Sundance strikes again for Trump…

En Garde in the bunker…

First reaction to this latest ‘sundance’ Russian to collusion probe in today’s Conservative Treehouse is the number of traitors involved and the intricacy of their plotting, which explains why they’re all still so smug. They can’t believe anyone would be able to both, one, uncover it all; and two, have the ability to also prove it in a court of law.

Master-sleuth ‘sundance’ proves them wrong yet again, this time many times over.

There’s a benign lawlessness and lack of decency (as I wrote about this past Friday) that characterizes the Democrats and their fellow-travelers in this latest expose`, which really is simply the continuation from the debacle of the Obama/Soetoro era. They’re no longer a legitimate political party, nor a legitimate political force, which has been as clear as the light of every day in the 9 years since the passage of the abominable Obamacare.

‘Shame on them’ as the demented shackles-and-chains gropey Joe Biden would express it on his sham of a campaign.

But I digress…

Christopher Wray inculpatory target…

Our fearless President has openly accused FBI Director Christopher Wray of criminal conspiracy in protecting the perpetrators of treason. The language is clear, damning, and most assuredly correct given the President’s understanding of the evidence that precipitated his public condemnation of Wray.

‘Sundance’ has connected the dots with logic and legitimately sourced documentation. As far as yours truly is concerned, he and his crew are all true Pulitzer-Prize-worthy.

Take a read at some of the gems… ‘President Trump calls out FBI Director Christopher Wray – the director is protecting the Coup Gang’ …

President Trump may have been aware of Chris Wray’s corrupt disposition prior to today; however, this is the first visible indication he understands the internecine organization of it.  Hopefully we can start the countdown clock to Wray’s exit.

Next up, Chris Wray’s #1 strategic hire, current FBI Legal Counsel Dana Boente.

In 2015 the DOJ-OIG (office of inspector general) requested oversight of the DOJ National Security Division.  It was Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates who responded with a lengthy 58 page legal explanation saying, essentially, ‘nope – not allowed.’ (PDF HERE) All of the DOJ is subject to oversight, except the DOJ-NSD … [-]

[-] … On January 30th, 2017, Sally Yates was fired for refusing to defend the Trump travel ban from extremist countries.  Yates was replaced on January 31st by the U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA), Dana Boente.

With his shift to Main Justice Dana Boente was Acting Attorney General, and Mary McCord was Asst. AG in charge of the DOJ-NSD.  Boente was in the Acting AG position from Jan 31st, 2017, until Jeff Sessions was confirmed on February 8th, 2017 … [-]

[-] … Appointing Rod Rosenstein as DAG was one of those key placements.

Appointing DC U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu was another.

♦From Rosenstein we get: Mueller, Chris Wray, David Bowditch and Dana Boente.

♦Meanwhile Jessie Liu quashed cases against: Awan bros, James Wolfe, Greg Craig and quite possibly Andrew McCabe.

Chris Wray and Dana Boente then began providing cover…


Do not miss FULL content in link down below …

Perhaps we are fast approaching ‘the end of the beginning’ as my boyhood hero Sir Winston Churchill was fond of repeating.

The enormity of the operation which was triggered by the unlikeliest of election victories is finally beginning to be revealed; decades of corruptible engineering and involving every branch of government. The necessary steps to expose and explain all of the corruption will be many, to say nothing of an unwilling media dragging their feet as long as they possibly can to avoid exposing their ideological partners in the sewage of rogue governance.

On the positive side the wheels are beginning to churn and turn and once the momentum gains speed none of them will be of a mind to impinge on the evidential train of truth!

The President has dropped a large and very hot rock onto AG William (Bill) Barr’s lap. What will he do with it?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Conservative Treehouse – ‘sundance’ strikes again – Hits target

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