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…. ‘skeptic’ as in the swirl surrounding the (timely? untimely? planned?) weekend departure of Jeffrey Epstein; one of the most-wanted men on the planet. The one with ‘the goods’ on some of the most influentially dangerous men and women in the world. The one with secrets beyond secret.


Pardon the skeptic in me but We the People have been taken to the cleaners – again. And how the living blazes did he get put in a cell with NO SURVEILLANCE? According to the NY Post: “Although there are cameras in the 9 South wing where the convicted pedophile was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, they are trained on the areas outside the cells and not inside.”

Okay, then where WERE the cameras trained? The frigging break room? (excuse my language). The man had been on suicide watch, and they put him in a cell with NO CAMERAS? I for one, the skeptic, am sorry folks, but this is beyond insane.

Skeptic cat is forever suspicious…

I’m informed by astute people forever ‘in the know’ that potassium chloride kills by inducing a heart attack. It’s the drug that causes death in an execution under current lethal injection protocols. Although other drugs are administered in lethal dosages and would, in time, produce the prisoner’s death, potassium chloride causes cardiac arrest and death within a minute of injection.

Mmmmmm….. the skeptic cat has that suspicious look on its face.

Then it leaves the system so fast that sometimes a toxicology test doesn’t catch it, even if they remember to test for it. If the medical examiner practices their profession like the New York prison system practices it, the toxicology report will not catch it. This is now on the governor of the state of New York and deBlasio as Mayor of NYC. Or is it?

Michael James, American Thinker, (linked below):

The minute I read Trey Gowdy’s quote concerning Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide I knew that we will never get to the bottom of the irresponsible and unforgiveable actions of our government concerning the suicide of Epstein.

Gowdy, who never gets to the bottom of anything before retiring and cashing big checks, said, “I am heartbroken for the victims.”

Gowdy might as well have said, “Well that’s that, we will never know the truth. Too bad for all of those underage women, I am sorry but the secrets die with the man.”

No further curiosity needed; too bad for those girls.

Gowdy knows how things work around here.[end]


And while we’re in American Thinker, Richard Jack Rail:

The media are shocked, shocked at Jeffrey Epstein’s putative suicide. Nobody else is.

In the long view, we’re all dead, so what’s the big deal, right?  Who cares if Epstein died of strangulation or, Clinton’s favorite, shot himself five times in the back of the head, AKA Arkancide, or, Stalin’s favorite, got run over by a truck, or, Hitler’s favorite for a Jew, got gassed, or, Big Al Capone’s favorite, got clubbed to death with a baseball bat, or, Shaka Zulu’s favorite, got impaled on a sapling?

One way or another, ole Jeff got hit, it was his time, his number turned up, his light went out, and that’s the important thing.

Too bad about all those little girls (and probably boys) whose innocence was ripped away by these awful men. A shame their young lives didn’t matter, that they were used and passed around and tossed aside like rags.

It’s hard for decent people even to imagine the scene. One recoils from the sheer evil aboard that plane, on that island, among those people.[end]

The erudite ‘sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse was no less direct:

Attorney General Bill Barr released the following statement:

“I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody. Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

Given the nature of the underlying investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s activity as a pedophile and sex trafficker; and given the names of high profile politicians, international billionaires and powerful diplomats Mr. Epstein was accused of supplying with ‘sex slaves’; there is a great deal of speculation his death may have been assisted suicide.

Almost every person discussing the background case of Epstein’s involvement suspected Epstein would not live to testify about his network of powerful people.  His death by suicide/other was one of the more predictable aspects to his case.  That’s exactly the reason why everyone now has suspicions.

“The FBI is investigating”…   is not exactly a confidence building statement.[end]

Skeptic cat is forever suspicious…

Peter Skurkiss, another American Thinker contributor, provided the perfect wrap:

Much has been written and will be written on the death of Jeffery Epstein. Was it suicide? Was it murder? The only thing certain is that the man did not die of natural causes.

The official finding will most likely be suicide. Even if this is actually the case, it still will fuel “conspiracy” theories.

Rightfully so. The man already tried to commit suicide the week before, after which he was supposedly placed on suicide watch. Here’s a very important point. Epstein was probably the most valuable human asset ever housed in the Manhattan Correctional Center, given the high-level people he could have implicated in his pedophilia escapades and brought down.  You would think every precaution would have been made to keep him alive.

Trust in government and the agencies of government is already at an all time low.

The Department of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI have already discredited themselves by their participation in the coup against President Trump. So whether Epstein’s death was due to sinister acts by people in government or merely gross incompetence, the result will be the same: the public trust will continue to evaporate.

This spells trouble for all of us.

If people’s confidence in government falls far enough, then things can be held together only with force. That won’t be America.[end]

And on that somber note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – KAG!


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