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En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Good – Now it’s confirmed, he was lying from the first days of his “revelation” when he used enslaved Jewish scribes (check the quality of the script, no Arab could write like that) to give him his own “version” of the Torah and thereby go into his fantasy of drug-induced “messages” from the moon god of Mecca, Allah (Satan) … Plus his lying (Taqiyya) to plead “peace pacts” with the Jews and Christians around him while building up his own military hoards, after which he went forth and beheaded the men, and captured the women and children for sex-slaves … Who cares on the “historicity” of such a slanderous and barbarous piece of nonsense?? Amazing how this fairy tale is perpetuated while the Bible is demeaned constantly…

The above commentary is what accompanied my post on Facebook regarding the “astounding” discovery at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, of bits and pieces of manuscript of an ancient Qur’an, of which all the academics were falling over themselves to celebrate. But wait – there were apparently too many discrepances surrounding the “discovery” that began to lead to doubts as to its authenticity.

I’ve related many times before, of my own introduction to the Qur’an some 18 years ago which was a gift from a devout Muslim trying to get me to convert to Islam from Christianity. I took on the task of reading the combined scriptures of Islam (Qur’an, suras, & hadiths) from the gem of all translations known as “Pickthall’s Glorious Qur’an – Text and Explanatory Translation”. Previously I had read Josephus and other works which were difficult to understand and appreciate, but the Muslim texts in the Qur’an, even translated by the scholarly Englishman, Pickthall, are in a league by themselves. I did my very best to approach these works with an open mind but, having fought through a whole year of study and finally completing the book (reading right to left in the tradional way), I have to say that I was astonished that such a pus-pile of internal contradiction and instruction in brutality (shot through with corruptions of the Bible as filler) was still being reproduced as literature much less as a divinely inspired text. Needless to say, the attempt to convert me utterly failed.

Jefferson's Qur'an...

Jefferson’s Qur’an…

The Qur’an (sometimes “Koran”) is a very difficult read, even more-so in chronological order. The writings from Medina take on a different tone from the Meccan writings. The peaceful sounding verses (surah’s, or sur’as) are abrogated by the Medina verses which jump around all over the place, and especially so in distorting well-known passages from the Bible. It constantly amazes me that people still follow this death cult of a religion, as it is brutally against the “People of the Way (or the Book)”, which would be we Christians and Jews. It should also be noted that the fatwas (death edicts) in the “holy book” are perpetual, and leads the reader to the conclusion that the present-day jihadists are actually practicing the true nature of Islam as their founder demonstrated by example numerous times in his lifetime. Most historians studying Islam have written that Muhammad possibly had some degree of mental disorders, leading one to assume after reading the Qur’an it would not be a stretch to believe that, especially considering his brutality and pedophilia. What constantly emerges from the passages in the “holy book” is that Muhammad was a very troubled and evil man and his nonsensical writings should be avoided at all costs.

As for Allah, and as a result of my early examination of the Qur’an and its contents, I write about this extensively in “America on the Cusp of God’s Grace” – Part Three – Conflicting Ideologies …

Allah is one of the 360 daily gods of Mecca, which Muhammad chose as his “god” to compete with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and thereby give him some degree of credibility to the hoards around him who worshipped all 360 daily gods. In other words, he needed his own “god” to unify his military, so he basically mimmicked the Judeo-Christian Bible, so here is my introduction to the topic at hand, taken from my manuscript, which will give you at least the basic info on Muhammad, Islam, and the Qur’an…

Chapter Twelve: Faith Test – Allah the God of the Bible?

I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me ~ Exodus 20: 2-3

Who Is Allah? According to many renowned scholars and theologians, Muhammad decided to build his new religion Islam, on the foundations of Arabian paganism in order for it to be more palatable to the pagans who were his target audience.

At the time of Muhammad’s birth for instance, there were 360 pagan gods, one for each day of the lunar year, the greatest of these gods being Allah, originally known as al-Ilahi, the Moon God. This pagan Allah, the greatest in the pagan pantheon, was the war god, just as Zeus was the war god of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

In order to build his new religion on a monotheistic basis, and thereby mimic the single God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as worshiped by the Jews and Christians, Muhammad abolished the other 359 lesser gods, leaving Allah as the only god of his new religion, Islam. Allah however, even to this day, remains a war god, bearing no resemblance to the living God of love watching over the entire universe. Allah the moon god, the god of war, is a god of the bow and arrow, the spear and the sword.

Winning Cartoon Muhammad...

Winning Cartoon Muhammad…

Islam is a war religion, a warrior religion, and a merciless religion in which beheading, crucifixion and severing of fingers, hands, feet, arms, legs and female mutilation is common practice even to this day. No “Protestant Reformation” can ever be countenanced by Islam which would allow modernization such as happened in the Judeo-Christian community over the centuries (For further study see Chapter Seventeen: “Islam: Be Converted, Enslaved, or Die.”)

This is why the 7th century is so glorified in Islam and is the direction in which the pan-global Islamic conquest is headed. It is locked into, and fossilized in a mindset totally contrary to the 21st Century into which the world entered on January 1st 2000.

Islam opposes the progress and development of the renaissance and enlightenment following the dark medieval ages of Europe and continues to dream and act upon its pinnacle of glory from the distant past.

For more on this subject here is Robert Spencer’s take on it from today’s FrontPageMagazine, titled “The BBC Really Wants You to Believe The Qur’an is Authentic”

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