Shadows on wall in halls of mirrors

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Credit where credit is due, but shadows on wall in halls of mirrors (the true colors of a once-great and vibrant United States political party) were on full despicable display yet again yesterday, when so-called leaders of the current far-left socialist DemoMarxist party began their long-weekend planned interruption of the Kavanaugh hearing at the 7 second mark of Senator Grassley’s introduction – that’s SEVEN seconds – hardly enough time to pick up a rhetorical political stone and toss it at Grassley’s head.

For the record, Brett Kavanaugh has a longer judicial history than any other person recently nominated to the Supreme Court. His body of case rulings is long and deep, and has been public knowledge since each and every ruling came down. What the Leftist-DemoMarxists want is private, inter-staff shadows-on-wall dialog to be disclosed, hoping to find a little nugget of something that might sound racist or bigoted or homophobic.

Good luck on that!

Not only were the egregious representative DemoMarxists in the Senate organized for shadows on walls, but the protesters bused-in who overran the public ticket line were also organized; these so-called ‘demonstrators’ being flagrantly paid-off by anti-Trump groups as the eye witnesses coming up can account for.

Take a look and listen:

“TOM SCHLUETER, TEXAS: Hello, I’m Dr. Tom Schlueter from Texas, we came here to participate in the hearings, to get in the line. They told us to be here at 8:00, 8:30 at the latest, to get in line to go inside and hear the hearings. We got here at about 8:15 and there was already 100 people in line, and most of them would be probably classified by me as ‘opposing everything going on with Judge Kavanaugh,’ and so we began to see a process of things unfolding as we were standing in line that kept the line from going ahead…”

Shadows on wall in halls of mirrors…

Anybody can take ‘blood-money’ in payment to exercise free speech. But make no mistake about it, these disruptive views are not representative among most of America. They are paid political operatives enslaved at the direction of their superiors, not the people.

Monica Showalter and her piece in today’s American Thinker, ‘Three frauds ginned up by Democrats’ …

The left is out of ideas. Leftists have absolutely no grounds for opposing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Yet they do, and with a passion. Attempting to politicize the nomination as a right-left matter hasn’t worked. So now they’re stooping to dirty, filthy tricks.

They cooked up an amazing string of them in their Kavanaugh hearing antics, held in the Senate yesterday. The bottom line in all of them was that they are frauds.

Exhibit A: The scream-fest in the chambers from leftist crazies that most of us heard about.

According to this editorial report in today’s Investor’s Business Daily:

In the first 40 minutes of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearing, Democrats interrupted the Senate Judiciary Committee proceedings 44 times. That’s to say nothing of the protesters who alternately shrieked and cheered.

It was all well planned.

“Democrats plotted coordinated protest strategy over the holiday weekend and all agreed to disrupt and protest the hearing, sources tell me,” NBC News’ Kasie Hunt tweeted Tuesday morning.

To read the whole piece to completion simply click right here…

Does it say anywhere “Paid Actors” or “Dramatization” at the bottom of the screen? Reminds me of the two Roberts (Shaw and Redford) together with Paul Newman in ‘The Sting’ from 1973, the plot of which was also captured by Robert Stone in his own classic ‘Hall of Mirrors’…

“In the procedure known as the Big Store the swindler takes the mark to someplace that’s gonna get him what he wants. He fakes a horse parlor or a brokerage office. Why man, there’s ticker tape and cats on the telephone and messenger boys runnin’ in and out, it’s a whole busy world. But it’s all a put on. The cats on the phone, the impressive business types at their desks, the messengers – they’re all actors. Nothing is happening except that somebody is being put on. The Big Store man makes his own reality, understand. He creates a whole world that somebody, for some reason, wants to believe in. Real people, real action, but it’s not exactly happening, you dig?” – Robert Stone, “A Hall of Mirrors”

That’s exactly what the current DemoMarxists are – Shadows on wall in halls of mirrors.

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill!


H/T Gateway Pundit

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