FJBiden and the state of disinterest

Go ahead, make my..

According to prime time research FJBiden’s SOTU was the least watched in 30 years, which isn’t surprising, since he reminds of the ranting, babbling, blathering old grandpa at the Christmas dinner table ranting and raging about one thing or another while he shovels mashed potatoes into his toothless mouth. He’s nothing but a useless irritant to whom no one listens. FJBiden didn’t stretch the truth – he took a sledge hammer to it, then the breaker hammer to the larger pieces, then took and smelted the whole batch into little iron swirly turdy-tops, which he then had the audacity to present to the demoMarxocrat Caucus for use as paper weights.

After all, one doesn’t need to watch a dementia-riven patient on TV mumbling bromides from a teleprompter to know the state of the American body-politic. The obvious “Sclerotic” about sums it up as the old Bob Dylan song put it: “You don’t need a weather man / To know which way the wind blows.” FJBiden stood figuratively naked on the world stage as a demented, serially-lying decrepit old clown, mouthing lame bromides and boasting about completely delusional accomplishments.

FJBiden and the state of disinterest. Stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

Underneath all the “glitterati“, the SOTU is in deep doo-doo, since all the shiny things-glitterati keep the average American “Joe and Jolene” minds fully occupied, so they’ve no time to realize the predicament they’re in. Although most of the minds have been indoctrinated for so many decades, critical thinking is in very short supply to the point where in many instances, there are no minds at all. Period!

The SOTU addresses by any president always reminds one of a zoo. One side of the aisle claps like demented seals waiting for a dead fish to be thrown their way, and the other side sits like taxidermist cats, making occasional meeow-growls and hisses. The President enters and leaves the chamber like a rock star, bestowing a handshake here and there, signing autographs for his most adoring fans. The other side quickly exits, wishing they had the guts for a Will Smith moment (which would be worth watching).

So a few yelled a little opposition and good for them – especially MTG (aka Marjorie Taylor Greene) – as they all laughed out loud at FJBiden’s ridiculous comments about fast-food cashiers signing non-compete contracts. Kevin McCarthy’s facial expressions were priceless, as in worthy as a pre-woke SNL skit. Outstanding!

Yes, the verbal opposition and ridicule was heartening especially the laughter, because normal people laugh at clowns to which most always take a little bit of hope. If the R’s keep it up, they might even restore a little bit of faith, perhaps exceeding even one’s low expectations!

Thaddeus G. McCotter, American Greatness: ‘Biden Paints the State of Disinterest’ …

A weary, wary legislator must stomach the spectacle on the odd chance something important may accidentally escape the chief executive’s mouth.

“I think I will watch paint dry this evening,” wrote my frequent social media correspondent, Andrew Chalfant. (a.k.a., @thoughtsoplenty). He was referring to how he planned to entertain himself on the evening of Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. Having been required to attend several such addresses over the years, I did not endeavor to dissuade him. In fact, I concurred.

In the course of my time as an elected official in the legislative branch of federal, state, and county governments, I heard State of the Union speeches by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama; State of the State addresses by Michigan Governor John Engler; and the State of the County addresses by the late Wayne County Executive Edward H. McNamara. Indeed, in the instance of the State of the Union, as a member of the Republican leadership I had the duty to help escort the president into the House chamber. (I’d like to thank President Obama again for the piece of gum I “borrowed” as we awaited his arrival off the floor.)

Throughout the years, can you guess what all of these federal, state, and local addresses had in common?

In between shout outs to members of the crowd who represented sundry constituencies and topical issues, the orating chief executive let everyone know he was doing a great job! And, you know what else? He had big plans to do an even greater job! Now, who wouldn’t want to watch that? [-]

[+] … Once more, I note that I no longer carry the duty to endure a “State of” address at any level of government. And, not having a room in need of painting, I spent a pleasant evening watching a new Vera murder mystery on BritBox. At least in this theatrical production, crime doesn’t pay. (Looking at you, “Big Guy.”)

During the climax, as Vera and her team zeroed in on the guilty party, suddenly my phone vibrated with an incoming alert. It was Andrew Chalfant. Had he changed his mind about watching Biden’s speech? Had his curiosity gotten the better of him and resulted not in his edification, but in a bout of ulcerous indigestion for having witnessed a compromised president casually and repeatedly dissemble to the American people?

Bluntly, he stated: “That stuff always seems to dry a shade darker than when it’s applied.”

True enough. I was glad to know that in his wisdom, Andrew stuck to his disinterested guns; and in his choice of paint he, unlike Biden, didn’t whitewash anything. [end]

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FJBiden and the state of disinterest. Hey Jackass! true, don’t blame me!

This might be strange to some folks, but “go along to get along” anyway – Looking at maps that have ever-changing names for the cities, the places, the spots yours truly was once familiar with, I’m assuming this is all part of the “fundamental transformation” of America. In America, we speak English. So, when we consult maps, the names of the cities are labeled by the fundamentalists in Babel language.

For example, when I was a youth, there was a place called “Peking” which I can no longer find on a Google or any other map. Why? Because Chairman Xi or, as some prefer, “Zhee” desires we English speakers to pronounce “Peking” as “Beijing.” What’s next? Bombay? Kiev? Paree?

Quatar is another one, now pronounced Kuh-tar which makes me wonder what would happen were I to post-up using Chairman Xi as president eleven. There appears to have been an explosion of new countries since the Colonialism demise when I was still a young boy in school back in Britain learning geography. Even some 70 years later, three things in life are constant. Change. Taxes. Death. In no particular order.

Suffice to say those “Citizens of the World” weren’t kidding when they promised us the fundamental transformation of America. They fight on all fronts (as we should) with language and usage being crucial. FJBiden and the state of disinterest.

And on that note, talking about which – time for our fearless President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!