Rule of law stolen by Biden/Roberts

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Supreme Court Justice Roberts was elevated to lofty heights simply because he was (and continues to be) an avowed fence-sitter. He was put in place by GWB, himself another great fence-sitter – or what is laughingly called in his situation as – a “consensus maker.” Such narcissistic politicians often fancy themselves great and good statesmen in the nature of a Disraeli, yet it always seems to turn out they’re more like Chamberlain in their craven desire to appear “nice,” and avoid to the fullest extent any conflict. In other words, they’re nothing but appeasers.

When you attempt to appease evil, you facilitate evil, far, far away from which these cowards always look for more “bipartisan” solutions than conflict; yet all that has happened over the past seventy-five years is a continual ratcheting of our nation leftward. The left after all, forever demands that the right move towards them; never the other way around.

Thereby Roberts continues in this long line of appeasers, cowards and fools who have facilitated America’s tragic decline from a God-fearing Republic to this so-called “democracy” – really nothing more than a tyranny of those who shout loudest and dare to perpetrate criminal actions against the rest of society in order to impose their tyranny over us.

Rule of law stolen by Biden/Roberts

The time has surely come for patriotic Americans to tell Roberts and the rest of his ilk – as Cromwell told the Rump Parliament – “In the name of God – GO!“.

Juxtaposed among that lot comes the White House so-called “press corps” which could well be (maybe!) the most important group of journalists in the U.S. Consider for instance, they’re not only based at the nation’s center of power in Washington, D.C., but also at the headquarters of the executive branch of the federal government. Their functioning is essential to “democracy”, as their job is to represent 331 million citizens and hold the White House accountable.

If the White House attempts to evade questions, they must press the powerful and never concede until they receive satisfactory answers. Once upon a time that was how a democracy worked in theory. So, what is the current reality? On its face, the White House press corps is a liberal echo chamber and part of the Washington demoMarxocrat establishment. OUCH!

Their function is to show the Biden administration in a flattering light and seldom are any tough questions posed. When Biden speaks/mumbles at a news conference, the questions often appear to be pre-screened. Perhaps White House officials provide questions that the press pretends is theirs and dutifully ask during press briefings. All just a disgraceful charade to deceive the public.

Matthew Vadum, FrontPageMag: ‘John Roberts: An Enemy of the Rule of Law’ …

How twisted is Chief Justice John Roberts? Let us count the ways.

The conservative movement worked unceasingly for almost a half-century to undo Roe v. Wade, the 7-2 Supreme Court ruling that shocked the world by abruptly legalizing abortion from coast to coast in 1973.

Yet Roberts, who was nominated by a conservative president, chose not to take part in overturning the precedent that provided the angry Left with a power base and endless fundraising opportunities as it poisoned American politics for generations. Roe seeped into everything and the abortion establishment vilified anyone seeking even the slightest rollback. Out of a sense of left-wing solidarity, labor unions, community organizers, civil rights campaigners, open-borders advocates, Antifa, and environmentalists all mobilized whenever abortion rights created by Roe were deemed under threat. It gave these sad, ornery people a reason for living.

Mind you, the court’s June 24 decision (pdf) in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, has been –surprise, surprise— grotesquely mis-characterized by the Left. [-]

[+] … Now that Obamacare is the law of the land, don’t count on the Supreme Court ever reversing the Sebelius decision – even some of the conservative justices will dig in their heels to defend it. As a result of garbage rulings like Sebelius, public approval of the court now is as low as I can remember it ever being, and the waffling Roberts with his wanton disregard for the law and the well-being of his fellow Americans, is largely responsible for that.

Some trace Roberts’s strange behavior to 2010 when President Barack Obama scolded justices to their faces at a State of the Union address, arguing the jurist was traumatized by the event, which turned him into the ultimate behind-the-scenes judicial horse-trader in an effort to save the court from elected officials.

But it was 2020 when Roberts’s abandonment of the rule of law became impossible to ignore. [-]

[+] … “The Court’s holding reflects an unprecedented departure from our deferential review of discretionary agency decisions,” Thomas wrote in a dissenting opinion. “And, if taken seriously as a rule of decision, this holding would transform administrative law.” This is not an exhaustive list of Roberts’s wacky juridical escapades. This is what the man does and he will never, ever change.

It is not hyperbole to say that Roberts is a menace, an enemy of the rule of law. Maybe Roberts would feel more comfortable sitting on the Supreme Court of Mississippi instead of the Supreme Court of the United States. Failing that, he could be impeached and removed from office next time Republicans control Congress and the White House at the same time.

That is what Roberts deserves and America urgently requires. [end]

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Rule of law stolen by Biden/Roberts

We certainly know enough about continuing rumors with Roberts being compromised over the years, which alone should be enough to investigate him and – if accusations of being compromised are found to be true – he should be impeached like everyone else. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever for anyone in government to be compromised, since they are after all, supposedly squeeky-clean.

Were any one of us to have an attempt on our lives while working in government it would be a painful apology indeed, if the “dirt” turned out to be a shameful platitude! Better to be shamed in public than to perhaps wind up dead. Now is as good a time as any to investigate Roberts in my opinion. There are certainly enough questions about his decisions on the Supreme Court to investigate ad nauseam!

Roberts writes that a final disposition on Roe should have waited …for another 49 years ? I think “cowardice” is an accurate assessment of the man. As in: “Roe, of course, is bad because it was imposed on the nation, handed down from on high by black-robed politicians who arrogated legislative powers to themselves.”

SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan (Obama’s former solicitor general who pushed the (Un)Affordable Health Care bill in that capacity) has (reportedly) said that lower courts should be policy making bodies, a view of the judiciary that has seemed to eke all the way into the SCOTUS itself. No shame at this astonishing arrogation of power, as courts up and down the food chain do exactly that. Rule of law stolen by Biden/Roberts.

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!