Susan Rice & treachery Undercover

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Like a dripping faucet, the actual truth of what President Trump has been revealing for quite a while now, is being exposed bit by bit by bit, not least of which is coming from Benghazi liar Susan Rice.

Consider – Michael Flynn resigns (or was thrown under the bus) over some unspecified allegations and has his long distinguished career tarnished.

Susan Rice on the other hand lies with impunity for years as a racially privileged member (aka homie) of the Barack Hussein Obama regime, possibly violates the law regarding collecting and disseminating information on US citizens and attempting to influence the results of a presidential election, and she remains a media darling and, at least to this point, immune from any accountability for her lies and treachery, perhaps including sedition.

Let’s surmise for a moment, that following Trump’s win, the Obama Admin realized that there were still some loyal Americans inside the NSA, and therefore no way they could hide their spying on the pre-election Trump Campaign. (It appears for instance, that Admiral Mike Rogers might be one such patriot.)

So what to do? Make the Russia story into a big deal. (Remember, on election night, however, nobody was talking about Russia.) A “dangerous” Russia gives them justification for tapping every phone Trump or his people might call, but Obama etal had a problem: They had shared info with the Clinton Campaign. That casts doubt as to their claimed motive of National Security and leaves them vulnerable to voter backlash and possibly criminal investigation.

So how do you obscure your role in giving confidential intel to the DNC? By Executive Order, you give it to a bunch of sources, so that the FBI cannot identify a source with any certainty. We know for a fact that this was done.

Susan Rice in deep contemplation .. Mmmm, for what exactly?

Another certainty would be that the transfer of such intel to the DNC was never supposed to be revealed. If revealed pre-election, it would have ended Clinton’s bid for the White House, and sent the $2.5 billion-dollar-spend to get their hands on the US Treasury down the toilet. So what might they have been willing to do to keep a lid on this?

Obama’s tangled web of deceit and treachery is unraveling before our very eyes. Susan Rice is just one of many serial liars from the Obama regime who deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In the case of Susan Rice, up to 10 years in a federal prison for unmasking American citizens in a blatant abuse of national intelligence assets for political purposes.

Where, one might ask, is AG Jeff Sessions in all of this? Why hasn’t he done anything? Oh, that’s right, he’s stranded in the land of recuse, isn’t he. Mmmmm.

Due to these recently uncovered facts, however, someone higher up the food-chain needs to remind the AG to un-recuse himself, which will then create a firestorm in the media who will be forced to explain the AGs reason for doing so; otherwise the Susan Rice story will not get out to the general public. Period.

The unmasking of Flynn might turn out to be the very least of the Obama/Clinton problems.

The conclusion? We need more DemoMarxocrat “wimyn” and minorities in “gruberment”. And don’t even think of further investigating or prosecuting Susan Rice, Obama, “My People” Holder, or Loretta Sharpton-Lynch, for that would be racist.[sarc]

Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…

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