The Scandal that buried Watergate

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

We could argue I suppose, as to how Doug Schoen or anyone else can be smart and principled, yet still have any connection with the Clintons. So it comes as somewhat of a pleasant surprise to witness him “come out” to Harris Faulkner Sunday Night. How can any writer put the words “ethical” or “principled” in the same sentence with Democrat? It simply can’t be done and still be credible. If Hillary Rob’em Clinton’s election were a “lock”, all James Comey had to do was to keep his mouth shut. Then purge the dissenters from the rank-and-file of the FBI after the election’s over. Again, one could argue that this appears to be a CYA move by someone who’s seen Trump’s internal polls. After all, some 22 million have already turned in their ballots.

The continued comparisons of this scandal to Watergate are frustrating because the two are not comparable in the least. If I were to weigh both on a 10-point scale, I would give Watergate at most a 4 and this one a 9. To give some perspective, I’d rate the Nazi Holocaust and the Soviet extermination of the Kulaks in the 1920’s a 10 for the sheer horror of the numbers killed. Note that both of those horror stories were perpetrated by totalitarian regimes. This Clinton scandal, carried out in a supposed republic, so far surpasses Watergate as to the damage done to this country, that it would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

Clintons & Huma Abedin, the triage of evil under the spell of the Muslim Brotherhood...

Clintons & Huma Abedin, the triage of evil under the spell of the Muslim Brotherhood…

Nobody died in Watergate. Nobody got rich through criminal methods from Watergate. Nothing in the way of national security was compromised in Watergate. It was one stupid political party playing cloak and dagger games against the other stupid political party. That’s all. Was it wrong? Yes. Should people have been punished? Yes. Were people punished? Yes.

Fast forward 35 years to the Clinton Sec. of State era to witness what she and her “husband” (a former POTUS no less) have done. Was it wrong? Far more so than anything involving Watergate. Should people be punished? Heck, yes. Have people been punished? Heck, no. I can’t believe this level of lying and evil are able to be perpetrated and ultimately rewarded, but I must believe it, since I’m seeing it with my own eyes while they are lying through their teeth.

As for Huma Abedin, she was deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton at the State Dept., while at the same time  working as a paid consultant to Teneo (the Globalist consulting firm run by Clinton surrogate Declan Kelly), while also being paid as a consultant to the Clinton Foundation. According to the New York Times, Abedin was allowed to work from her home in New York City, rather than at the State Department’s headquarters in Washington, thereby allowing her to spend more time with her child and husband.

Therefore the classified and confidential documents went through Abedin’s at-home computer and hand-held devices as well. Weiner saw, overheard, and now had Huma emails available to him; apparently filed under ‘Insurance Policies’.


The Mezvinsky-Clinton look that expresses it all…

The time has come for the FBI to ask the State Department to pull the passports of all the principals involved in the Clinton Foundation, the Democrat presidential campaign and others implicated in this scandal, as they are definitely flight risks to avoid prosecution.

The idea of Hillary becoming president now, is fading quickly. But even if she were to steal the election, there are now too many angry Americans that want real justice to be done with regard to her crimes. We could never accept or tolerate her presidency. Make no mistake about it, Comey is still the walking embodiment of the “dirty cop”, but this may just save his sorry butt after AG Andrew Napolitano takes over and begins his house cleaning at Justice.

The Clintons and the Clinton Foundation are a large scale criminal enterprise way, way beyond whatever Watergate was. Nothing more, nothing less. Time to feel empathy for dear little Chelsea? Oh wait – she and her husband Marc Mezvinsky (check out his criminal family background) inhabit a $10 million-dollar flat in Manhattan don’t they. Silly me. Watergate, be GONE!

Thomas Lifson and American Thinker “FBI Conflict over Investigating Clinton”…

284px-American_Thinker_logoIs it a crisis yet?  The fate of a criminal probe into the activities of a possible president has been fought behind closed doors.  The nation’s premier investigative agency allegedly is riven by conflict over investigating Hillary Clinton’s email, the Clinton Foundation, and Anthony Weiner’s sexting.

Devlin Barrett of the Wall Street Journal has apparently mined many sources at the FBI and the DoJ, along with other “people familiar with the matter,” and put together a remarkable piece that is providing a lot of new information.  Unfortunately, it is behind a pay wall, though I understand that the WSJ is offering very low initial subscription rates, as low as $4, which might be worth it even on a tight budget, considering the history unfolding before our eyes.

Barrett identifies a timeline for the Weiner email trove that begins:

… in early October when New York-based FBI officials notified Andrew McCabe, the bureau’s second-in-command, that while investigating Mr. Weiner for possibly sending sexually charged messages to a teenage minor, they had recovered a laptop. Many of the 650,000 emails on the computer, they said, were from the accounts of Ms. Abedin, according to people familiar with the matter.  The FBI lacked a warrant to read the emails, but they did examine the metadata, that showed “apparently … thousands” of them were from Hillary’s private email server.

Continues in American Thinker…


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