The Rogue Fraud “president” On The Dark Side…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Anybody else but me detect that the rogue fraud “president” has just about had enough? With impeachment off the table, and an ineffective Senate going to hell in a basket under Dingie ‘Arry’s DemoMarxist Mafia, the rogue fraud “president” has very few options available. Try as hard as he may, his faux-buddy Boehner cannot seem to force anything through the House that would be pleasing to the rogue fraud “president” so therefore, his proclivity towards “fun” raisers (I dropped the “d” intentionally).

He can’t resign, since he’s Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros’ puppy, and Valerie Jarrett’s mouthpiece to the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and ISIS. The master(s) pulling his strings will not let him resign, but I bet he wishes he could. It is obvious he doesn’t like his job (except for the perks, perhaps), but once he leaves office (presumably alive and intact) I guarantee that he will have enough money to buy these perks (except for the 747 maybe) for himself. The fact that one of the very first things he “actioned” was to secure lifetime secret service protection for him and his family reveals a lot; a whole lot. His wasteful life won’t change much after 2017, except he won’t have the tedious duty of being the rogue fraud “president”. He’ll then be free to roam around the planet raking in $150,000 for his ability to sway his head like being in a tennis match crowd, while reading a teleprompter for 30+ minutes. “Worra guy, eh? – Ain’t ‘Merica GREAT?!” 

Not bad for a Disbarred Attorney; a Community Organizer; a State Senator (somewhat surreptitiously, it must be said); a US Senator (even more surreptitiously); and then to rogue fraud “president” (surreptitiously-Muslim-Mafia-orchestrated) all political positions of which, not one should make anyone a multi-millionaire. Indeed Obama is completely amoral.

His mentors and teachers have all been from the “dark side” (puns intended) including his mother, a hippie from the sixties who flaunted her hatred for American capitalism; Frank Marshall Davis; Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and even his father – A man he met once in his life, yet who commanded such reverence that the rogue fraud “president” titled his autobiography “Dreams From My Father.” Barack senior was an avowed communist who had an abiding hatred for whites, particularly those from England because of their colonization of Kenya.

Does anyone doubt the racial makeup of our rogue fraud “president” includes a major amount of racist animosity including his many comments about being discriminated against because of his race? Yet he was raised in Hawaii a place of little racial animus.

Then there’s his appointment of Eric Holder as A/G, who intends to criminalize the labeling of an outhouse “Obama’s Presidential Library”; who sent DOJ employees to Florida to dig up racist dirt on George Zimmerman; who refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers when they intimidated white voters in Philadelphia; who … well, you get the drift.

We have a lazy, pot addled, indolent, narcissist as the rogue fraud “president” and God help us all!

Mentioning of which, leads to this excellent expose` from James Lewis in American Thinker on “Obama’s Inexplicable Love For The Dark Side” ……

284px-American_Thinker_logoEven the American left is finally realizing that this is the strangest administration in living memory. Obama simply has no real precedents, which is why he seems so utterly foreign. American presidents tend to be pragmatists, but Obama is locked into a simpleminded ideology of Good vs. Evil. Obama is Good, and anybody who disagrees with him is Evil.

Much of this oddity stems from the president’s personality, which many people have described as a mix of major narcissism, borderline personality disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. Personality disordered people can be very functional in their jobs. But they are very destructive to others. People with such disorders rarely admit they can be wrong. Narcissism is almost defined by that feature: someone who knows with godlike certainty that he is right all the time, who cannot admit a fault, and who therefore needs to blame others every time something goes wrong. Obama does this with almost robotic regularity.

Historically, the most destructive leaders are malignant narcissists with a sociopathic streak, superficially charming and impressive, but manipulative, heartless, and intent on constantly smearing their perceived enemies.

Bill Clinton is also a major narcissist, but as an adult he did not have a compulsion to constantly malign other people. Clinton has recently said that he truly hates Obama, and he knows the man. Imagine the firestorm if any Republican said that.

Now it seems that Obama wants to torpedo Hillary’s campaign and support Elizabeth Warren, the phony affirmative action Indian at Harvard Law, to force more leftist radicalism on the American people. Hillary looks tired and confused, while Warren is a major rabble-rouser for the left, just like our current Occupant.

Active malevolence toward mainstream America is very much in character for the hard left. They hate you and me for what Joe McCarthy did sixty years ago to the Stalinist left; and the more we learn about that history, the more it seems that the anti-communists were right. Their list of America-haters is endless: Jerry Wright preached hatred for 20 years to the Obamas. Franklin Marshall Davis, Obama’s teenage “mentor”, the Hawaiian CPUSA rep and soi-disant poet, specialized in the poetry of racial rage. Bill Ayers stands by his old demand to “kill your parents.” Chris Matthews, who seemed sane and balanced when he worked for Tip O’Neill, is getting paid by his bosses at Comcast and GE for genuine hate speech against the rest of us.

(Research supports the idea that these destructive traits can be solidified by years of drug use, especially crystal meth, but also cannabis.)

The most ironic thing is to watch the left complaining about “divisiveness” when the rest of America will not bow to them — revealing their sense of narcissistic entitlement. Like any closed cult, they know they are completely right, and therefore entitled to power over others, no matter how corrupt and illegal. Lois Lerner has now been shown to have this kind of entitled rage. It cannot be overemphasized that these are standard features of psychiatric disorders.

Obama grew up among such people, as he tells us in his autobiographies. His amazing sense of more-than-human entitlement combines his own history — the fact that he was rejected at age ten by his mother, who sent him to Hawaii — together with the radical cult that raised him. Obama is so cocksure that he can’t imagine how sane and decent people could disagree. This is different from other presidents: Clinton and LBJ certainly were power hungry, but they knew when to compromise.

The parallels with violent Muslims are striking. Aggressive Muslims feel they are entitled to rule the world. Any competing faith makes you an enemy — Buddhist, atheist, Christian, Jewish. They are told so every Friday night by their imams and mullahs — which is why Muslim mobs have always gone on rampages on Fridays. There is a strong link between hate preaching and terrorist violence in the Muslim world. The Saudis have long sponsored Nazilike hate radio and TV through the Arab and Persian media (see for daily translations.)