Insanity running amok as a ‘protest’

En Garde in the bunker…

Insanity running amok as a ‘protest’ … Scanning the social universe this fine Texas (hot as a sniper’s rifle) morning, as to happenings over the past say, 72 hours or more since We the (63 million) People received the news that we don’t have an FBI anymore. Nope. FBI has gone ‘layaway nutsy’ on We the (sane) People.

From the picture of the Webster, MA police chief allowing the mob to chant hysterically as he lies belly-down for 8 minutes, muzzled, hands cuffed behind his back, while the hysterical insanity-ranters yell ‘mama’ and ‘I can’t breathe’, to the entire FBI pledging allegiance to BLM, Antifa, Nation of Islam(!), and the New Black Panthers, the weekend was definitely not one for the faint of heart; it was however, perfectly-timed for the insanity purveyors of the absolutely insane!

Ron Coleman gave us a flavor of it on his twitter feed as ‘What you must believe, June 2020’:

• The WWII Allies were Antifa
• Riots are peaceful
• Viruses kill you in church but not in street protests
• Police make cities less safe
• Senility in a presidential candidate is fine
• US Senators should not be allowed to publish op-eds

Insanity as Webster, MA chief doth protest…

To which he closes with ‘In the operation of which police have been gelded and won’t be a problem for anyone anymore’.

But back to the alarming FBI problem. Understanding that our President and First Lady are protected by a different agency, this pathetic FBI exposure is scary. When the streets of D.C, are in riot and the fences of our White House are being pushed and shaken, we should be concerned. When our President has to sleep in a bunker due to the rioting hero worshipers of a meth-head porn actor … really scary. There should be no tolerance for any cowardly blue-uniformed, pink shod defectors. Within all or any other agencies.

Has insanity gone stark, raving, looney-tunes in bewitching these traitors of the Constitutional Republic?

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘FBI pledge Allegiance to BLM, Antifa, Nation of Islam and New Black Panthers’ …

In a display of public unity with ‘The Movement’ writ large, FBI officials took a knee to declare their woke allegiance with the protesting mobs.  With that visible display we now have a better understanding of the motives behind a history of FBI failures.

Setting aside the optic that some members of the FBI looking more like ‘meal-team-6’, there was always a suspicion the FBI were more concerned about political correctness than actually doing the work of a federal investigative agency.  Historically the FBI has failed miserably to stop domestic terror threats; and when the investigative failures are researched there’s usually a prior connection between the attackers and the FBI.

The father of the Orlando Pulse nightclub terrorist, Omar Mateen, was a guy named Seddique Mateen (you might remember seeing him at the Hillary Clinton rally).  After Omar killed 49 people it was discovered that Seddique had been an FBI informant for over eleven years (2005 to 2016).

Similarly, after the Parkland school shooting, it was discovered the FBI was fully aware of Nikolas Cruz, yet again they had taken no action.  The exact same scenario had played out several years earlier when the FBI was warned about the Tsarnaev brothers before the Boston Marathon Bombing 2013 and yet they did nothing to stop it.

The FBI is now a political agency with police powers within the federal government.  The activity of Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and a host of very familiar names has shown just how important politics is within the institution.

Indeed, as we saw in the ridiculous Hillary Clinton investigation, politics was the prism for every decision; and protecting their ideological tribe was the biggest concern within the agency.

Understanding the sensitivity behind the FBI to the Muslim community; a sensitivity almost identical to the expressed position of the democrat party apparatus; it should not come as a big surprise to see FBI agents ignoring terror threats and simultaneously taking a knee to show their allegiance with Black Lives Matter.

Full link below…

Insanity as FBI caves and takes a knee…

Yours truly would contend the insanity immediately at hand has been running amok and fomenting long since the murder of JFK, then Ruby Ridge, Waco, 9/11, Boston and on and on, yet in our urge to seek the ultimate truth, we have constantly been dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Meanwhile, the myth of ‘systemic racism’ has lingered in America like a bad stench while millions of multi-diverse blacks, Latinos, Asians, Brits, Chinese even, and all the other down-trodden survivors of the despots Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Filipino Marcos and others, risk everything to come and live in our great Constitutional Republic.

The rot extends however, much deeper than just the Alphabet agencies. It’s pervasive throughout ALL levels of present-day governance, military, industrial, social and economic sectors of society, and it’s been going on since the founding of the Republic. It will take more than one man to fix. But warrior-president DJT is definitely a good place to start.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Full Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: FBI pledge Allegiance to BLM, Antifa, Nation of Islam and New Black Panthers

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