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“The show trials that took place in Stalin’s USSR had a very specific purpose for Stalin. The show trials were not held in secret but were, as their title suggests, in the open with foreign journalists invited and were there to prove to those in the USSR who were interested that ‘enemies of the state’ still existed despite the ‘Red Terror’ and that state leaders such as Stalin were at risk. There is little doubt that those who faced a show trial were going to be found guilty and they served the main purpose of Stalin – to get rid of anyone who might be a potential rival to him as leader.” [end] – full link below.

So, after milking the January 6 committee cow to the point she was dried up and giving powdered milk, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger would no longer be in political office after the Holiday recess so they had to make their recommendation for criminal charges now. This is just the end of this show trial stage and the beginning of the illegal criminal investigation by our corrupt Justice Department. But WAIT !!!

Sundance redux as Trump daMan. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy. When in the course of … Freedom!!

An ignored and overlooked chapter one must really think (in the unfolding Coronavirus story of 2020) was when Franklin Graham organized a hospital for the people of NYC that went totally unused. WHY, exactly? No explanation; no discussion; just sort of a “oh, never mind”, what you and your people did wasn’t really what we had in mind, you don’t actually know where we’re going with this Coronavirus thing; never mind. Yes folks, this and the non-explanation/apology from the City of New York along with the SNAFU re. the US Navy hospital ship, all went into a nowhere place without any kind of a thread of discussion on Twitter about it. Did it just get swallowed up whole? Like in a giant awful sinkhole? One daresay you pull THIS thread and a lot of other things will unravel. BIGLY!

MAGA Minuteman from the thread: President Trump was fighting a full-frontal assault against some very dark forces. He was not fighting a virus. He was fighting an invisible enemy who purposely spread the virus all around the world. Pure speculation here, but he knew he was fighting to save our republic. He worked his butt off. He faced every assault by fighting back harder. He out-worked, out-manned and out-gunned every attack in true warrior fashion. It was truly breathtaking.

Consider the USNS Mercy and the USNS Comfort peacefully and patriotically sailing into NYC Harbor and LA Harbor out in California were huge examples of bringing the full force and strength of the American Spirit to the rescue. These two 1100 bed hospital ships sailing into town sent a huge message of hope to the masses that “we can do this”. Converting the Javits center in NY to a field hospital was another example.

That center was converted on the fly from a non-covid ward to a covid ward which took significant work converting the air conditioning system so as to handle covid patients vs non-covid patients. [end]

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘DC Labels Trump Enemy of the State: We say Yup, that’s why We Voted For Him’ …

I have written so much about this dynamic, at this point it seems like I am continuing to repeat myself. However, against the formal declaration of President Trump being labeled as an official “enemy of the state,” perhaps it’s worth a refresh.

The entire reason why CTH supported Donald J Trump in 2015 and forward was because he was a disruption to the DC system that few understood as deeply as an assembled bunch of politically homeless people right here on these pages and across America.  Since that original moment, Trump’s presence has done exactly what we always knew it would do, EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION.

Trump is the Rosetta Stone, the physical embodiment of a massive unrepresented middle-class assembly that despises Washington DC and the corrupt political establishment they represent.  Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the same vulture feeding on the carcass of the American worker, or what the FBI calls “domestic extremists,” people who just want to be left-the-f**k alone.

After I originally outlined my support for President Trump, along with the specific hope he would show up at the first GOP debate wearing a Carmen Miranda hat and start twerking on the podium of Jeb Bush, someone from the Trump campaign (don’t remember who, nor care to) wrote an email asking something about why the severity of that position. I never responded because, well, CTH never responds.

This site assembly is a rag tag bunch of political misfits existing in the corner of the internet space. A foxhole away from the chaotic stupidity of a corrupt political system we are told to regard as something special. Pro tip: it ain’t. [-]

[+] … President Trump is an enemy of the state because he threatens a corrupt political system. Okay, likely true. Now, what does that really say about President Donald J Trump? Out here in taxpaying Normalville USA, we don’t care …We have arrived at our current destination, ‘Burn It All Down‘, perhaps better reworded as current disposition, where we live our best lives and throw sand into any government machinery that passes by. The kids love it here.  We eat BBQ, picnic on the tailgates, laugh and enjoy each other’s company and talk about how those Amish folk had it right all along.

We focus on our families, teach our kids our values, take responsibility for our own mental state, deliberately worship a loving God, enjoy seeing the fruits of our labor and generally try to avoid going into town where the Moonbats live … In case you missed it about two elections back, the gaslighting, lies, manipulations and fraud no longer works. The labels no longer stick, and as a collective tribe we have dispatched with any internal concern for the opinion of others.

Donald John Trump is the least offensive thing you will receive from us. We good now? Merry Christmas!

Full link below with other (!) …

Sundance redux as Trump daMan. Fetid hutzpah draws dementia-riven cellar-dweller lying thief…

Plain fact of the matter is folks, that those two hospital ships and the Javits Center remaining largely unused exposed their game. President Trump, by outworking them and outperforming them at every turn exposed the truth. This wasn’t an actual organically-spread pandemic. It was a well-planned and well-orchestrated plandemic(sic) brought on by an invisible enemy of evil forces aka OBO#44, dementia-riven-village idiot, crackpot charlies all members of the demoMarxocrat (emphasis on RAT) regime, out and about to completely destroy the revered Constitutional Republic of the United States. PERIOD!

As time passes, the truth will be revealed and more and more will be exposed. We may not get the complete justice we deserve, but justice WILL be served. Facts are stubborn things and so are deplorables – especially those of the humankind(sic).

Sundance redux as Trump daMan.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!