The sirens live on for ever and ever?

En Garde in the bunker…

As our fearless President Trump himself has often said, “In reality, they’re not after me they’re after you. I’m just in the way.

The State’s aim is not just decapitating the snake. It’s control over the army of followers. This is how totalitarianism works. Incapacitating one with the aim of neutralizing the millions. In reality, the totalitarian toe has been dipped into the waters in many ways. Covid policy/lockdowns. Social media censorship. Weaponization of the FBI, IRS, etc. Election fraud. We are currently on a very slippery slope to a very unpleasant place.

The entire J6 fiasco was a false flag operation instigated by the feds. Not just to indict a few conservatives but to discredit all conservatives to make it appear as if We the (90 million+) People are the violent party. We know who the violent ones are. The left and their warriors of ANTIFA and BLM. We also know who the liars are. The FBI/DOJ/CIA (and their media)

The sirens live on for ever and ever? When vaccine is a killer, not a saver…

Consider the totalitarians are in water up to their waists, considering it’s been many Moons back since they dipped their toes. Of course it was a set up. Guaranteed, and the plan for insurrection is exactly what activists did during the Kavanaugh hearings and precisely no one was arrested and charged with sedition, nor anything else. These rigged trials are proverbial horse manure, and the prosecutors and judges should be in prison, if not hanged, for what they’re doing to innocent people and for the harm they’re doing to the judicial system. There’s the real insurrection of the Jan6 fiasco!

The fallacious DC has become the new Anthemusa, its Siren call seemingly impossible to escape once the sailors venture close by and the Sirens gird themselves in coats made of money. Just the smell has a come-hither scent and having it in hand is to die for, to which the sailors will sell their maws to get their grubby hands on the coats. Is there a Jason and his band of Argonauts coming to the rescue? Will Odysseus make a return to confront them? Maybe even whack them? Or will the Sirens live on forever and ever? “Histry” is waiting to be written.

Tom Clancy it was, who wrote “The Hunt for Red October“, but it was FJBiden’s son who wrote “The Hunter’s Guide to Red November.” Subt: “How a man in the pay of the communist Chinese became the most popular political candidate in American history.” And it wasn’t easy. It took lies, censorship, the “most extensive vote-fraud team ever assembled,” a compliant media and millions raining-down in bribes from foreign sources all over the globe. The sirens live on for ever and ever?

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Government Intel Asset Plant Key Proud Boys Evidence?’ ….

We should be suspicious of weird coincidences. It’s week five of the Justice Department’s most high-profile—and high-stakes—criminal trial related to the events of January 6, 2021. Five members of the Proud Boys face the rare “seditious conspiracy” charge. Guilty verdicts—almost certain given the government’s near-perfect conviction rate for January 6 defendants—would build legal momentum for a similar indictment against Donald Trump. (The trial is so crucial that Matthew Graves, the Biden-appointed U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia responsible for prosecuting every January 6 case, has shown up in the courtroom on at least three occasions.)

Trump is a major figure in this trial, an unindicted coconspirator of sorts. Last week, Judge Timothy Kelly allowed prosecutors to play a clip of Trump’s extemporaneous comment for the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by”—a remark uttered during a presidential debate in September 2020 more than three months before the Capitol protest. The Justice Department wants to portray the comment as a call to arms, tying the alleged “militia” group to the former president.

The clip is just another thin reed of evidence in the government’s landmark domestic terrorism case. In fact, much of the “evidence” amounts to nothing more than worthless trinkets, braggadocious group chats, and otherwise protected political speech.

It now appears that one key piece of evidence was not the work of any defendant in this case but rather written by a one-time government intelligence asset with unusual ties to both the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, another group involved in January 6.

A document titled “1776 Returns” is cited by the government to indicate the group had an advanced plan to “attack” the Capitol. In two separate criminal indictments, prosecutors explained how the document ended up in the hands of Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys: “On December 30, 2020 [an unnamed] individual sent Tarrio a document—[that] set forth a plan to occupy a few ‘crucial buildings’ in Washington, D.C. on January 6, including House and Senate buildings around the Capitol, with ‘as many people as possible’ to ‘show our politicians We the People are in charge.’” [-]

[+] … That’s not the end of Armes’ weird story; he also was in contact with a member of the Oath Keepers in 2020. Armes’ name showed up on a hotel reservation for James Beeks, now on trial in D.C. for his participation in the January 6 Capitol protest. When House investigators asked Armes why Beeks included his name on the same hotel room, Armes claimed the man had a romantic interest in him.

Armes also admitted he and Beeks had many conversations before January 6 on topics such as the election and domestic politics. But just like Armes’ original “1776” document, those messages are missing, too.

As evidence piles up to show how federal assets played an animating role before and on January 6, Armes’ weird account—and background in government intelligence—cannot be dismissed as coincidence. [end]

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The sirens live on for ever and ever? Ballot count jitters not going away. Squeaky bums=squeaky seats alarm…

Maximus-Cassius rounds it up nicely from the comments thread: It is interesting that a treasonous coup against President Donald Trump using border-line criminal (and in many cases, outright illegal means and methods) activity, including ballot harvesting, voter fraud, ballot manipulation, entrapment by government agents, falsification of FISA warrants (multiple times), illegal eavesdropping and monitoring, and a multitude of other non-violent but clearly illegal and unconstitutional actions is permitted and even applauded.

Yet, the government conspires to drum up a false and utterly preposterous conspiracy against people peacefully protesting the aforementioned ACTUAL conspiracy that removed a duly elected president through outright fraud. And to make matters worse, the government is insisting that it was a botched violent insurrection (which the government planned and managed), which brave and intrepid members of local and federal LE prevented from being successful.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~ JFK

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!