The Specious John Boehner Legacy

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Back in 1994, The Gang of Seven was a group of Republican Congressional revolutionaries of which John Boehner was a member. As they were moved into power they lost that revolutionary motivation; the power got to them due to some character flaw and they became the corrupt establishment that we know today. Now there is a new movement that the revolutionary Boehner detests, so he now has his eye on a fat pension, whatever other payoffs he has to come, and an $850,000 condo. It also illuminates that The Donald is right about the Super Pacs; the huge amounts of money have corrupted the political process.

In the five years of Boehner’s Speakership, what benefits or compromises has he secured for conservatives or limited government? And we still don’t have a budget (never have had one from Obama in eight years). The House has surrendered its budget duty and has accepted the never-ending funding of the government through continuing resolutions. The House has also surrendered the power of the purse and the debt limit is now whatever Obama spends. There is not enough lipstick to make this pig of a speakership look good or even modestly acceptable. How is Boehner anything more than an enabler of the Obama Administration?

Proof positive of how Washington corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Boehner, a member of the Gang of Seven, turned into a complete sell-out and tool of the Establishment. He has done enormous damage to America and has helped destroy the Republican Party. If only he had been as cagey with the Muslim president and the DemoMarxists as he was in securing his power, he would likely still be Speaker of the House. As it is, we patriots will not forget Boehner’s perfidy especially when the day of reckoning comes. A specious legacy at best.

The Republicans in Congress under his speakership joined OBO the Clown in amassing a national debt of $20 trillion and rising with past budgets, to which we can now add the new two-year “budget” through 2017. Boehner’s legacy is not mixed, it’s horrible. Like many revolutionaries, Boehner became that which he sought to overthrow. Good riddance to a corrupted talent. Life among the “Littles” will kill him.

Massive failure – hired to fight for the American family, yet caved in to become OBO the Clown’s water-boy. “Nancy Boehner” said he wanted to clean the “barn” before he left, the innuendo being to get all the horse manure out. When he walks out 90% of it leaves with him. Don’t let the barn door hit you in the butt Nancy. Paul Ryan has already been saddled with enough sewage to last through 2017. Just WHO will clean that crap away?


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