Bush/Cheney hash heap of history

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Mmmmm … Mitch McCain, err, I mean Mitch McConnell, the very same who made a breathtaking prediction this week that – GULP! – Republicans will probably not gain the Senate. Now there’s a winning formula for you. What a fighter. The guy’s wife is the daughter of a CCP shipping magnate and he’s worth hundreds of millions and he can’t lift a finger to help this country. Time for We the (90 million+) People to rout out McConnell and his poisoned ilk. No more must we allow him to be majority leader. All hands on deck for who the next real leader should be!

Expect the demoMarxocrats to fully engage their progressive left – successfully because no one in substantial numbers agrees with any of that stuff. While the establishment GOP die or become part of the aforementioned demoMarxocrats, their numbers will be dwarfed by the increasingly large number of blacks, Asians, and especially Hispanics (who will eventually mirror white men voters pretty much across the board) moving right.

Bush/Cheney hash heap of history. Consequences have consequences …

The blue-collar worker after all, is already out there ready to meet them, as are the middle class except for non-married white women, the only uptick for the demoMarxocrats for quite a while. This realignment will provide substantial support to the new conservative or nationalistic movement as the demoMarxocrats retrench and become the minority party for a generation or so; until that is, the new conservative movement begins its own fracturing. Little-by-little, that is.

Without disregarding the possibility for an even stronger backlash on cultural issues, the reality exists that the LGBTQ factions are already fighting among themselves for the reduced victim status spoils available for any of them. Hard men will rise up, as the softness currently present is supplanted by strength to deal with tougher times ahead. Big Tech will look very different as all the fake users completely decimate the advertising model for just about every platform, while device manufacturers, mainly Apple, but MIcrosoft as well, prevent their customers’ data from being shared to any other techie enterprise. The left is at the zenith of their power, even as it is eroding away right in front of us.

Liz Cheney is the entirely rancid, spoiled brat of VP Cheney, who like her, is sadly past his competence meter. Dubya himself went rancid ten years out of office, and for that matter his second term as POTUS wasn’t that sweet-smelling. But don’t tell the story worse than it ever was, no need for it. Let’s try some truth and maybe even a bit of courtesy and forgiveness, where or when it was ever requested. Likely even never!

Josh Hammer, American Greatness: ‘The Death of the Bush and Cheney Political Dynasties’ …

There will be no going back to the pre-2016 “dead consensus.”

Last Friday, I landed in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to speak at a pro-life summit. The summit organizers had kindly dispatched a van to transport a number of us from the airport, and a U.S. congressman who happened to be on the same arriving flight hopped on to hitch a ride. The congressman, a conservative, was actually not in town for the pro-life summit; as I learned when he sat next to me, he was in town to campaign against his House colleague and January 6-obsessed would-be martyr for “democracy,” Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-Wyo.).

Turns out the campaigning congressman’s efforts were not in vain: On Tuesday evening, Republican primary voters in Wyoming absolutely walloped Cheney and nominated her leading challenger, the Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman. In this sparsely populated deep-red state, the Republican primary doubles as the de facto general election. Hageman can thus book her ticket to Washington, come January. The housebroken faux-conservative Cheney, on the other hand, will be looking for a new gig. CNN hostess comes to mind.

Cheney’s shellacking in Tuesday’s Republican congressional primary in the Equality State comes a little less than three months after a similar landslide in the Lone Star State. On May 24, the Republican primary runoff between incumbent Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and challenger George P. Bush, the state’s land commissioner, was shockingly one-sided: Paxton routed Bush by a roughly 68 percent-32 percent margin. Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, and George P. Bush, son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and nephew of former President George W. Bush, thus both lost their Republican primaries this year by nearly 40 points. [-]

[+] … There will be no going back to the old, feckless, moralistic nation-building crusades of decades past. There will be no going back to the old, neoliberal-inspired free trade absolutism that outsourced entire supply chains to our Chinese geopolitical archfoe, dramatically undercutting America’s industrial resilience. There will be no going back to the old, pro-Fortune 500 immigration agenda of open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens and mass visas for all sorts of foreign nationals. There will be no going back to the old, corporatist economic agenda of prioritizing corporate and capital gains tax cuts while working-class families struggle to raise their kids on a single income. There will be no more focusing on libertarian economics, the donor class’s policy hobbyhorse, to the exclusion of those “nasty,” “icky” cultural issues that animate the GOP’s actual voter base.

Republican presidential primary voters in two years will likely have an opportunity to decide whether the party’s future is best represented by Trump himself, on the one hand, or some variation of conservative-populist “Trumpism without Trump,” on the other hand. But those remain the only two games in town. There will be no going back to the pre-2016 “dead consensus”—except perhaps in the fever dream monologues of Liz Cheney’s impending CNN show. [end]

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Bush/Cheney hash heap of history.

“Numpkin” from the comments thread: “I voted for the Bush’s 4 times. I supported both gulf wars and am totally ashamed to have been played the fool. Would like to say RIP to the dynasty, but I am just as happy to delegate them to the ash heap of history.”


The options after all, were leftist garbage but history hasn’t been kind to either Bush. Pappy came off as an out of touch elitist with disturbing CIA connections. “Chimpy” was putty in the hands of Neo-con warmongers and now is part of the OBO#44 cabal. Many others believed it all as well, supporting the wars and thinking they were doing the right thing. Afghanistan should be a lesson to all of us, we saw one faux president destroy 20 years of work in 24 hours. “Poof” and it was gone.

Yet there are still several layers of other bureaucrats who need to be removed from DOJ / FBI and the rest of the federal alphabet-soup administrative state. Current Bush the elder isn’t a full-blown neoconservative but he does fall squarely within the “effete, country club Republicanism” category. Back then was when he was tied at the hip with the neocon movement given family ties and his earlier GOPe work.

But neocon wasn’t even neocon at that point, since modern neconism was pretty much born around the issue of nation building in the Dubya Iraq war, and then in the color revolutions under OBO#44, which then became a shambling monster when they opposed the Tea Party and then opposed Trump’s candidacy from the very get-go. Nasty as they were – still are!

Bush/Cheney hash heap of history. Yeah we were betrayed alright, but no more.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to promote, defend, and protect the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America – MAGA! – KAG!