Heartbreak of children of the snake

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Americans are forever being asked to pay homage to those who may (or not?) have stolen power. People are told to do what they instinctively know is outlandish and goes against natural instincts in the names of authority and science. People after all, will generally buy the illusion to spare themselves the reality, but it’s really only buying time. Push back against the truth and it will return with a vengeance. Where for instance are all the little boys to confirm the king is naked? Transitioning? Mmmmm.

Money and a sort of cock-eyed notoriety lie at the end of this road. Money, and the glamour of victim-hood are the ultimate seductions. Once one taboo falls another falters. Now that mentally ill people for instance, are praised and protected for bumping and grinding before youngsters as “family fun”, when will those youngsters serve as sex slaves to other serious mental cases? When the long (thankfully) very dead Jeffrey Epstein is no longer around, having passed through life as an evil but purloined pioneer, have we in turn lost all commonsense that only a cataclysmic event will set us right? There are millions of other Jeffrey Epstein’s after all, wandering around fidgety-like, and all for evil intent.

Heartbreak of children of the snake

Heartbreak of children of the snake being one of them.

People after all, especially our precious young, should not be required to suffer and experience humiliation at the hands of those who do not respect the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. All people are born under the auspices of a higher authority and no amount of force, or the threat of force, by those who appear to have neither earned authority, appear competent in the use of authority, or appear to understand the limitations associated with authority, will prevail against all of the people all of the time.

Talking about “fidgety-like” people, there are fewer and fewer elections that appear honest and there are no judges, or second in command (VP Pence comes to mind), who wish to assure We the (90 million+) American People that we have not been fooled, cheated and lied-to by idiots who have only boldness, audacity and contempt for reasonable people who ask for proof that what they saw with their eyes and heard with their ears was something other than what it appeared to be.

Pence is and forever will be, a pious fraud, a weak sob-sister representing a spineless emasculated Christianity. Contrary to Jesus overturning the money changers’ table in the temple, Pence would have been right beside them selling his autobiography, pushing dead religion to justify his useless career and cowardice. But don’t fret – there are still millions of his ilk walking around “fidgety-like”. Heartbreak of children of the snake.

James Patrick Reilly, American Greatness: ‘Children of the Snake’ …

Epstein’s victims are a metaphor for all of us. It’s a heart-breaking, cruel and baffling picture: a dewy young woman – anxious to make her mark in the world – is promised the glories of high-society introductions, admission to elite universities, and professional advancement in a club that is chock full of billionaires and luminaries.

And, by the way, would she mind giving Mr. Epstein a back rub?

It’s something like watching a mouse nibbling at cheese within the writhing coils of a three foot king snake. Watching these predator stories, you can imagine decent parents asking themselves the question, “have we really warned our daughters about the evil some men pose?” The more likely emotional defense, however, in our age, against sane, Biblical parenting would be an appeal to unicorns and pixies: “Do we want to traumatize our children with a picture of ever-present lurking evil?” [-]

[+] … The Epstein story is instructive because of its stark, bold contours, but it’s really just a more dramatic representation of what we all endure every day in America. We assume our doctors, our experts, our law enforcement officers are inherently worthy of our respect and obedience, even when they ask us to do things that feel like clear violations of common sense and personal liberty. We’re something like the 16-year-old virgin in Jeffrey Epstein’s massage parlor—not quite able to believe we’ve been asked to take off our clothing, but going ahead with it just to please the authority figure—who must, after all, have some good reason for making this request. Right?

Stanley Milgram taught us that average people will actually injure their fellow citizens if they are ordered to do so by a man in a white coat with a name plate, and the authority of Yale University behind the badge. We shouldn’t be surprised by Stalin’s Holdomor or Pol Pot’s Killing Fields or Hitler’s Holocaust or Xi Jingping’s Zero-COVID insanity. We should be surprised we don’t see this a lot more. [-]

[+] … What we need is a culture of collective, creative, virtuous defiance. We need to stop being polite and obedient when God would expect us to be full of righteous anger. The Bible, after all, is our guide. When Pharaoh ordered the Hebrew midwives to kill Hebrew children, the midwives disobeyed and lied about it. Moreover, their disobedience and lying earned the Lord’s blessing. When the wise men were asked the location of the Christ child, they never returned Herod’s call. When Peter was ordered not to preach, he refused and shot back, “better to obey God than man.”

It’s likely, in a world where Klaus Schwab types actually praise Chinese Communist totalitarianism, we are going to be asked to get naked and give the bastard in the backroom a massage. Be ready to respond, with the blessings of heaven. [end]

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Heartbreak of children of the snake. Snake of evil intent slowly eats self…

There will for instance, be those who wish not to live under tyranny by resisting no matter what the cost they pay. They will become what history will portray as America’s finest for restoring the America to which some once pledged their lives, their liberty and their sacred honor, to make America what it was meant to be – studiously a nation of free people. People who are being asked for compliance, associated with willingness and reticence and, if they question any authority using reason, they are demeaned and disparaged as racists, bigots, homo-phoebes, misogynists and xenophobes.

No matter. One can only add that recognizing evil for what it is – without sentiment, hesitation or excuse – is important if we are to resist and defy evil. And in today’s woke world, that kind of clarity, with equal parts candor, requires great bravery, knowing from numerous examples that the wrong word or opinion can result in a lost job or career, financial ruin and in some cases, even freedom.

But as Dietrich Bonhoeffer cautioned, silence in the face of evil is evil itself. (snip) Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” While these times and attitudes appear to lack men of courage, it is said that courage can be contagious. If true, then one hopes and prays we have an outbreak of courage that washes over the masses and inspires millions to defy the snake.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!