Cassidy Hutchinson a Cheney roller

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All demoMarxocrats have to do is throw a fable out there, and their sheeple gobble it up. Guaran*dam*teed. Cassidy Hutchinson might well be a lying fixated “player” but in the eyes of Liz Cheney the more Cassidy Hutchinson’s she gets the more her specious slanderings become – well, – orderly; lyingly orderly that is.

DemoMarxocrats after all definitely know their audience: the loyal sheeple who believe everything they say, no matter how preposterous. Was Hutchinson lying? It doesn’t matter. From now on, the sheeple will talk about how President Trump assaulted the Secret Service agent and tried to gain control of the car. Just like they believe teenager Brett Kavanaugh was the mastermind of a date rape ring that operated for months, yet no one notified the police. Just like they believe Robert Mueller found tons of evidence that Donald Trump had a direct line to the Kremlin and colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, but decided not to prosecute him because he was president.

Cassidy Hutchinson a Cheney roller with Schiffty-Schiff

And finally, just like they believe certifiable loon Jean Carroll was assaulted by Trump in Bergdorf Goodman, yet no one witnessed the assault. Mmmm. Get the drift? The demoMarxocrats after all would be a joke and a fraud in the minds of even their own constituency if we had honest reporting rather than obsequious, servile, “journalism”. More to the point however, we can and should be outraged at Cheney, while sparing just a minute or two, or more, to feel sorry for 26-year-old Cassidy Hutchinson, a young kid who’s gotten herself into a mainly Cheney perjury pickle.

DemoMarxocrats and the Leftists in our midst are never, EVER convicted of lying or hauled in for perjury, even if the lies are so obvious that everybody can see it’s a lie. But, conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters are convicted of lying (blatant perjury traps – easy to do if you’re a lawyer and the other isn’t) and sentenced to the harshest of penalties.

Hutchinson reportedly is after all  26, an adult by any standards who was knowingly lying, so no, one shouldn’t feel sorry for her, not one bit, while hoping she and all the other liars spend some warranted prison time. Who in the government has the sole authority to order the transition of power to the new administration? That’s right, the President of the United States.

And that is exactly what President Donald John Trump did in ordering the GSA and DOD – ie General Services Administration and the Department of Defense – to execute the transition in December of 2021. Now somebody explain to all of us why a President planning a takeover of the country orders the peaceful transition of power to the new administration. All eyes on you, Liz Cheney.

Daniel Oliver, American Greatness: ‘May It Please the Kangaroo Court’ …

What Cassidy Hutchinson said was certainly extraordinary. But was it really “testimony?”

Oh, the thrill of being a New York Times reporter and covering the January 6 committee hearings. In a triumphant piece “contributed to by Maggie Haberman, Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Chris Cameron, Carl Hulse and Peter Baker” we read that “former President Donald J. Trump, knowing his supporters were armed and threatening violence, urged them to march to the Capitol and sought to join them there, privately siding with them as they stormed the building and called for the hanging of the vice president.” Gosh, that sounds bad. Are there any details?

What the reporters describe as “the testimony” was given by 26-year-old Cassidy Hutchinson. Breathlessly (you can practically hear the reporters’ heavy breathing as they type furiously) the reporters wrote: “The testimony from the aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, was extraordinary even by the standards of Mr. Trump’s norm-busting presidency and the inquiry’s remarkable string of revelations this month. In fly-on-the-wall anecdotes delivered in a quiet voice, she described how frantic West Wing aides failed to stop Mr.Trump from encouraging the violence or persuade him to try to end it, and how the White House’s top lawyer feared that Mr. Trump might be committing crimes as he steered the country to the brink of a constitutional crisis.” [-]

[+] … But there’s more: two people with good knowledge are, apparently, prepared to testify that Trump neither grabbed nor attempted to grab the steering wheel, as Hutchinson “testified.”

So much for kangaroo court testimony.

We can and should be outraged at Cheney, of course. But we should spare just a minute to feel sorry for 26-year-old Cassidy Hutchinson, a young kid who’s gotten herself into a perjury pickle. Why? We don’t know. But we can be reasonably sure that if there had been an opposing lawyer, he might have been able to dislodge her testimony and to persuade her to “alter” it (i.e., recant) before she fell into the perjury pit. Now it would seem she’s in trouble, which will grow if the Republicans take over the House of Representatives after the November election.

But what’s the appropriate punishment for Liz Cheney who abetted this travesty? And will she ever suffer for it? In a just world, she should be given a fair trial—and then taken out and horsewhipped—as a lesson to future partisan hacks not to hold kangaroo courts. [end]

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Cassidy Hutchinson a Cheney roller

No doubt Ms. Cassidy Hutchinson knows she is not in a “perjury pit”. That only happens to conservatives and Republicans; never DemoMarxocrats. The worst that will happen to her is a stint at MSNBC and book deal. “Maybe Hutchinson is lying, but she was under oath.” Yep. That would make it perjury. So “What’s the appropriate punishment for Liz Cheney”?

Well that would be subornation of perjury; a relatively serious felony. It might be easier to prosecute her because she is, after all, a “Republican” but … “in name only” !

The unequal application of law has gone on now for decades; long enough to be considered permanent. Laws that are consistently unequally prosecuted are no laws at all. The demoMarxocrats have successfully and totally destroyed the rule of law. We are now in what 18th century political philosophers called a “state of nature”; a war of all against all, unrestrained by the laws of men. Cassidy Hutchinson a Cheney roller indeed.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump continuing to do his darnedest to keep America strong – MAGA! KAG!