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Go ahead, make my…

From the pages of DC Whispers: Paul Ryan buckles under by announcing border wall funding, and the media hasn’t mentioned it much because it proves that POTUS Donald Trump is decisively outmaneuvering the opposition Republicans. The tactic was simple. The president reached out to Democrats with a basic “can we get something done for the American people?” request. This put enormous pressure on Paul Ryan and his cadre of obstructionist Republicans to start moving on at least some of the Trump agenda.

This is Ryan buckling under that pressure. This is Ryan conceding the power of Trump and the millions of Trump supporters have forced his hand. There was certainly some DACA negotiation behind the scenes – as well as POTUS Trump’s demand for real tax relief for Middle Class Americans and American business. After about six months settling in and figuring out the angles of the D.C. snake pit, Trump is unleashing an Art of the Deal offense upon the opposition and they appear unable to stop him – at least for now.

Every single Trump supporter who raised a voice in support of their president, helped to push Speaker Ryan to bend the knee. Keep it up. You have real power and you’re scaring the hell out of Washington D.C. [end]

Like everything else to do with this current Congress, time will tell, but it certainly looks like there’s a smidgen of hope at least.

Also from the same DC Whispers: As for DACA and the immigration mess overall, Hillary Clinton is on record as saying children of illegal immigrants should be sent back. Does anyone recall the media declaring Hillary a Nazi after she said this just a few years back? Were the late-night talk show hosts mocking and ridiculing her? Were there protests in the streets? Members of Congress declaring her unfit to be President? Crickets. Crickets. Crickets.

A resounding and very silent  NO!

Why? Because the entire immigrant issue is nothing more than a tool to divide Americans while Hillary Clinton, as a member of the corrupt Establishment, is allowed to simply say what needs to be said at any given time to get elected.

In 2016 that didn’t work. Donald Trump told the truth. He was viciously attacked for it but survived and most amazingly – HE WON!

Now the entirety of the Establishment/Deep State is doing all they can to undo that outcome. When anyone says President Trump’s stance on immigration is wrong/hateful just show them this video of Hillary Clinton in 2014 and then tell them to grow up or shut up…[end]

In the same conversation, let them also know of this corrupt, lying, ingrate’s stand on building/not building a barrier wall on the border


And finally, from the hottest new conservative media on the market – OANN – (One America News Network), Liz Wheeler reminding us all of who the real people were behind the Russian Collusion effort in attempting to paint President Trump with inappropriate (and very false) accusations relating to last year’s election run. There’s entirely enough truthful information in this three minutes to have Special Prosecutor Mueller and his Deep State acolytes to switch their “investigation” from the POTUS to the entire Obama admin., Podesta, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Susan Rice and (of great importance) the CLINTONS!

Now THAT would be something to see. I do believe that most of us would actually be prepared to buy tickets to witness true perpetra(i)tors getting due diligence to be put away in padded cells for quite a long period.

Definitely a good use of our hard-earned tax money bringing true corrupt criminals to justice. Soldier on, Patriots!


H/T DC Whispers

And One America News Network