Nike-Kaepernick fumble rips stock

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Thank God following Labor Day we’re starting the week off without a celebrity du jour funeral pyre burning mournfully (or joyfully, take your pick) 24/7. Douse the flames and ‘Katy bar the door’.


In the latest round of social justice warrior madness, Nike apparently has just gone completely off the rails with the contentious Colin Kaepernick who started the crazy NFL ‘kneelingness’ way back when, on September 1, 2016. (Full disclosure right up front from yours truly by the way. I’ve never bought anything Nike, ever. I’ve always been more ‘Reebok’ since it was founded and brand-expanded by a family in my hometown).

In rescuing him from the 733 days of kneeling confinement (ie 365 times 2 plus 3 – try doing that on crazy common-core math) Nike apparently has thrown all caution to the wind in terms of hypothetically thumbing their noses at literally millions of Nike customers whom they are about to see leaving in droves.

As a for instance as I post this, about an hour ago Nike stock was trading in the premarket session down from Friday’s close -$2.31 / 2.81%. Way to go Nike … Someone please remind them that defying the laws of economics is like defying the law of gravity. Eventually you break yourself on the rocks below.

As ‘sundance’ puts it in today’s Conservative Treehouse 

In the latest example of a corporation making a ridiculous decision to brand itself based on politics, Nike apparel has decided that Colin Kaepernick is the modern face of the brand:

“We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward.”

Gino Fisanotti, Nike’s vice president of brand for North America

Apparently Nike has been paying Colin Kaepernick since 2011, and made the decision to go full social justice as part of their 30-year anniversary.   As with prior endeavors for corporations who engage in political advocacy, this will likely not end well financially.

Lifted from commenter hashtag ‘Guffman’ from the thread: Not sure if this has been posted, but it’s a mini-doc made a few years back on Nike sweatshops in Indonesia, where the company manufactures many of its products by exploiting poverty-level wages, costs and living standards to maximize profits at home. Worth the 20 minute watch…

Maybe it’s just the cynic in me but I wonder who at Nike decided it was a good idea to give the finger to consumers in their biggest market (and that with a relatively large middle finger?)

In point of fact, Colin Kaepernick didn’t sacrifice anything, really. He’s a ‘has been/never was’ who demanded too much money to be a backup quarterback. Plus, even I recognized him as a terminal bench warmer when he decided to walk out on his contract and free-agent himself into obscurity. Except when he (or someone) invented ‘kneelingness’ as a stroke of genius!

When you’re a marginal talent you can’t afford to be a toxic personality, but hey, inventing kneeling for a five-minute anthem – brilliant!

Unless Nike is calculating they’ll pick up enough SJW customers to offset the loss of patriotic Americans who aren’t racist cop haters, it’s difficult to fathom just who they’ll be targeting with this malevolent Kaepernick move. ANTIFA? The Hogg kid? The ‘Pussy-Hat Brigade’? Never ever Trumpers?

Can’t wait for their first blanket sales campaign. Count me over and OUT.

Time to take my MAGA Pill!


H/T ‘Sundance’ and Conservative Treehouse

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