Texas Democrats scoot state (again)

Go ahead, make my…

The Lawfare provocateurs et al are at it yet again, obviously schooling the Democrats everywhere on how to use every loophole and dirty rotten duplicitous trick possible to subvert constitutional republicanism and conservatism or whatever remnant of a democracy and stable government is still left in the USA and the Western world.

If Texas is still purple, while millions of illegals are crossing the border, when crime is rising in many major cities and when other egregious JoeBama policies are degrading Texan society in general, it’s an out-and-out wonder how anyone can be optimistic about the immediate future of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

Texas Democrats scoot state (again) … case of beer and all!

If the dominant party’s politicians in a Red/Purple/Magenta/Crimson state like Texas can’t or won’t enact reasonable laws to ensure election integrity – the very key to gaining We the (80 million+) People’s necessary trust – then the future looks very bleak indeed. More to the point is the immediate challenge from where exactly cometh the optimistic outlook or way forward to beat this latest Lawfare manipulation.

Numerous times past, the petulant, selfish, scurrilous leftist demoMarxocrats have fled the Lone Star State in efforts to selfishly get their own way within which the great state of Texas governs itself. Fleeing the state back in 2003, 2009, and again yesterday, these anti-Texas-Americans pretend they’re relevant or some-such, when as a matter-of-fact they show themselves for what they truly are – Texas be damned wilting violets with not a sense of duty to be found!

It’s well past time to stop playing nice with these dweebs. If the twits leave the state, then we citizens should act to kick the ENTIRE PARTY out of the state completely. They don’t want to do their job, fine. Then the party itself can just disappear and no longer have a say in the state’s policies. It’s become well past time to call an end to their antics and make these anti-Americans live up to their own tactics. And quit their fleeing away from responsibility every time they don’t like the way things are going.

Period. Over. Out.

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Texas Democrats Prove how Little they Think of Democracy’…

One of the things Democrats like doing when they win is to rub everyone’s nose in that victory. In January 2009, Republicans wanted to discuss Obama’s stimulus package. Obama couldn’t be bothered. “I won,” he said. Discussion over. In 2021, although Democrats barely hold power in Congress, with a 50-50 balance in the Senate and a bare 9-person majority in the House, they plan to remake America. However, when Democrats are the minority, they abandon the process entirely – which is what Texas Democrats did, running away on a beer-stocked, gas-guzzling private jet to prevent kill a voting rights bill.

The background to the story is that the Texas legislature, which currently has a Republican majority (18-13 in its Senate and 83-67 in its House) is poised to pass a voting reform bill. As with similar bills across America, the point is to ensure that the people voting have a legal right to vote and are, in fact, who they claim to be.

The most contentious issues for Democrats are cleaned-up voting bills and, especially, photo ID. The problem is that most Americans support photo ID. According to a Monmouth Poll, when it comes to photo ID, 62% of Democrats, 87% of independents, and 91% of Republicans support it. Texas, with a strong Republican majority, is intent upon passing a bill that the vast majority of Americans would back.

So, what do the Democrats do? Like Brave Sir Robin, they run away:

Texas Democrats fled their state on private jets Monday in order to stop Republicans in the state from passing their voting rights bills through the state legislature.

‘Today, Texas House Democrats stand united in our decision to break quorum and refuse to let the Republican-led legislature force through dangerous legislation that would trample on Texans’ freedom to vote,’ the Texas state House Democratic caucus said in a statement.

At least 58 Democratic lawmakers left Austin to fly to Washington D.C. on two private jets chartered for the occasion and will use the time in the nation’s Capitol to rally support for federal voting legislation.

The Democrats’ departure paralyzed the Texas state house as the legislature requires a quorum of two-thirds of lawmakers be present to conduct business. It’s also akin to a move Democrats used in 2003 when they fled to neighboring Oklahoma to block Republicans‘ plan to redraw the state’s congressional districts.

The Democrats risk arrest and expect state Republicans to send law enforcement officials, possibly including the Texas rangers, after them.

To permanently block the two voting bills that Texas Republicans are pushing, the Democrats would have to stay away through the end of the special legislative session, which can last as many as 30 days. [-]

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Texas Democrats scoot state (again) … We say Welcome to Texas!

Seems like the leftist demoMarxocrats do this occasionally, several times for instance in the last 40+ years. In those days they were known as “Killer Bees.” It never works, publicity stunt as it is. More like murder hornets returning to the hive. Nothing more!

First it was the disproportionate money spent on political races. Then it became what can only be seen as a coordinated decision by Silicone Valley to move (pretty much in unison) to Texas with hundreds of thousands of liberal employees in tow. Then it was throwing open the borders and coordinating a push on the ground in Central America. They don’t just happen to have a national network of busses and places to receive the people they’re bringing in. This was planned well in advance.

Of more importance, Texas is the prize and they’re going for it right this minute. Now, they’re making national martyrs out of people who out-maneuvered the reliably conservative Texas legislature “to stop the evil vote suppressors”. What Texas does now is very important.

Let’s all pray they (we) don’t roll their eyes and scoff at the “political antics”. As Texas goes …

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!