A man for all seasons tackles enemy

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A man for all seasons tackles enemy … We the (80 million+) People are presently engaged not only in a political war of wars, but a consummate Spiritual War from the gulag archipelago (hat-tip to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn) of Lucifer’s Children – aka demoMarxocrats – most of whom believe in their hearts of evil intent that this is their time. Were the Republic still in play without our being in a convoluted kinetic Civil War, we pray UP that when President Trump is back in office he’ll have full compulsion to implement the Insurrection Act, taking the demented village idiot and his anti-American followers on the short trip to GITMO for a lifelong decade(s) or more. That is if the CCP-Enslaved Puppet doesn’t attempt to bring war raining down on us first!

Over the years, as with most smart businessmen, Donald John Trump has been careful and very altruistic with the details of his business or “they” would have got him by now. He definitely isn’t a crook, having been audited, and audited ad infinitum by the IRS many times. To coin a phrase, it’s “the art of the deal”, stupid. He knew instinctively that he was a target even before he ran for President. So there!

A man for all seasons tackles the enemy. When in the course of … Freedom!!

That being said, it’s an absolute outrage what they continue doing to him and what they’ve already done since he decided to run. The Supreme Court for instance, is an absolute disgrace for letting them go through his taxes. The engine of industry is totally corrupted and it wouldn’t be surprising if we were attacked by a foreign enemy while these devils think they must pursue Donald Trump and his entire family and those around him at any cost; and all of that simply to prevent his outstanding leadership from returning to power. Guts!

So to cut to the chase of what’s going on here, the guilty – especially the demoMarxocrat leftists – simply cannot conceive of innocence, so when those crooked politicians aim for Trump, their assumption is that he must have done the very same things they’ve already done. Had Trump been accused of those things, he’d already have been charged even before he decided to run for president in 2015. Consequently, they speak out of frustration because they can’t “get him” and any made up charges will blow up in their rotten, evil faces. Winner!

Without the fixed election; treasonous, lying Congressional members; compromised judicial system; corrupt local politicians; and a fake investigatory press, there’d be no phony “Democrat” party. They’d be known for what they currently are: tyrannical demoMarxocrat Communists. We the (80 million+) People know. And we have long memories.

A man for all seasons tackles the enemy…

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘President Trump Remarks on Political Targeting by JoeBama, DOJ, & NY AG’ …

President Trump – “I have just learned, through leaks in the mainstream media, that after being under investigation from the time I came down the escalator 5 ½ years ago, including the fake Russia Russia Russia Hoax, the 2 year, $48M, No Collusion Mueller Witch Hunt, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and others, that the Democrat New York Attorney General has “informed” my organization that their “investigation” is no longer just a civil matter but also potentially a “criminal” investigation working with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation that is in desperate search of a crime. But, make no mistake, that is exactly what is happening here. The Attorney General of New York literally campaigned on prosecuting Donald Trump even before she knew anything about me. She said that if elected, she would use her office to look into “every aspect” of my real estate dealings. [-]

[+] … She swore that she would “definitely sue” me. She boasted on video that she would be, and I quote, “a real pain in the ass.” She declared, “just wait until I’m in the Attorney General’s office,” and, ”I’ve got my eyes on Trump Tower.” She also promised that, if elected, she would “join with law enforcement and other Attorney Generals across this nation in removing this President from office,” and, “It’s important that everyone understand that the days of Donald Trump are coming to an end.”

The Attorney General made each of these statements, not after having had an opportunity to actually look at the facts, but BEFORE she was even elected, BEFORE she had seen even a shred of evidence. This is something that happens in failed third world countries, not the United States. [-]

[+] … As people are being killed on the sidewalks of New York at an unprecedented rate, as drugs and crime of all kinds are flowing through New York City at record levels, with absolutely nothing being done about it, all they care about is taking down Trump.

Our movement, which started with the Great Election Win of 2016, is perhaps the biggest and most powerful in the history of our Country. But the Democrats want to cancel the Make America Great Again movement, not by Making America First, but by Making America Last. No President has been treated the way I have. With all of the crime and corruption you read about with others, nothing happens, they only go after Donald Trump. [-]

[+] … I have built a great company, employed thousands of people, and all I do is get unfairly attacked and abused by a corrupt political system. It would be so wonderful if the effort used against President Donald J. Trump, who lowered taxes and regulations, rebuilt our military, took care of our Veterans, created Space Force, fixed our border, produced our vaccine in record-setting time (years ahead of what was anticipated), and made our Country great and respected again, and so much more, would be focused on the ever more dangerous sidewalks and streets of New York. If these prosecutors focused on real issues, crime would be obliterated, and New York would be great and free again!” [end – full link below]

A man for all seasons tackles enemy. Love wins: the essence of greatness…

Like many other once-great cities around the United States, corrupt officials going after filthy lucre hide themselves in plain sight yet operate like they’re in a third world country. The once vibrant New York City is currently shot to hell in a basket with far too many people acting like boiled frogs. Too many are incapable of realizing their own demise, with New York way, way down the tubes, done and dusted. Yet one hopes for now, that they’ll justly recover.

No American citizen should be attacked by its own weaponized government, especially one led by arguably the greatest president in United States history. This after all, is what Communists do, and we definitely know who THEY are. In this particular case one hopes President Trump has recourse to sue the “you know what” out of NY and goes ahead and does it.

On the other hand maybe his move out of New York to Florida and Mar-a-Lago has been on the cards for years. And who can blame him after all. A man for all seasons can only tackle so many enemies at once!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: President Trump Remarks on Political Targeting by JoeBama, DOJ, & NY AG