The Annie Oakley Jesse James gang

En Garde in the bunker…

The Annie Pelosi Jesse Schumer gang (with due apologies to the revered Annie Oakley and the not-so-revered Jesse James) … Ever since President Trump raised his historic Bible outside St. Johns last week (linked below) his enemies have made damned fools of themselves. The way he looked straight into the dark hearts that hate everything good, standing for the rest of us who love and protect this country, was a moment to behold. So simple and straightforward.

With that one pic, I vow he trolled the darkness itself.

Talking about the darkness, the demoMarxocrats now completely own the lamestream Media, certainly a blessing to a political party, in that the Media produces propaganda for them upon request. Fortunately for We the (63 million) People, they are themselves now, the only ones who buy their own propaganda. The Echo Chamber has produced the nonsense that Sundance and the crew at Conservative Treehouse so eloquently produces for us on a daily basis.

The Annie Pelosi Jesse Schumer gang…

Frankly, in the grand overall scheme of things, this is very embarrassing to what once was at least a decent political party that both sides could do the nation’s business with. If they knew a darned thing or two about African history, they would’ve known the Kente cloth from which the scarves they’re wearing is made, is the sole heritage of the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. The beautifully patterned dresses and head scarfs Africans wear actually mean something to them. Using it as political fodder is insulting. But what else is new with the current demoMarxocrat cabal.

We can laugh at this all we want but actually it’s a very serious matter with proliferating consequences.

During yesterday’s press briefing for instance, Kayleigh McEnany talked up a one sentence line about President Trump being aware of Black Lives Matter. BLM is shaking down corporations for big money as well as Hollywood and Politicians being turned into money launderers. Go-fund-Me money from the race riots was running around $500M last time I checked, and all of it to fight law enforcement, the police, and to bribe potential voters.

As to the Annie Pelosi and Jesse Schumer’s rag-tag bunch of political criminals defaming a Ghanaian treasure with their anti-American nonsense, the Sunnydale Seniors Performance Group couldn’t even top this level of ludicrous cultural mis-appropriation – and nor would they want to!

The Annie Pelosi take a knee gag.. fraud

Having lost a significant portion of the Latino vote due to Islamist BLM violence they endorsed, watch in awe as Nancy, Chuck and Joe win those votes back with a commanding performance of “The Three Mariachis”!

Fantastic! Sombreros huge enough to ensure ‘social distancing’ while wearing more gold braid than the Brazilian navy! Sure, BiteMe Joe is only pretending to strum along, but they have him wearing a ‘Day of the Dead’ mask so he doesn’t say anything inappropriate (or anything at all). But when Nancy takes out her dentures and uses them for Maracas, it goes crazy man!

“Todos de color, de vuelta en la reserve! Ole!!”  But I digress…

So the Dems chose the royal Ashanti cloth for their display. How fitting for the Demplantation owners:

“The Ashanti soon joined in the slave trade by kidnapping traveling men or even those who were just working on their farms. They also went to war with neighboring peoples (especially in the Black Volta and savanna regions) not only to expand their territory but also to acquire more slaves which they then sold to Dutch and English traders. This practice had become so profitable that by 1720 the Slave Coast of Ghana had eclipsed the Gold Coast.

“A vicious cycle soon emerged from this business. The Ashanti initially accepted gold as payment for slaves, but soon preferred flintlocks, muskets, and gunpowder as payment. With these weapons in hand, Ashanti warriors would then subdue another group of people and sell the captives of war to the European as slaves. By 1730, as much as 180,000 European-made firearms had been shipped to the Slave Coast and handed to the natives.” (link available below)

The Annie Pelosi fall down gang…

The scarves are beautiful, but the picture is pathetic. It symbolizes the Dilemma of the Left Wing Loons in turning a blessing into a curse. Prior to the photo-op, Kamala Harris gave them all pointers on how to gracefully assume the proper posture and position while on one’s knees. (Ahem!)

The Blacks aren’t fooled and the rest of the country is laughing. But the scarves are beautiful..

Remember now, this is from the same group that bitched that St. Johns was a photo op. They aren’t worthy of the legacy of our forefathers.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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