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En Garde in the bunker…

If you could downright stomach it, the State of uni-JoePelosiKamalaBama took place last evening during which uni-Joe spent an hour mumbling and stumbling about something or other to do with … mmmmm … “what was it exactly?” The doddering old fool acting as somebody who knew a thing or two (as well as the one speaking from the podium) had a body language going that telegraphed “I need to be somewhere else – pronto!” Someone ought to have told the old broad in the chair to not wear such tight pants that shows her grandmotherly tight underlines. Very, very gauche for those in the know. Tut, tut, tut, but Grandmothers don’t go out in public dressed like that with that old age spread back there.

Newsflash: Repeated face lifts do not make you younger. They just make you look weird in a Michael Jackson sort of way. Know what I mean? And what’s with the FLOTUS hair? She looked like she stepped out of a wind tunnel. Hint: moisture packs on overly-processed hair does wonders in your 70s / 80s, and while you’re at it, fire your hair dresser (for obvious reasons). Man, do most of us wish Melania was there. We definitely need some taste and grace back in the WH.

State of uni-JoePelosiKamalaBama..

As for dementia-ridden Old Joe – looks like the social distancing he demands of the rest of the nation is just a joke he’s playing on the rest of us. Which reminds me: State of uni-JoePelosiKamalaBama’s teleprompter recital needs to be tightly scripted and controlled so he doesn’t slip up and tell the truth by mistake…

Like he did last October, for instance: “We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for our administration…President Obama’s administration before this. We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” … Joe Biden ~ October 23, 2020

Continuing right along, anyone else notice how old and arthritic Chucky Schumer looked? Wow has he ever aged. And he’s just 71. He looks 90 just as most of the Senate / House looked last night. Someone thought it might be a good idea to thank Nanny P. for ordering this limited audience for the speech so the 30 Americans who actually watched it could see a bunch of old Marxists running this country into the ground. Yes folks, we’re being ruled by a group of dying Stalinists who have so few years left that they don’t give a rat’s rear end about how they leave our country in ashes.

Pardon me but Congress-critter people wearing two masks – TWO – really? What idiots.

Having a prior engagement of much greater importance and not having the constitution to endure the corrupt, lying thief without hurling expletives and physical objects at the screen, one must go forth and take out the garbage and opt to wait for a summary of the event by patriots with much stronger constitutions than yours truly. There are only so many times one can ask forgiveness for losing one’s cool and saying things one shouldn’t before becoming embarrassed to asking for God’s forgiveness.

State of uni-JoePelosiKamalaBama

Besides, he won’t tell the truth, and we’ve observed the results of Obama’s 8 years of destruction, so yours truly already knows what to expect, but worse. Notice also that he’s never specific about any of the things his Admin. has accomplished? Just a bunch of pie-in-the-sky statements about how things “should ” be. Maybe it’s because his actual “accomplishments” would include things like:1) throwing Japan under the bus to appease CCP, and 2) opening the border to a flood of people during his self-described “Pandemic”, etc. etc. Not much to be proud of, right uni-JoePelosiKamalaBama?

What State of uni-JoePelosiKamalaBama Biden is doing isn’t a true analysis of the “State of the Union”, given that only special “invited” members of Congress were allowed in. “Big Club” members talking to other Big Club members isn’t really about the actual state of the Union, after all. It’s all rather more about power than it is about anything else!

Whatever President Trump says it is, will be what’s really going to set the agenda for the next month or so of talking points around the world. Leaders of other nations will be following very closely his comments and then comparing them to whatever JoeBama’s speechwriters penned.

The installed “faux president” slurs about every 10 words, continually praising our “democratic republic” (what happened to the “Constitutional Republic of the United States”?) while he and his party are busy attempting to remove anything and everything democrat and representative we have. He talks about what he and his administration have delivered in the past 100 days, but the truth is he has delivered nothing but lawlessness, chaos, open borders, and open lawfare on every Republican, Christian, and conservative. He is everything the founding fathers loathed about King George III.

“Democracy”? More like “Fraudocracy”!

State of uni-JoePelosiKamalaBama…

Stephen Miller: Biden’s continued slander that law enforcement is systemically racist — as pretext for reducing policing nationwide — is profoundly irresponsible. It will lead to a colossal spike in violent crime. Biden’s immigration bill is among the most extreme & radical pieces of legislation any President has ever asked Congress to approve — it even provides a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants living abroad who were *previously* deported.

OANN: Scorched Biden for taking credit for Trump’s policies. They noted that this speech was scheduled when most of congress is home in their districts. No plan to open schools/open America. John Hines describes the speech and the chamber as hollow.

Were the RepubliCons united and determined they could’ve stayed away and blamed it on the Rona. Let JoePelosiKamalaBama speak to a House devoid of anybody but his own communist demoMarxocrat fellow travelers. But none them of had the ‘nads to do it. Just another stark example of how they really don’t care when it comes down to it.

A big “thank you” to all the wonderful posters taking one for the team [tonight] and keeping the rest of us updated! Most of us didn’t have the stomach to watch this lying, fraudulent Resident-in-Thief. Enjoyed all your comments!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


* LATE ADD 4:25 PM CT 4/29/2021: Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Uni-JoePelosiKamalaBama Draws Less than One Third of Audience from Trump 2020

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