The dogs of war continue unabated

Go ahead, make my..

The idiotically-demented Pelosi sometime yesterday when it seems all hell was breaking loose in the House: “When you’re home thinking about [what $40 billion to Ukraine] is all about, just think about ‘when I was hungry, you fed me’ from the Gospel of Matthew.”

Which all goes to show that Bible-thumping demoMarxocrat leaders are indeed a curiosity. The name God is not used since they do know it is taking God’s Name in vain. They will stop at nothing from supporting and promoting the killing of babies to attacking Christianity in various forms – yet they continue to throw wild seeds from the wilderness as if they are a good substitute for the living fruit of the ‘garden of the church’. Dastardly, even!

Considering the fact that Satan quotes scripture too, the dogs of war continue unabated by twisting the matter away from food for Ukraine and placing it in the correct bucket labeled “billions for weapons, billions to promote propaganda and censorship, billions for government workers and pensions without any accountability”, so that the money can go rightly into the pocket of whoever gets their hands on it first.

The dogs of war continue unabated. Hatch (ret), Grassley, Feinstein, Leahy, Durbin, Whitehouse…

The demoMarxocrats’ behavior is, in a word, demonic, from willfully ignorant to misguided ignorance.

A $40 Billion bill that hasn’t even been read is no mean consideration, understanding as we must, of who, why, when, where and exactly for what purpose the urgent rush to sign. This is a good example of what most of our Reps think of we the people. Then to have Pelosi use the bible to support the $40 Billion bribe fund shows you what most of our Reps think of God. Not very much, it would appear.

Bills simply written by whatever interest group or lobbyist cabal are money-short is passed to the leadership in the House and Senate, with Reps and Sens having been told in advance how to vote. Congress has worked this way for decades. All the Chip Roys getting up and making loud speeches is just theater for the consumption of the masses, to make them believe there is opposition to the party in power. Got news for you – there’s ONE party, and all get a cut. ALL!

Here’s “Bible Thumper” Rep. Steny Hoyer for example: “$40 billion to Ukraine “is a down payment on the success and security of democracy, not just Ukrainian democracy, but for the freedom of the global community.” Mmmmm …. wonder how much of that will be in his sheltered envelope in a day or so?

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse on various and sundry “happening’s”….

Even with dementia I doubt seriously Joe Biden believes the nonsense he read from his prepared script today. Every economy policy the Biden administration has triggered, specifically including the Green New Deal energy policy, has caused massive inflation.

The national average price per gallon of gasoline was $2.33 in January 2021, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). It has increased nearly 84% when compared to the current national average price of $4.28 per gallon {link}. Petroleum and refined gasoline costs are embedded in every aspect of the production economy. Additionally, Biden’s restrictions, and later policies, on natural gas and coal have caused overall energy costs to skyrocket. Again, these are cornerstones of economic inflation.

During a ridiculously obtuse speech today [Full Speech Here], part of which is in the excerpt below, Biden claims there are only two sources of inflation: (1) the pandemic (covid-19); and (2) Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I often accuse democrats of pretending not to know things, however these false attributions are far beyond pretense, they are purposeful lies. [-]

[+] … Why the rush or should I say hush (don’t let them know what’s in it, till it’s passed) this is not about Ukraine, I say that again this is not about Ukraine. Follow the money, that 40,000,000,000 dollars that we do not have. That must be printed. This is pure evil. Thank You Representative Chip Roy for standing up strong for US the people. Where are the rest of the people that take our money to represent our desires (that’s what Representative means, right?) That money should stay in this country, in fact 40 billion would be enough to build the southern wall. [-]

[+] The republican senate leadership team held a press conference today announcing their support for the priority agenda of Joe Biden and the White House.

As Leader Mitch McConnell noted at the beginning of his remarks, “we all agree, the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in Ukraine,” and with that statement McConnell announced he and Joe Biden have agreed to advance a massive package of $40 billion to pay the salaries and retirement benefits of the Ukrainian government.

Comrades, you must put aside any stress about how to afford groceries and still fill your gas tank, there are people in the government of Ukraine who need your tax dollars more. [end]

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The dogs of war continue unabated. Pelosi hates America, DJT, you, me…

Ukraine is NOT a democracy but an out and out dictatorship of one party that has outlawed all other parties and any media opposition. Ukraine was a failed state in which the US inveigled themselves heavily because they planned years ago to use them to go to war against Russia. They were only waiting this time around until President Trump was out before they went all in to make lots and lots and lots of money for defense contractors and to put into their own pockets and the pockets of their buddies while cracking down on the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. So there!

The dogs of war continue unabated.

Then there’s “Pelosi-Rich” if ever there was one! To whit: Trying to walk a fine line of not stepping into the role of judge BUT I strongly suspect that Nancy is going to be a bit surprised when she stands in front of a Holy God and tries to explain her actions. Just wait ’til she finds out that she doesn’t actually get credit for “charitable giving” using money she has stolen from other people (especially when almost all of it is probably going right back to her and her cronies)!

Since she’s so quick to quote Scripture when she wants to look sanctimonious, I wonder if she really knows Matthew 7:23? “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”  Mmmmmm….

On that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump quietly waiting in the wings to right the ship of state of the Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!