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Somewhat tongue-in-cheek but the thought has been raised many times over the decades yours truly has been roaming around this planet. And that would be, if gun-control, or so-named ‘weapons of mass instruction’ (oops! – destruction) are to be banned from use, why not weapons like knives? Small, medium and large.

I kid you not, but when lawmakers with far too much time on their hands, sit in their expensively-furnished offices twiddling their thumbs repetitively in search of inspiration, don’t be surprised at what finally makes it into the official law of the land.

As a for-instance – during the years when I was actively in business, I had a couple of agents in the Far East who were karate-driven, and who invited me to go with them on one of their practice mornings.

Knife control in England .. honest!

The specific style they studied was Okinawan GoJu-Ryu. The word Karate means ’empty hand’, and GoJu-Ryu employs weapons most of which look like farming and fishing implements. According to the history lesson they gave me on the whole thing, the reason they have these is because when the samurai took over Okinawa, they outlawed weapons and specifically knives.

Each village was allowed one knife, chained to a stump, that villagers could use to cut their food. So the villagers taught themselves to use the farming and fishing tools as weapons.

The point being that no matter how tightly the political powers that be tighten the screws, there will always be weapons available to those who have the desire and know-how to do harm.

As in, Ronald C. Tinnell, American Thinker, and: ‘Knife Control’ … 

Yes, my friends, after the incident in Los Angeles, it is time to talk seriously about knife control. It is simply too dangerous to allow anyone who wants one to own a large knife.

We must pass a law making it illegal to own an unregistered knife with a blade larger than three inches. There will be a brief amnesty period during which people can turn in these dangerous assault knives to the police but henceforth anyone caught with one will go to jail.

It will be necessary to allow a few people, butchers and the like, to retain their knives, but they will have to be trained, licensed, and thoroughly background checked. Even this will not be sufficient. They will have to undergo routine monthly psychiatric monitoring to maintain their licenses.

I am sure that there will be holdouts who will secretly retain their knives, or perhaps even make new ones.

While it would be prohibitively expensive to search every home and business in the country, we can institute a citizen monitoring program to report recalcitrants. A hot line will be set up to allow anyone to report people suspected of still owning a large knife.

Judges will quickly issue warrants to search the homes and businesses of such people to find and confiscate illegal knives. In addition to having their knives confiscated, they will spend a few years in jail contemplating their crime.

After all, there are very few people who actually need one of these dangerous assault knives. For most people they serve no purpose beyond the ability to kill someone.

Obviously my friends, this post was meant in satirical jest to ruminate away from the continual ‘ban weapons’ skreel which rears its head following any and all actions to the contrary.

It is however, actually happening now in my native Britain, where believe it or not, they are literally taking away knives from people to protect the innocents. I kid you not.

Crazed mass murderers will still attempt mass murder. If they don’t have guns they’ll use the next best thing. Maybe a homemade bomb. Maybe knives or a sword. Or an axe. During my residency in Jamaica back in the mid-60s, two Maroon ganja drug gangs went after each other over territory, laying into each other with Machetes, hammers, lead pipes and whatever else was handy.

The only thing that caving to the gun control crowd will do, is encourage them to demand even stricter gun control. Give them all the guns and soon it will be on to knives.

It’s not outside the bounds of probability to predict a future England where people must have their teeth pulled to prevent possible biters ravaging their attackers. Not to worry, all food will be dispensed in handy squeezable tubes.

And on that bright note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – KAG!


H/T Ronald C. Tinnell and Knife Control

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