the vote, break the algorithm” strategy. And everything we’ve seen during the two years of Brandon, from Afghanistan rout, to energy ‘policy’ – ALL of it – the GOPe is “fine” with. So don’t be fooled, don’t allow them to use triggering emotions to cause you to focus anger at the “Damned Dems”.

KNOW and remember there’s not one thing the “Damned Dems” have done or will do that their Republican comrades don’t heartily embrace. None. Too many traitors elbowing our guy !

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!