Rigged ‘Russians’, yet Roulette wins

En Garde in the bunker…

To anybody with half a thinking brain, the election of 2016 was rigged (and not by the Russians). As we all witnessed from the giddy atmosphere emanating from the dross studios of the Big Fake News Media empire, according to all and every sundry pundit enslaved within the boundaries of ‘opinion’, Hillary Rob’em Clinton wasn’t so much expected to win, as to win with such a landslide margin as to begin the celebration of the evening easily, within some 55 minutes or more of the early results coming in. Party on, as they say.

And then it all came crashing down

Which brings me to a couple of rigged points of contention – well, actually, just one. A very important ‘one’.

Cast your mind back to (oh, I don’t know) say, the early months of last year’s Trump presidency with rigged accusations flying back and forth about Trump and his family having been spied on by the departing Obama and his infidels. Remember that? The globalist media excoriated Trump and company.

Well, to cut to the chase, it turns out that indeed Trump, his family, and his administration were truly spied upon, but accordingly, the lamestream Big Fake News Media conglomerates poo-pooed all the allegations one by one and used all their energy on Trump-abuse. Mmmmm .. come think of it, they’re still doing that even today.

Bottom line is – Exhibit One is all that’s needed and all it takes for the Truth to be out: Hint: To enlarge simply click on image … Opens up a whole new expose`… 725 5th Avenue, by the way, is Trump Tower; and we know who Susan Rice is, don’t we?

And by special request, a favorite of Bill and Hill… (Not)

In retrospect (or even circumspect) the general mistake of our side, is to think for a moment that the arguments that the left puts forward are what they actually believe. The game that they play is to sow discord and foster confusion. You are playing their game if you present arguments to them refuting their position. They are only looking for an opening to move on to the next issue, often one of their own creation.

We’ll never defeat them if we continue to think that debating with them will bring them down. They laugh at that kind of thinking. The only thing that will get their attention is that which cripples and silences them. Until we can fashion such policies, we are only whistling in the wind.

In the meantime – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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