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En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

UPDATE at 1:00 PM CST: Rush Limbaugh on IS/ISIS/ISL


The group that became known as ISIL started in 1999, during the Clinton administration:

“The Islamic State has gone through numerous name changes since its founding in Iraq in 1999. originally known as Jamāʻat al-Tawḥīd wa-al-Jihād (JTJ), (“The Organization of Monotheism and Jihad”), it changed to Tanẓīm Qāʻidat al-Jihād fī Bilād al-Rāfidayn (“The Organization of Jihad’s Base in the Country of the Two Rivers”) in 2004 after the group swore allegiance to Osama Bin Laden. During this period it was popularly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). In 2006 it became the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), but changed again in 2013 after expanding into Syria. At that point it became Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). Its latest moniker, the “Islamic State,” came about after the proclamation of a new caliphate on June 29, 2014.

“The group was founded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 1999. Zarqawi, a Sunni militant from Jordan” – Who Is ISIS? An open source investigation • Corbett • 09/07/2014 – The Corbett Report

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ISIS’s modern roots can be traced to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian street thug who arrived in Afghanistan too late to fight the Soviets. After a return to Jordan, he went back to Afghanistan a decade later, meeting bin Laden in 1999, but refusing to join al Qaeda. When the Taliban fell in 2001 he fled to Iraq, and in 2003 he set up ISIS’s precursor, Jama’at al-Tawhid w’al-Jihad (the Party of Monotheism and Jihad). It was comprised mostly of non-Iraqis, and al-Zarqawi’s primary targets were Iraq’s Shi’ite Muslim majority. By 2004 his campaign of suicide bombings in that nation made him a jihadist superstar, earning Bin Laden’s endorsement in the process. Al-Zarqawi returned the favor by rebranding his group al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). – THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD-ISIS CONNECTION – February 17, 2015 Arnold Ahlert


Muslim territory versus Israel, and enough is never enough...

Muslim territory versus Israel, and enough is never enough… Click to enlarge.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a Jordanian Jihadist who had traveled to Afghanistan to fight in the Soviet-Afghan War, but he arrived after the departure of the Soviet troops and soon returned to his homeland. He eventually returned to Afghanistan, running an Islamic militant training camp near Herat.

A report released by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in mid-2014 describes Al-Zarqawi as starting his jihadist group Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, with Jordanian and other Sunni Jihadist militants, in 1999 in Afghanistan with its training camp in Herat, Afghanistan, and with “a small amount of seed money” from Usama bin Laden “which continued until 9/11”.

Al-Zarqawi started the group with the intention of overthrowing the ‘apostate’ Kingdom of Jordan,[1] which he considered to be un-Islamic. After toppling Jordan’s monarchy, presumably he would turn to the rest of the Levant.

Following the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan, al-Zarqawi moved westward into Iraq, where he reportedly received medical treatment in Baghdad for an injured leg.

Al-Zarqawi was in Baghdad from May until late November 2002, when he traveled to Iran and northeastern Iraq. – “Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad” – Wikipedia Report

As far as using the acronym “ISIL” is concerned, keep this in mind:

MESSAGE OBAMA DELIVERS WHEN HE SAYS ISIL INSTEAD OF ISIS” – by Geoffrey Grider September 1, 2014 – Now The End Begins (Emphasis in the original.)

ISIS/ISIL/IS Caliphate...

ISIS/ISIL/IS Caliphate…

The significant difference between ISIS and ISIL is that ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, while ISIL stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The latter is broader geographically than the former because it comprises all the territory east of the Mediterranean, which includes Israel. That is the significance of OBO the Clown Prince of Fools secretly endorsing his support of the Muslim Brotherhood soldiers of Allah in the entire Islamic Jihadist Muslim world. To OBO the Clown Prince of Fools, Israel is the enemy, and is why he continues to show such disdain for Bibi Netanyahu. No wonder Bibi cosied up to Putin – with “friends” like OBO the Clown Prince of Fools, who needs enemies?

Don’t say we weren’t warned…



All Foreseen in 2006: President Bush’s State of the Union Address…

In a time of testing, we cannot find security by abandoning our commitments and retreating within our borders. If we were to leave these vicious attackers alone, they would not leave us alone. They would simply move the battlefield to our own shores.

Terrorists like bin Laden are serious about mass murder and all of us must take their declared intentions seriously.

They seek to impose a heartless system of totalitarian control throughout the Middle East and arm themselves with weapons of mass murder.

Their aim is to seize power in Iraq and use it as a safe haven to launch attacks against America and the world.

Lacking the military strength to challenge us directly, the terrorists have chosen the weapon of fear.

When they murder children at a school in Beslan or blow up commuters in London or behead a bound captive, the terrorists hope these horrors will break our will, allowing the violent to inherit the Earth.

BUSH: But they have miscalculated. We love our freedom, and we will fight to keep it.


In a time of testing, we cannot find security by abandoning our commitments and retreating within our borders. If we were to leave these vicious attackers alone, they would not leave us alone. They would simply move the battlefield to our own shores.

There is no peace in retreat.

BUSH: And there is no honor in retreat.

By allowing radical Islam to work its will, by leaving an assaulted world to fend for itself, we would signal to all that we no longer believe in our own ideals or even in our own courage.

But our enemies and our friends can be certain: The United States will not retreat from the world, and we will never surrender to evil.


America rejects the false comfort of isolationism. We are the nation that saved liberty in Europe, and liberated death camps, and helped raise up democracies and faced down an evil empire.

Once again, we accept the call of history to deliver the oppressed and move this world toward peace.

President Bush’s State of the Union Address — 2006

Reading through the entire State of the Union address from 2006, it becomes very evident – VERY evident – that all OBO the Clown Prince of Fools and his radical tyrannical acolytes have accomplished since January 20th 2009 is to rip apart and shred every piece of legislation and far-thinking that the Bush speech laid out. That, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t simply a case of “Hope and Change”, it isn’t even a case of “fundamental transformation”. It is quite clearly, an inside attack on the very values and principles upheld in a Constitutional Republic, and for that alone, this Clown Prince of Fools should have been impeached long, long, ago.


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