Some strange cattle deaths in Texas

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UNSCAVENGED” for several weeks IS a story, one that apparently isn’t natural. Here in Texas, buzzards will be on a large dead animal within hours, numerous other animals and thousands of insects will begin feeding off of it beginning the first night, and a cow-sized animal will be reduced to bone and scraps of hide in a week or two.

Truth is forever always stranger and simpler than fiction I guarantee, with a bullet hole in the animal somewhere. Or possibly a poisoned piece of fruit. Or perhaps maybe a used subsonic heavy projectile that won’t cause massive tissue damage but will cause internal bleeding that leads to death. There are gutting tools after all for dressing animals after the kill. One is a bung removal tool that makes circular holes because the bung is circular ya-know(!) As far as the scavenger thing? These stories always gain legs, so by next week there will be claims of abductions by ET or somesuch – ie people with night terrors and sleep paralysis doing their thing. THAT!

Some strange cattle deaths in Texas. Devine Nunes on top of it.

The animals in question after all, are completely drained of blood, with no traces of blood on or around the animals, and the cuts seemingly are precise. No disturbances around the animal. This is all documented, going back as far as the 1700s. These stories gain legs because the evidence points to a technological prowess far enough advanced from our current abilities, which people find very concerning.

This is a worldwide mystery that’s been going on for centuries and is extensively documented. No one has ever come up with a remotely plausible explanation. If all plausible explanations have been expended, all that remains are implausibilities and speculation that seem to point to a level of technological ability far, FAR beyond ours. And what in the world would stop scavengers from touching these carcasses?

Eric Utter, American Thinker: ‘In Texas some strange cattle deaths – and silence from the establishment’ ….

Recent reports say that six cattle died mysteriously in Texas, all with their tongues removed, the hide around one side of their mouths gone, and without any apparent bloodshed. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying that the cause—and time– of death was as yet unknown.

The cattle were found along Texas State Highway in three different counties, with each animal part of a different herd and in a different pasture, according to the sheriff’s office. Five were adults, one a yearling.

Stranger still, in two cases, the animals’ genitalia and anuses had been removed with a circular cut that the sheriff’s office said had been made with the “same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow.” Moreover, the grass around the bodies of all six animals was undisturbed, and there was no sign of struggle surrounding any of the carcasses. Nor were any footprints or tire tracks found.

And then there was this, according to the sheriff’s office: “Ranchers also reported that no predators or birds would scavenge the remains of the cow, leaving it to decay untouched for several weeks.” Hmm. Bizarre. Where is Rod Serling when you need him?

The sheriff’s office also noted that similar incidents have been reported across the United States. Really? And this on top of the recent “explosion” that killed 18,000 cows in the Texas panhandle. Apparently, someone– or something—has it in for cows. Could the cow killings be the handiwork of crazed progressive greenies who believe the animals’ burps and farts are a key contributor to global warming/climate change?

Reports claim that an FBI agent who investigated previous mysterious cattle deaths told the Associated Press that there was no indication that anything other than common predators were responsible for the demise of the bovines.

“Common predators” are certainly not behind the slaughter of the half-dozen unlucky cattle chronicled here. No signs of struggle. No blood. No teeth marks or other visible injuries.

Unless one believes that, say, a coyote became proficient in the use of tranquilizer guns and scalpels, “common predators” can be ruled out. And even Wile E Coyote wasn’t proficient with tools and explosives.

And does anyone seriously believe that a predator would decline to eat the vast amounts of prime rib, beef, and sirloin that a cow offers in favor of tongues and anuses?

If even scavengers and carrion eaters refused to touch the deceased cattle, we can reasonably assume something is awry. What that may be, I don’t claim to know. But it would behoove us to find out. [end]

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Some strange cattle deaths in Texas. On who exactly is running the show, well, the three caballeros … consequences have consequences.

“Ranchers also reported that no predators or birds would scavenge the remains of the cow, leaving it to decay untouched for several weeks” which is exactly what happened at the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah…exactly. Apparently watching the documentary series somehow provides the answer to other worldly, demonic, or combinations of the two. But Really? A story about cattle mutilation? These stories have been circulating for decades and it’s always the same answer. Scavengers eating the bodies of cows that have died from various causes. This is about as interesting as crop circles, which have YouTube videos on how to create them.

So there are two stories here – an FBI agent who investigated previous mysterious cattle deaths told the Associated Press that there was no indication that anything other than common predators were the culprits at hand: Some strange cattle deaths in Texas.

  1. The unexplained weirdness of the mutilations per se.
  2. The typical lies (and clumsy ones at that) from authorities attempting to get the public to look away. THAT!

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