Southwest CEO backs down: really?

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Few examples show more clearly what cowardly pussies most CEO’s in America are than the excited capitulation by the airline industry’s executives to the complete farce and fraud of an imaginary virus that kills what – 0.7% of those who contract it? Facts always win in the end though, since neither paper or cloth can do a darned thing to stop or slow a microscopic virus, and those who’ll gladly walk into a restaurant (doing their part, as they see fit) wearing the sign of virtue-signaling compliance (and looking utterly ridiculous and worthy of scorn by those of us ‘in the know’) !

Turns out there’s an ‘Update’ from ‘Anonymous’ to the Tuesday post from Yours Truly (link down below) titled ‘South by Southwest leads the way’… Southwest CEO backs down: really?

UPDATE: We received an anonymous email from someone who identified himself (or herself) as an employee, offering this clarification:

CEO will not technically “fire” anybody. But he will place on unpaid leave of absence without benefits anyone who does not comply until they either receive the jab or quit. He didn’t back down, he just changed his wording and everybody fell for it.

Southwest CEO backs down: really?

Thomas Lifson jumped into the fray with this: “Chalk this up as a major victory for personal autonomy and liberty!  Even while refusing to admit that resistance to vaccination had anything to do with the massive disruption to operations that occurred last weekend, Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines, backed off from earlier policy and announced that employees who refuse to receive COVID gene therapy “vaccines” will not be terminated.”

To get on the Covid topic yet again, there’s absolutely no real evidence the “vaccine” reduces serious infection or chance of dying. It clearly doesn’t prevent anyone from getting Covid, ending up in the hospital or dying from the disease. To all intents and purposes NIH has published a study that suggests statin drugs offer similar “benefits”.

The vaccine is still a yet-unproven drug with sketchy previous trials on animals, unknown long term effects on humans and a growing problem with short term effects; skewing toward younger males that include cardio issues up to and including death. The vaccine-hesitant are simply paying attention to what is actually going on.

So, according to the latest, the pilots didn’t stage a sick-out. The union didn’t call for, nor endorse, the non-sick-out. The SWA Chief won’t acknowledge that the pilot’s non-sick-out crippled the airline’s operations, while skipping around the fact that the company likely won’t enforce the non-legal vaccine mandate, in order to avoid further non-sick-outs. I guess we could say that’s all Fake News and be done with it!

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: ‘Southwest CEO Backs Down, will not fire Employees who refuse to get Vaxxed’…

Kelly’s recitation of aggravating factors causing the cancelation is correct.  Keeping a tightly scheduled airline (Southwest has very quick “turnaround times” — the time between landing and taking off for the next flight) running smoothly is a challenge at all times.  On a holiday weekend with heavy travel, it is all the more intricate.  But for that very reason, employees not showing up, or refusing overtime, or otherwise giving less than 100% can have a cascading effect on operations.  That is what happened to Southwest (but not to its competitors) last weekend.

Hundreds of employees have been fired at United Airlines, and countless more people at other companies have lost their livelihoods, and in many cases their health insurance and unemployment benefits, for refusing to submit to having their bodies injected with a gene-altering substance that has not undergone the years of testing normally required to understand the long-term side-effects.

As labor shortages bedevil the airline industry and many other sectors, especially in transportation, companies that respect liberty, as Southwest now does, have the opportunity to recruit skilled and experienced employees whose former bosses caved in to the intimidation that the Biden regime blustered about.

Needless to say, this ruling will be appealed, and no doubt other federal judges will issue conflicting rulings, meaning that ultimately, the Supreme Court must decide the issue.  But that normally takes years.  In the meantime, people will lose their jobs or submit to unwanted medications unless more restraining orders are issued and stand up on appeal. [end]

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Southwest CEO backs down: really?

The mandate is an abomination, and likely unconstitutional, at least at the federal level. But it undercuts the argument to keep referring to mRNA vaccines as “COVID gene therapy,” or “gene-altering substances.” They’re just not, and it’s purely ignorant to keep saying they are.

The fact that a small minority of individuals react to these vaccines, and to the proteins they synthesize, with a much-reduced version of the cytokine storm that is the basis for COVID’s lethality (also to a minority of people), is a valid cause for hesitancy about the vaccine, even though for the vast majority of us the benefits far outweigh the risks. But scientifically illiterate blather about gene therapy or gene alteration only muddies the water, confuses people, and doesn’t help them make the best decision for themselves.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!