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Tip O’Neill and the Gipper generation. I don’t know that I entirely agree with some former Trump supporters crying ‘chicken’ on some of his recent moves, but I’m inspired by the relationship between Tip O’Neill and the Gipper during the Reagan years. My problem today is totally focused on the “do-nothing” RINOs led by the corrupt coup clan of Ryan and McConnell, both of whom, together with their acolytes including John Cornyn, and to a lesser degree, Ted Cruz, and scores of other “I love the money too much RINOs” have totally immersed themselves in a stupor of inactivity against the overwhelming will of We the People

Like millions more, I believe the prez has had it up to here as much as our frustrations have bubbled, and has simply got to the point of any action is better than no action, even if it means collaborating with the enemy. Which is what takes me back to the days of Reagan and Tip O’Neill, miles and decades apart in political sophistry, yet the wily Conservative used the obstructionist Marxist to fulfill basically his entire agenda, and all while smiling and patting him on the back in the confines of Martha’s Vineyard(!)

Tip and the Gipper true examples of making politics work from both sides of the aisle…

My take, therefore, is that The Donald, like Tip O’Neill and the Gipper before him, is up to something. There aren’t many ‘Mr. Everymans’ the likes of The Donald in any place on the planet these days. Tip O’Neill fell definitely into the category, as does Nigel Farage, who comes to mind simply because I’ve been witnessing him up close in my UK sojourn the past year or so. The European Parliament in Brussels has been seared so many times by his inventive Mr Everyman persona that it’s amazing it’s still standing; to say nothing of his impact on UK politics while leading the UKIP Party.

Come think of it, while he’s on my mind, Daniel Hannan is another Mr. Everyman right alongside Tip O’Neill, The Donald and Nigel Farage, and also operates in the confines of the European Parliament, plus being a great orator, and scholarly writer. You can check him out on the link at the bottom.

Which is all by way of introduction to the similar sentiments of J. Marsolo in today’s American Thinker which he titles “On DACA, trust and support Trump”…

President Trump said that if the wall is not funded, then there is no deal on DACA.

This issue has arisen because Trump met with Schumer and Pelosi to discuss DACA and border security, which necessarily includes the border wall. Schumer promptly announced that there was an agreement that Trump would support a statutory replacement for DACA and that the Dems would support increased security at the border but not support a border wall. Schumer is not known as a principled, honest senator. The question is why Trump even met with Schumer and Pelosi to discuss these issues. He knows that the Dems oppose the wall.

The background to the meeting is that the Dems will support “increased border security” only if we allow the approximate 800,000  illegal aliens, known as “DREAMers,” to remain in the country with eventual voting and citizenship. Why more concern for illegal aliens than for a border wall that would stop illegal immigration and greatly reduce the flow of drugs across the border? The Dems and their cheerleaders in the media show more concern for illegal aliens than for American citizens. The usual reason is that the minor illegal aliens were brought by their parents, and the minor illegals should not be punished for the illegal activity of their parents. But that is similar to saying that if I rob a bank and give the money to my children so they can go to school, buy a house, and have a better life, then my children should not be punished by giving the money back. The illegals have the benefits of our country, such as education, health care, and welfare benefits, obtained illegally by their parents.

So why did Trump meet with Schumer and Pelosi? First, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have failed to move funding for the wall. Trump is trying to deal with Schumer and Pelosi offering DACA for the border wall. Of course, Schumer will deny that the Dems will support a wall, but he knows that is the price for DACA. Trump is forced to deal with Schumer and Pelosi because McConnell and Ryan are either totally incompetent or actively trying to subvert the Trump agenda, or a combination thereof.

Trump is dealing with Schumer and Pelosi because he has no choice. John McCain sabotaged the repeal of Obamacare. Ryan has not moved to fund wall. If we only had a Republican Congress!

The media are trying to spin Trump’s meeting as abandonment of his agenda and breaking his promise to his base to build the wall. Trump is smart enough to realize that if he does not do all he can to build the wall, his presidency will be a failure, and he will lose in 2020. The wall is the symbol of his campaign promises. Trump knows that George H.W. Bush lost because he broke his promise not to raise taxes.

President Trump now needs and deserves our support against Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, and Schumer.

Trump has kept his promises where he has the power to do so. Trump has done much on his own, such as appointment of Supreme Court justice Gorsuch, elimination of many Obama regulations, withdrawal from the Paris accords, allowing drilling, and the limited travel ban from designated terrorist countries, and most importantly, he saved our country from chardonnay, alternate nostril-breathing Hillary.

President Trump now needs and deserves our support against Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, and Schumer.

The embodiment of bipartisanship from two gentlemen who upheld the tenets of individual freedom more than the noose of Big Government… Sorely needed today.

The plain in-your-face facts of the matter remain – Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham, etc., etc. have all shown their propensity to be more on the side of the Democrats than what we have always believed a Republican should be. So in essence as I mentioned above, the president has got to the point that any action is better than no action and decided that he may as well go around the traitors even if it means collaborating with the enemy.

Unfortunately Trump, and the nation, have been put in this position because the Republican Congress is AWOL. When in battle, who would you trust more, a traitor who is aiming at your back or an enemy who is out of ammunition?

Seems to me from the history of Reagan/O’Neill that ‘fate of country’ was more important than party affiliation, and considering the state of the Union right now, the only person in the room with anything close to the Reagan/O’Neill character is the one still standing from all the naysayers. If the Constitutional Republic is to remain as it was founded, then We the People better be supporting the warrior in the arena, before the Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros cabal give him the proverbial ‘thumbs down’ and it all disappears into the ash heap of history. If only we had a Republican Congress!

Semper Fi!


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