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If you missed it yesterday, I’ll leave you to explore the outrageous LA Slimes (oops – “Times”) degenerate “Opinion Piece” at your leisure by clicking on the links down below, but in the meantime, allow me my personal commentary…

If I didn’t know any better, I would immediately label this latest Los Angeles Times smear attack against our embattled president as a sick April Fools joke, but since we know who these liberal progressive leftist lunatics are, we must (yet again) place this mess of an “editorial opinion” into the bucket of sewage labeled the Big Lamestream Media Fake News.

The article, and the series it portends, could become a watershed moment in journalistic history – America finally waking up to the Fake News Liberal Media Agenda. Make no mistake about it, the 2016 election was a warning bell to progressive liberals everywhere, and according to this latest LA Times apology for “investigative reportage” the Big Liberal Lamestream Media can no longer be trusted by Americans, since it is the enemy of We the People.

This hysteria on the part of the Times is comical. It is easy to see how California has fallen so far into the pit of destruction, with alleged journalists such as these trying to whip everyone into a frenzy over a perceived lack of decorum by our President. Congratulations, LA Times, you have yet again proven the fake news theory. I also wonder if the Times employs any males anymore, as this appears to be the writing of people lacking a certain pair of body parts….

The only “train wreck” here is either that of the LA Times itself as it cracks up, or the Democrat Party, which the media is attempting to recreate. Democrats from the top down lost the elections (note the plural), despite the $2.7 billion dollars Hillary spent on getting the “voters” out in LA county and NYC. So the media falls back to the utterly phony narrative of Russia hacking the election, with Trump as a Russian agent. You cannot make this stuff up!

Let us never forget either who struck a deal with the Russians for the sale of America’s precious uranium, and who also had some $6 billion dollars go missing while head of the State Dept.  Many Democrats have as many or more business contacts with assorted Russians (like the corrupt Clintons, Podesta, and even Obama himself – you know, the guy who whispered in Medvedev’s ear about his “flexibility” after his re-election – yup, THAT guy).

There will be no evidence advanced to support that wild Russian conspiracy theory just as there hasn’t been one thus far. And the Russians (if in fact it was them, we don’t really know because the FBI has not actually examined the DNC servers) didn’t hack the election, it was the DNC, which failed to protect its system (sound familiar?) Anyone who seriously believes Hillary lost because of Podesta’s emails or “fake news” planted by Russian trolls should have their heads examined.

Clinton as US Secretary of State with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after she gave him a dubious “reset” button in 2009…

Far from being a metaphorical train wreck, the Trumpit is a train barreling down plowing off and away from the rails, every piece of progressive liberal folly and mendacity he can find. He’s doing exactly what he promised to do (and what a surprise for an elected politician, eh?) and that’s why the LA Times calls it a train-wreck. (“How can that be? We thought it was just campaign rhetoric!”) For their narrative to hold, the LA Times and scores of other progressive Big Lamestream Media have to use the train wreck metaphor in order to deny the real reasons Hillary lost; total ineptitude and insouciance against the will of We the People learned at the feet of the specious Obama.

So LA Times – Get a grip. The Trumpit is here to:

  • enforce immigration law;
  • renegotiate trade treaties to favor us;
  • re-calibrate our strategic posture;
  • rethink NATO and our relationship to Russia;
  • rejuvenate NATO in terms of its original mission – A defense alliance not a democracy club meant for everyone;
  • choose our wars wisely not promiscuously like the neo-cons, including those in the Democrat Party;
  • and scale back a strangulatory administrative state that is operating outside of democratic control.

We are at an unprecedented moment in American history, with the Hollywood limousine liberals, Democrat Party and its media allies attempting to remove from office, through an unrelenting propaganda campaign, a president elected only months ago. Even though there is no “fire” – as in actual evidence of anything wrong – propagandists have long known that enough “smoke” blown over the public time and time again is sufficient to embolden Democrats; sore and evil demonic losers that they are.

As for the LA Times hit piece – As you worry about President Trump’s inclination to “violate the constitution,” I just want to remind you that President Obama’s actions were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court at least 14 times. Can you point me to the articles you wrote about that deep national crisis?

After Obama shredded the Constitution; sent billions of our tax dollars to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; allowed tens of thousands of illegals and their drugs and their drug cartels into America; allowed tens of thousands of totally unvetted male military age Muslims into the country; used Title IX to undermine due process on college campuses; didn’t bat an eye when the architect of Obamacare (Gruber) admitted the ACA’s sole purpose was not healthcare but wealth redistribution; absolutely gutted the US military to the point where 74% of our front line strike fighters were not combat capable … And the list is endless.

The LA Slimes ..er .. Times, complain about a duly-elected President who has been in office for less than 90 days and has been constantly bombarded from all Democrat quarters since before his first day in office. This editorial is simply a pathetic hissy fit of hard-left Democrat talking points strung together into an Alinskyesque porridge of Marxist propaganda.

Or does the LA Times even believe that Trump is the duly elected President? Flash to the LA Slime editorial board- Trump won!

Unfortunately, the insane progressive Liberal-Leftist Media narrative won’t end until the Boomer generation is dead and buried and long gone from planet Earth.


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  1. Your last sentence “Unfortunately, the insane progressive Liberal-Leftist Media narrative won’t end until the Boomer generation is dead and buried and long gone from planet Earth.” makes it sound like the problem will go away with the end of the baby boomer. Sorry Dennis, but have you seen the crap colleges have been churning out for a decade? They seem much worse that baby boomer libs.

    • You definitely have a point there, Kirk .. but I guess my mind was swayed from getting my generation out of the way and allowing the millennials who “have it” to go at it and move it around(!)… I have likely been spoiled by three very accomplished sons currently aged from 48, 29 and 28 who “came, saw, and conquered” the liberal progressive profs in the likes of University of Toronto, University of Oklahoma, and Lehigh University in Bethlehem PA, who are currently pounding the hammers of freedom in each of their chosen professions … two of whom (the younger ones) are CC certified(!) … Hope, hope, hope … 😉

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