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Yet another stunning and well-researched article from ‘sundance’ at The Last Refuge in Conservative Treehouse, the underlying theme being a very well-directed supposition that ‘what if’ president Trump and his team basically knew that they were being undermined by the remnants of Obama’s treacherous Deep State and the Big Fake News Media conglomerates, and went directly to organizing their own version of intel and inside/outside surveillance? In other words go to the friends we know we have, and help them clean up their corruption, while they help us clean up ours; and all while keeping the whole operation under wraps!

Entirely plausible from ‘sundance’, and perfectly ‘Trumpian’ at the same time!

Consider that anyone with knowledge of what had been going on within the Obama Cabal for the past eight years could easily fathom that this level of corruption just had to be going on. After all, it was no big secret that OBOZero44 and his team were on a mission to destroy the nation by completely turning it inside out. And to do it by ‘any means necessary’.

President Donald J. Trump identifying the Obama Deep State Corruption en bloc…

Looking back over the past soon-to-be-three years since President Trump announced his candidacy (and while this is still mind-blowingly new), there weren’t many people within that bunch of contenders (actually, if any at all) who had the moxy to do what Trump eventually did to save the Constitutional Republic. Some of us would be reluctant to acknowledge DJT making his announcement to run on that escalator and remember thinking, ‘what is the guy smoking?’ It seemed like a clownish publicity stunt that was all for show just to besmirch the system. HAH! Little did we know he was downright serious. Now look at him and rejoice!

Knowing what we do now with this latest development (which, granted, is still not much but revealing itself daily), who else could have done it? We needed an outsider, with his own money and lots of it, and a will and a love for his country. Also, a knowledge of the global economic currents that were headed in the entire wrong direction by buffoon-heads under the Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros/Obama/Clinton Cabal and their acolytes. And of course, a tough enough person with the necessary chutzpah, to make it through the first rough seas.

But enough of me, let’s get to ‘sundance’ and his opener to “Imagine You are Not a Politician, Yet you are Running for the Presidency”…

Imagine that despite your always knowing the DC swamp was deep (dangerous and full of terrors), corrupt, and generally horrible, you decided to do it anyway. You “just had to”.

Imagine you have spent years thinking about it; thinking about every angle within it; thinking and talking to people who know almost everything about it, well, from their perspective anyway; and ultimately you decided to do it.

Imagine that even though you knew it was bad, it wasn’t until you actually began running that you discovered the depth of the corrupt nature with it. –SEE HERE– You see things in the campaign you never expected; things no-one ever talked about.

One of the most alarming aspects of the *new knowledge* is discovering that the top-tier of the national intelligence apparatus has a political agenda you never thought about before.

Imagine yourself, a very successful business person, coming to the realization that the intelligence apparatus could, indeed was, weaponized against you. You fall back on your past experience with hostile organizations as your reference point having to contemplate that parts of the United States Government institutions would likely begin to conspire against you.

Imagine yourself having to deal with a weaponized intelligence community. Then, as time progresses, you begin to see those concerns are not imaginings – but they actually begin to surface.

Re-read this October 2016 speech with ‘new eyes’:

Read entire piece to conclusion right here

As commenter ‘johnhabart’ opines on the thread:
“Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett were not born in the United States, both have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, are Muslims themselves, and have deep ties to known communists organizations and other radical groups.

“Make no mistake, the Obama Presidency was a coordinated attack by foreign actors, domestic terrorists, treasonous citizens, government officials, and elected officials to systematically dismantle and destroy our country from within. The mainstream media and entertainment industry provided the necessary cover, while our schools and universities indoctrinated the next generation to have contempt and hatred for our Constitution, bill of rights, law enforcement, legal system, and our entire history, including our flag.

“All they needed was another eight years in power for Hillary Clinton to finish the job that Barack Hussein Obama started, by which time the Supreme Court and lower courts would have been completely transformed, the Constitution re-written, borders erased, and electorate transformed by mass amounts of third world immigration.

“Everything would have been wrapped up with a nice little bow for the next generation marching out of their college classrooms.[end]

Thanks, again, to ‘sundance’ for a most revealing expose, and may we all `Thank God daily (and I really think He did have a hand in this) for giving us DJT and his MAGA Mission.


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