Dem Senate abortion fix 11 votes off

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Planned Parenthood and the other baby-butchering factories contribute bigly to Dem coffers, with strong suspicion that it’s the case with most Dems. The same is true, of course, for Republicans, except with different “issues” and donors, while some were definitely shocked to see that Murkowski / Collins voted against. Tells you how extreme this bill was, when the two most abortion-friendly Republicans wouldn’t go for it.

Providence created our Nation through determination and faith, from which moral debasement and more generally godlessness will make a quick end of it. Or so some say – Dem Senate abortion fix 11 votes off.

There are those among us who totally believe that America will endure till the last patriot gives up on faith and their resolve. What is a Nation after all, but its People?

Dem Senate abortion fix 11 votes off. Consequences have consequences…

On the stronger end of the argument for instance, it was unconstitutional for the House and Senate to even be voting on a bill that is not within their purview, nor within the purview of the Supreme Court to decide a legislative issue, nor can any President decide through an Executive decision or any other action. Only the States and / or We the (90 million+) People can legally address a legislation regarding the legality of abortions.

As for yours truly and some millions more, we tend to be against taxpayers footing the bill for abortions, and until Congress removes its laws forcing taxpayers to continue paying for abortions, none will be impressed at all by any of these political posturings. But wait!

The sleight of hand of course, remains Schumer and Congress to taxpayers: “We will force you to be complicit in evil, using the law to take your taxes under threat of jail or bankruptcy or property confiscation if you do not pay them to fund the killing of babies up to and after birth. Further we will force you to be complicit in evil by harvesting the bodies of many of these babies, for which we will also provide funds. And there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.” Ahem – au contraire mon frere!

Where in the Constitution does it give Congress the right to decide on abortion or not? Is the 10th amendment now a crackerjack toy? Thankfully, women have freedom over their own bodies which makes them free to NOT get pregnant!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Senate Massive Democrat Expansion of Federal Law Abortion Fails by 11 Votes’ …

Senate Democrats wanted to manufacture a political optic using the hot button issue of abortion.  The senate pushed a bill for a massive expansion of abortion, far beyond Roe -v- Wade, to the floor.  However, the bill needed 60 votes to pass cloture, end debate.

Embarrassingly, and in a pure political stunt, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer summoned Kamala Harris to the upper chamber in the event she was needed for a “tie-breaking” vote.  However, cloture requires 60 votes, not 50, so the optics of Harris only highlighted the insufferable politics.

The cloture vote failed 49-51, far short of the 60 votes needed to end debate and attempt to pass the bill.  Democrat Senator Joe Manchin voted with republicans to block the cloture effort.  The federal abortion legislation now disappears back into the filing cabinet from which it came.

WASHINGTON – […] In a 49-51 vote, the Senate rejected the Democratic legislation, with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and all Republicans voting against the measure. While the outcome was no surprise and mirrored a similar vote on abortion protections the Senate took in February, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer suggested the court’s draft opinion, published by POLITICO last week, had raised the stakes.

“Today’s vote is one of the most consequential we will take in decades because for the first time in 50 years, a conservative majority, an extreme majority on the Supreme Court, is on the brink of declaring that women do not have freedom over their own bodies,” Schumer said in a floor speech Wednesday morning, adding that the decision “will live in infamy.” (read more)


Democrats have sought, and failed, 51-49, to pass a bill which would have made abortions legal nationwide up until the day of birth. That puts them in the same company as China, North Korea, and Canada.

According to Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act. It needed 60 votes to advance, but died in a 51 to 49 tally with West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin joining with all 50 Republicans in voting no.

President Biden immediately condemned Republicans for blocking the abortion rights legislation at a time when “women’s constitutional rights are under unprecedented attack.” He called on voters to elect more Democrats in November, so the legislation can get passed next year.

That’s some company to be in, given that it’s mostly the craziest totalitarian regimes with no regard for human life who allow abortion up until the day of birth.

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Dem Senate abortion fix 11 votes off. Satanic left lust for power the angry mob.

The last thing the demoMarxocrats want is to replace Roe v Wade now. They were thrilled to tee up an unpassable bill that went much beyond Roe, thus pandering to their base, yet keeping their fall 2022 campaign strategy alive. Solve what they claim to see as a problem and lose their wedge issue.

You gotta ask, why are they pushing this before an official SCOTUS ruling? Well, when the ruling does come down, they can claim their base must get out to vote to protect abortion in their states. And hey, while you’re at it, remember to vote for us as well so we can vote again in Congress to codify this.

Schumer said in a floor speech Wednesday morning, that the decision “will live in infamy.” Slowing down the killing of babies will be infamous. They know what way this ruling is going to go, and they will be looking for any way to rouse their rabble to get out and act. What a Putz!

Both sides are tossing out anything they can think of to prevent this from becoming settled law at the state level. So long as it remains a supreme court opinion it will be available as a hot button wedge issue for both sides to exploit in every campaign. Doesn’t matter their views, just tell the people what they want to hear and the votes, and money, come pouring in.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our President Donald John Trump doing whatever needs doing to save the Constitutional Republic of the United States and MAGA! KAG!