Satire. Satyr. Or Not. Satire… ?

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Perfect. Just perfect. Satire, I’m referring to. Or am I? Strewth but it’s hard to know these days whether satire is a hysterical mirror of the truth, or vice-versa. SO! To be safe, I will label it satire, but you wait until the very end to see if you agree, disagree, or think I’m chicken-feed.
Either way, it is an item that has gone absolutely viral, based upon eternal biological laws, and if it is good enough for Gerard Vanderleun and his AMERICAN DIGEST it is certainly a good enough surety for yours truly. Satire?
Remember – All the way through the full 24 minutes….

One assumes this is a mere satire. I mean it just has to be satire. I mean it can’t be just bad craziness. Right? Right.

Viral Video Claims To Have Evidence Michelle Is A Man

(5:10) “Now that we have established, that Michelle has the hands of a man, let’s look at Michelle’s shoulders. The shoulders are surrounded by bulging muscles – that appear to be very masculine. Notice how the carefully tailored clothing, hides the neck muscles. Let’s find out why…. (5:39) In this photo, the hair and the clothing both serve to camouflage the neck muscles. Michelle’s face may appear quite “feminine” – to the undiscerning eye; but after taking a closer look, isn’t it amazing, what the very best make-up artists and hair stylists, can do to any person, who has enough money? ” Transcript from The Vatic Project

In general this satire needs to be about a third of its current length, and the woman narrating this effort in a stilted and monotoned fashion could have been improved upon with more careful casting and increased rehearsal. At the same time this video goes a long way towards explaining why progressives suddenly want everyone in the world to take the endless whining complaints of random transexuals to heart, even though, for transexuals, a dick is a terrible thing to waste. Still, if this satire proves to be true, the possibility for a Clinton/Obama ticket in 2016 is certainly not out of reach, and, if successful we may yet see the first gay wedding in the White House:

“Do you Hillary take Michelle to be your lawfully wedded husband and vice-president? If so answer ‘I DO.’ “

h/t Gerard Vanderleun AMERICAN DIGEST