NoBama NoISIL with NoPlan Man..

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Here’s what I posted on my Facebook page last night at 6:45 PM CST (7:45 PM Eastern) in anticipation of the “grand announcement” …

OK going on the record out on a limb here (any more cliche`s I can grab?) that nothing substantive will come out of the pathological liar’s mouth but the same old tired platitudes of malfeasance. The only reason he’s doing this is because his handlers are demanding it … Don’t forget that his allegiance is not to the Constitution of the United States, it is to the worldwide Caliphate currently controlled by the enemy within our own borders, the United Nations of misfits, criminals, child molesters, and demonic dictators of most of the nations on the planet. This poor excuse for a leader couldn’t bust his way out of a paper bag if it were already torn .. Period. So, y’all can rate me after the fact, but I described it here first

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Scattershot comments from watching the pathological Liar-in-Chief prattle on last night about topics he really, really doesn’t have a flying clue about …

  1. What’s wrong with not allowing someone on the “Terror Watch List” to buy a gun? It’s called “due process” Mr. Constitutional Lawyer. Progressive Socialists use every opportunity to call for more gun control. Obama says “assault” rifles are a problem. What do We The People think will happen when “assault” rifles are banned? Progressive Socialists will not be satisfied until the American public is completely disarmed. Does any thinking person believe a word OBO the Clown Prince of Fools has to say about “his war” on ISIS/ISIL/IS?
  2. Same old lies and B.S. The best way for us to be safe is for this JV Clown Prince of Fools to get the hell out of Washington and go back to the Murder Capitol of the U.S., his home town, and see if he can’t get the situation under control. We The People understand that the brilliance of Chicago is that it has the strictest gun control laws in the nation, so SURELY the weekly death/shooting stats that are published every Monday must be FALSE – right? (sarc of course). Unfortunately he has another year to import as many Muslim terrorists as possible and try to disarm the population. Face it – HE IS A MUSLIM JIHADIST and is no different to those who desire to inflict as much physical damage as possible on the United States. His want and seeming desire, is for the U.S. to become a Muslim country. Anyone who supports this Clown Prince of Fools should take a deep deep look into his soul and figure out what his overall agenda is. Here in the great Lone Star State nearly everybody has a gun and are thankful for self-defense – Even Texas gals pack heat.
  3. He has studied Hitler, Stalin and others and don’t think for a minute he is acting on his own. His handlers stay behind the scenes but you can see the wear and tear on his face. Evil and darkness take a hard toll on a person.

4) The father and son dreamt of “destroying Israel” which derives from what Muhammad said in the war manual known as the Qur’an: “Kill the Jews”. That’s the inherent problem Mr. OBO the Clown Prince of Fools –  those “evil notions” are deeply rooted right there in the hadiths. You know the truth of Islam Mr “president”, that no true muslim can speak contrary to what Muhammad said as reported in the hadiths. In fact, no muslim can leave Islam without worrying that he/she will be killed in a most horrific fashion. Which is the universal Shari’ah interpretation of what Muhammad declared that the fate of an apostate should be; death. Doesn’t sound so “American” when you put it that way, does it Mr. “president?” And another small matter – just why are they given tax exemption – mmmm? The father said he counseled his son many times to be patient because he said, in time political changes in the Middle East will accomplish his desires. “I kept telling him always: stay calm, be patient, in two years Israel will no longer exist,” the elder Farook told the press.. “Geopolitics is changing: Russia, China, America too, nobody wants the Jews there.” But Syed Rizwan Farook was not dissuaded, the father said.

5) The San Bernadino “radical Islamic” murderer, “with a poisoned notion of peaceful Islam” (as described by OBO the Clown Prince of Fools) was obsessed with destroying Israel and came into the United States on a visa after being “screened” in Pakistan by the “state department.” Bet the person doing the “screening” was not an American. Release the screening documents, Mr. John Kerry! Bet the Pakistani that did the “screening” actually works for the Pakistani Military Directorate that was financing al Qaeda fighters on the border.

6) If OBO the Clown Prince of Fools believes even half of what he is saying then he must be smoking some seriously good weed. Point 1) “hunt down plotters and terrorists” is a bluff, since we’re already doing that and have been for months. Point 2) “keep training and equipping mission” is the same old, same old tired objective, besides which it is the strategy that gave weapons away to ISIS/ISIL/IS in the first place (Benghazi recollections anyone??) Point 3) “sealing border with Turkey” – Oops! Turkey is a major base for ISIS, so good luck on that one! And Point 4) “cease fire in Syria, Russia on board” – remember it was Iran who revealed that Russia is doing the air strikes and not US, so good luck on that one too!

7) And then we’ve got OBO the Clown Prince of Fools in feminine drag-form in the name of a 69-year-old-grand-hag who would yearn to be crowned as the next OBO Femme Fatale Clown Princess of Fools, Billary Rob’em Clinton who generally has a difficult time keeping her mind on what she said five minutes ago.

8) The reason I included her/he in this collage is because if We The People are not very careful, we could very well be hornswoggled yet again come this time in 12 months to find ourselves with a tightened liberal-progressive-DemoMarxist-Socialist Islamist tyrant noose around our collective throats with absolutely no chance of escape. If anything, this political moose could instill even more damage upon this Constitutional Republic, just with all the millions and millions and millions of petro-dollars that she and her pervert “husband” take in every month of every year from these same Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist Sheikhs and Caliphs … En Garde We The People – EnGARDE!


9) The simple fact that OBO the Clown Prince of Fools is still in office means our military is not serious about protecting the United States and its Constitution I like the recent Navy TV ad where they say any enemy will have to go through them to get to us, but it is too late Guys and Gals,you CLEARLY let OBO the Clown Prince of Fools the lying traitor and enemy of the Constitution, get by you and still will do nothing about it. His dereliction in sending help to save those in Benghazi should have been the final outrage and the Military should have arrested him on the spot; and then he goes and puts a hit on the Navy Seals who knew too much that bin Laden wasn’t captured in May of 2011, that he had died in the mountains of Afghanistan after his video threats stopped in 2006, having died from kidney failure; it’s nearly impossible to keep those dialysis machines running in the caves. But if there was some kind of plan to have a coup de’tat, it will be futile because the Pentagon has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and lackey stair climbers.

10) For a seriously unfunny muslim traitor to America, Platitudes and BS do not a war win. Nor do they accomplish anything. A eunuch unopposed by those elected to fight him! How do they play any games in DC when it appears there are no balls anywhere? Unfortunately and sadly, it seems like the DemoMarxist politicians in DC have the balls – while only a handful of Republican congressmen are so equipped. The DemoMarxists have obtained their objectives while the Republicans offered no resistance or downright cooperated (say it ain’t so Boner Boehner). McConnell included.

The conclusion of the matter seriously, is that OBO the Clown Prince of Fools needs to be escorted gently from the White House by somber men in white coats with creased brows and sad faces and placed under watch in a well guarded secure unit of a government facility (GITMO would do fine, thank you) and specialists enlisted to attend to his pathology.



A great read from Thomas Lifson in today’s American Thinker… Obama Policies Have Allowed ISIS To Grow