The Pope & Christianity Get Lost…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Today, a little follow-up and addition to yesterday’s post about the current Pope’s drift into world politics, and how he is becoming intoxicated with Babylon. Rather than taking the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ into the world to change it spiritually, he is allowing Babylon to infiltrate the church and thereby destroy whatever Biblical authority the church has. This Pope is the end result of decades of the Church being under assault from the international Communists and from leftists everywhere. The Church, once considered a bulwark against international socialism, was in the crosshairs of the militant left from the beginning. The French Revolution led the way and the Bolsheviks added more fuel. Lenin/Stalin couldn’t have created a better destroyer than the one who occupies the Vatican; and all at the precise moment in time when the rogue fraud “president” is “Marxifying” America.

I contribute every month to my local evangelical Church and were I part of the Catholic Diocese, I would be considering whether or not to send them a letter telling them all contributions are suspended until this Pope is forced from his reign of error. As I detailed in yesterday’s post, he is being advised by a German “scientist” who identifies himself as a Pantheist, which is a throwback to the Pope Pius XII era and his connection to Hitler and other prominent Nazis who were also big on the environment. Is this Pope so historically illiterate that he cannot understand the tool he is being manipulated as? Or is he just another fellow traveler destroying the Church from within? We are losing everything that was the strength and beauty of Western civilization and it is happening at warp speed. The trickle has become a flood, and when this naïve fool pontificates on the environment and the rest of the liberation theology crap it’s time to see the handwriting on the wall.

Intoxicated With Babylon...

Intoxicated With Babylon…

This Pope is naive. At best he’s an ivory tower academic, at worse a Marxist Socialist. Michelle Malkin yesterday pointed out that the Pope railed against air conditioning – at the same time the Carrier Corp. (now a part of United Technologies) recently upgraded the air conditioning system of the Vatican for no cost. 

This is also politics and not theology. And it is coming from an Argentinian. Go back in history a’ways and you’ll find Argentina didn’t declare war against the Axis Powers until a few weeks before the end of WWII; and Argentina abstained from the UN General Assembly vote that formally created the State of Israel; and Argentina was the home of Adolf Eichmann, Dr. Josef Mengele and other Nazi escapees after WWII – until that is, the Israelis finally captured Eichmann.

I have tried and tried to give this Pope the benefit of the doubt. I have tried to square his circular reasoning, to no avail. I have cautioned against rushing to judgement (unlike the left, who pounces upon any statement he makes which may support their cause). I have delayed judgement on his meandering proclamations and his written (or signed) declarations, but I have come to the conclusion that he is a tool in the hands of Bishops to which no Catholic should feel any sense of duty or loyalty. Naive is not a descriptor which any Pope (nor any priest for that matter) should be associated with. My charity extends only so far. After having read Laudato si (and re-reading sections to make certain I was reading what I was actually seeing), I wish I could attribute his signing off on gobbledygook to naivete.

Yet I fear there is something far more sinister at work.

David Hiestand in today’s American Thinker…

284px-American_Thinker_logoI am Catholic so I can say this.  This Pope is naive.  At best he’s an ivory tower academic, at worse a Marxist Socialist.  He would fit in well at any Ivy League university or on any mainstream media news program touting the Democrat/Progressive talking points.  His foray into global warming is treading on treacherous ground.  It’s a political — and fabricated — issue, not a theological one.  The Church can only be damaged by it.  Much as I detest Pope Francis’s lamentable comments on global warming and world wide pollution – pollution that has been mitigated significantly over the decades by the very Capitalism so disdained by him — his comments, about what it takes to be a genuine Christian, is even more unpalatable.

Pope Francis made the statement a few days ago that giving surplus money to the poor is not enough.  In order to be a genuine Christian, he said, you have to give not only your surplus but even that which you need to live.

If Christians don’t dig deep and generously open up their wallets, they do not have “genuine faith.”


Christian giving goes beyond plain charity, which is good, but isn’t the “Christian poverty” believers are called to embrace.  Christian poverty is: I give to the poor what is mine, not the excess, but also what is necessary for one’s own well-being.

Let’s lay this one out.  We, who are not clerics, work and accumulate money because we are responsible for ourselves and our families and for their survival, education, and welfare.  We, who are not clerics, work and accumulate money so that we won’t be poor … and therefore dependent on charity either from the Church or from others.  We, who are not clerics, accumulate and save money so that we can retire without being a burden to our children, our neighbors, our community, or the government.  We, who are not clerics, do these all things and also donate to the Church in order to care for the poor and provide for the worldly needs of the clerics.  That is what used to be called, responsible behavior, and in any reasonable universe, responsibility would be a good thing, a virtue even.

So, let’s look at the worldly needs of the Pope and any other Catholic cleric.  The Pope, or any other cleric, has no children, no spouse, and no family to take care of — except, of course, an all encompassing but totally symbolic world family of Catholics for which the Pope, or any other cleric, has no financial obligation.  In fact, the Pope, or any other cleric, has none of the everyday living burdens that so occupy the rest of us.

The Pope doesn’t have to accumulate money because he doesn’t worry about losing his job, or his home, or about paying a mortgage, or the rent, or auto insurance, or maintenance on his house, or repair work on his auto.  He doesn’t have to accumulate money because has no fears about where his next meal comes from, or whether he can buy his wife and children the healthcare they need, or how on earth he’ll ever be able to put his children through college.

A new Great Awakening?

A new Great Awakening?

The Pope will never have the concern that, if he contracts some dread disease, he’ll be unable to pay the doctors for treatments.  The Pope, or any other cleric, does not need to save for retirement, the Church provides it.  The Church, with donations from us, will in fact provide for every worldly want of the Pope and any other cleric — no need for them to save or accumulate money.

Yet this Pope, who is entirely free from worrying about any of these concerns, tells us that we, who are required by the real world to worry about them, are obligated, in order to be genuinely Christian, to give away any money accumulated for such needs.  I find that message totally ridiculous, unacceptable, and hypocritical.

Consider this.  There is no way that the Pope can give to the poor what the Pope needs to live — to give, in his words, “what is necessary for one’s own well-being.”  How is that possible?  The Pope, and any other cleric, has every necessity for his well-being satisfied by one of the the richest organizations in the world.

So, by the Pope’s own pronouncement, is he a genuine Christian?

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