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The meddlesome upholders of law … Pardon my attempt at comedy, but “in other news, New Hampshire decides to change its motto from “Live Free Or Die” to “Shut up and Do What you’re Told!” Or as New Hampshire’s Mark Steyn has long observed about his adopted state, “the process is the punishment.”

On a very much broader footing, one thing continually demonstrated (“remonstrated”, even!) during this almost going-on 2-year “scamdemic”, is that slogans like “Back the Blue” are simply just that. The sense of lawlessness that permeates American society hasn’t discriminated against any sector, while police are just as likely as any other group to find themselves on the wrong side of the Constitution.

The meddlesome upholders of law…Sunday school parent teacher arrested for no muzzle…

Frankly stated, if you’re going to trample on the Bill of Rights, a badge doesn’t shield you – you’re an enemy of the Republic. If you’re attempting to ignore what is just, and what is truly lawful for the sake of a paycheck – you’re an enemy of the Republic.

Broadly considered, if your conscience hasn’t reprimanded you for arresting citizens simply because they choose not to wear bacteria-laden muzzles across their faces – then your conscience has been seared into uselessness and you’re an enemy of the Republic.

There are two sides in this culture war. On one side are those who love this country and its Constitution and they come in all colors and occupations and socioeconomic categories. On the other side are those who don’t, and are similarly distributed across all colors, occupations, and socioeconomic categories. And some of them wear badges. Ouch!

The shelter of nostalgic notions about the “cop on the beat” is no longer a shield. Not being there to protect and defend the innocent is always the trigger that posits you’re in the wrong profession and worse – you’re an enemy of the Republic.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Maskless Parents Confronting N.H. School Board Arrested by Police: Board Cancels’ …

Comrades, it is interesting -some would say disturbing- to watch law enforcement arrest people for not violating laws. The requirement to wear a mask is a local school board policy, created by random fiat, not a law. The arrested maskless parents were proactively accused of ‘disturbing the peace’, before any disturbance could be identified.

PLAISTOW — Tempers flared at Thursday night’s Timberlane Regional School Board meeting after a Sunday school teacher was arrested moments after she and several other unmasked attendees showed up to demand an end to a school mask mandate. The meeting was planned to be held in person at the district’s Performing Arts Center, but board Chairwoman Kimberly Farah quickly shut it down before it began and required that it be held remotely.

“I didn’t want to jeopardize the health of the staff and the students,” Farah said as several Plaistow police officers and state police troopers swarmed inside and outside the auditorium. The abrupt end to the 7 p.m. in-person meeting happened shortly after Atkinson resident Jackie Wydola watched as police arrested her mother, Kate Bossi, when they entered the building without masks as required by school policy. (read more)

..”If the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them.”..  ~Sam Adams [-]


[+] … If wrong-thoughts or unmasked social assembly continue to be expressed, it may become necessary for the regional Ministry of COVID Compliance to deduct 200 credits from your social compliance score. Please do not put the Ministry in the position of having to make such decisions. Vaccination compliance is in your best interest.

Those who construct the systems of control need to weaponize fear. Fear of arrest; fear of losing a business; fear of losing liberty or financial security. Local, regional and state officials rely on fear. As soon as We The People are no longer fearful, the control ends. [-]

[+] … All unilateral rules are arbitrary, and despite many proclamations to the contrary, they rely upon voluntary compliance. As soon as citizens no longer voluntarily comply, the term of the rules has expired.  Liberty is inherent. The removal of liberty requires consent. How do We The People retract our consent? We simply refuse to comply.

When the majority of people simply refuse to comply with unilateral dictates, and laugh in the faces of those who attempt to enforce them, the government no longer has power. If one person refuses to comply government can, and likely will, intervene. However, if tens of thousands rebuke these unconstitutional decrees, there isn’t a damn thing govt can  do to stop it… and they know it. [end]

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The meddlesome upholders of the law…

Frankly, yours truly is just about over getting misty-eyed because someone is a member of law enforcement when he’s enforcing everything but the law. If you’re defending what’s right and just, and truly legal, then you deserve support. If you’re not, then you’re nothing more than a gangster with a badge and a gun and you’ve earned contempt.

Reports confirm this is happening all over the place, parents finally having had enough of the nonsensical, confronting the holier than thou school boards, who appear to be filled with nothing more nor less than Marxists, quickly learning that there’s no more dangerous place on earth than between a ticked-off mother and her children. Sunday school teacher standing up for what’s right and decent; pretty much don’t have to read past there to grasp the bigger picture.

The meddlesome upholders with their badges of honor become an automatic pass no longer – one has to earn that respect. Just like every other citizen.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – up there and in your face still President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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    • Right on point, as in your earlier comments, dear Grace … It’s an absolute travesty, especially as it happened in New Hampshire of all places, one of the Founding States some 166 years after the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth !!! Grrrrrrrr….

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