Sleazy Comey calling kettle black…..

Go ahead, make my…

What a most appropriate header .. Sleazy Comey. But first, from Britain’s far, far, left SkyNews today: “Donald Trump “lies constantly” and is “morally unfit” to be US president, according to former FBI boss James Comey”.

“The man fired by Mr Trump last year told ABC News: “I don’t buy this stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia.”

“”I don’t think he’s medically unfit to be president. I think he’s morally unfit to be president,” he added”.[end]

Says the Sleazy slimeball Comey who wouldn’t know the truth if it up and bit him in the butt. The proverbial pot calling the kettle black while coughing, spluttering, and choking on the soot from his own malfeasance of lies, lies, and fairytales.

Just where to begin?

How about I begin with the ending. Sleazy Big boy (as I mentioned in my Friday piece, he is after all, 6′ 8″) better cash in now. He’ll need most of it for legal fees. Whether or not the dirty cop ever does time is doubtful, but maybe, perhaps, he will at least be disbarred and prevented from a cushy partner role at a lefty law firm.

From now on he will forever be despised from both sides of the aisle. Sure his family might care for him but forever from this time forward, he will be whispered about, pointed at and ridiculed behind his back in restaurants, airports, posh resorts or wherever he’ll be spending his ill-gotten gain. Not hard to spot when he’s 6′ 8″. In effect, he’s now a sleazy man without a country. Not to be trusted. Not worthy of respect. Dishonorable and despicable.

Oh wait – the very descriptives of DemoMarxist lefties. Look for him on CNN, MSNBC, or any other two-bit treacherous ‘news agency’ as a sleazy analyst any day now. But like Clapper, Brennan, Podesta, and others before him, just how could he have any credibility?

Let’s go to Thomas Lifson and his offering in American Thinker, ‘It’s all downhill for Comey now’…

The day that James Comey cashed the multi-million dollar advance check from Macmillan Publishers will turn out to mark the date that we can call “Peak Comey.” It was all downhill from the instant the ink started drying on his signature on the back of the check.  He and his ghost writer suddenly faced the unenviable task of making him look like the righteous warrior he had always portended to be, but with the need to fill 300 pages with something. Self-serving rationalizations can’t sustain reader interest over that many words, so apparently they decided that prose about physical appearances drawn from the bodice-ripper school of novels grafted onto Trump-hatred would do the trick.

The result was so awful that even the Washington Post, owned by arch-enemy of Trump Jeff Bezos, felt the need for a satire. The result, written Alexandra Petri, a Post writer whose “Compost” blog is described as “offering a lighter take on the news and opinions of the day,” is downright hilarious. Purporting to offer “further excerpts” from his forthcoming book, her satire takes on the purple prose and wrestles it to the mat.

A couple of examples:

I would venture to say that I am the protagonist of my own life and perhaps the lives of many others. Certainly, no one else has as yet stood up to take on this grave responsibility, and it was my honor to rise to this challenge. It is a little embarrassing to describe myself: I stand, as mentioned, about 6-foot-8, like an oak with a firm sense of right and wrong and large, capacious hands. When I first seized Donald Trump’s, I took a mental note (and later, a physical note; I maintain scrupulous contemporaneous notes) that they had vanished into mine, like a dormouse curled up inside an oven mitt. But most hands do that when confronted with mine, except President Barack Obama’s, and — I hope — Reinhold Niebuhr’s, if we ever meet, in this life or the next.


After we met, I glanced over at Jeff Sessions to see what he thought of it all, and although he spoke not a word his pursed, pink lips seemed to say that he was a weak, small man with no gumption. He was pleading with me with his downcast eyes to do the right thing. With my eyes I said right back, I will. I always have. I never swerve from what I believe, and you can bet a shiny nickel that I never will, sir.

Thank you, Jeff Sessions’s eyes whispered. They glistened like marbles that were wet from being held in a dog’s mouth. As I stared at them I wondered: Has this man read the writings of Reinhold Niebuhr? I have read the writings of Reinhold Niebuhr.

To continue to completion simply click here…

Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Obama, the Mobster triumvirate..

Which is why the triumvirate trio of Obama, Comey, and Mueller (plus many many others, but there needs to be a top three) quite simply just hate Trump and want him gone. The DemoMarxist, leftist, power-brokers and more informed among the media are freaking out because they are aware that this whole manufactured ‘crisis’ will all come out and not be swept under the rug as it would have been had the Hildebeast won.

Which is why ‘they’ are desperately opposed to the revelations that will continue to be increasingly uncovered. Remember that ‘they’ ranted and raved to quash the four-page House memo without even seeing / reading it. ‘They’ are attempting to slow walk DOJ documents and FBI texts. The media propagandists are working overtime to discredit anything and everything related to Trump.

But the IG report will come out.

The House will continue to reveal information and yes, John Huber may even begin issuing indictments. Jeff Sessions may be playing the role of a timid putz at the moment, but despite it all, he’s no dummy. Personally I’ve been hopeful for months that behind the scenes he is biding his time, amassing the evidence (or at least the commission of it), knowing the shock waves and pushback that will occur.

He must make sure the counter offensive against the coup is above reproach since so many are vested in it, and so much is at stake. As in for instance, the future of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

One last word on the entire matter.

  1. In case you didn’t know or forgot – Comey signed three FISA court applications utilizing that same dossier that he labeled “salacious and unverified” to obtain FISA court warrants.
  2. The FBI and DOJ failed to inform the FISA court that Steele’s Dossier was funded by Hillary.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and his resilience in going forth to MAGA – and thereby thwarting the sleazy Comey and his mission to bring it all tumbling down around us!


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